Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Do you know which Japanese cuisine dishes are the most popular? In this article, we are going to see a little about the Japanese foods popular in Japan, the traditional dishes of Japanese cuisine and also their popularity in the West.

Many end up imagining that Japanese cuisine is summed up in Sushi, but in fact there are thousands of other dishes besides fish that many end up unaware of and that are part of Japanese daily life.

In this article, we will see a complete list of 15 Japanese dishes along with a list of another 85 dishes that are part of Japanese cuisine totaling the 100 most popular Japanese foods in Japan.

1 - Yakitori - Japanese chicken skewer

Yakitori [焼き鳥] is the famous grilled chicken skewer, a very popular food in bars, festivals and street stalls. One of the most popular foods in Japan that can vary in different types of skewer, not just chicken but beef and pork.

This Japanese food can also be called Kushiyaki (串焼き] which means grilled skewer. The dish is usually eaten with sauces. Peppers, cheese, seeds, vegetable mushrooms, tofu and other foods also become skewers in Japan.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

2 - Yakiniku - The Japanese barbecue

Unlike the western barbecue, the meats that are grilled in Japan are cut ultra thin and roasted in a few minutes in a rare way to be dipped in a sauce and eaten.

Japanese meat cuts are also often different and some are very juicy. The Japanese usually go to a restaurant and grill the meat on their own table in a kind of carvery that is usually cheaper than a restaurant in Brazil.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

3 - Ramen - The traditional Chinese noodles

Although it originated in China, ramen is one of the most popular Japanese foods in the country. There are thousands of ramen, each with different flavors and ingredients. There are specialty restaurants that sell only one type of regional and popular ramen.

Ramen consists of pasta with a soy sauce or other popular flavor, usually with pork and other vegetables. There is absolutely nothing related to Lamen Miojo that we find on the market.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Gyudon is one of the cheapest and most popular dishes in Japan that consists simply of rice covered with meat and onion. It may seem simple, but it is surprising how the Japanese manage to make this simple dish so delicious.

An easily accessible dish that can cost around 500 yen and is usually found on FastFood chains such as Yoshinoya and Sukiya. If you live in São Paulo and have a Sukiya close by, you can try it.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

5 - Soba - Buckwheat noodles

One of my favorite dishes, cheap and simple. It consists of pasta made from buckwheat and has hot and cold variations, most often accompanied with chopped chives, tofu, tempura dough, egg and others.

Soba restaurants can be found everywhere, and dishes can be very cheap, costing even 200 yen, but can easily reach 1,000 yen depending on the place and ingredients of the dish.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

6 - Udon - Noodles of the thick type

Udon is just like soba and is often found in thousands of restaurants across Japan for a low and affordable price. Its main difference is that it is thicker and white, since it is made with wheat flour instead of buckwheat.

The ingredients and types of Udon dishes are the same as Soba’s, they only change the pasta. If you find a Tanukisoba, you can also find a Tanukiudon and so on.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

7 - Nikuman - Baked dumpling stuffed with meat

Nikuman is like the snacks we eat in Brazil. You enter a convenience store and buy a Nikuman which is a baked dumpling stuffed with meat, pizza, azuki beans (sweet) and many other flavors.

If you have watched Kung Fu Panda you must have seen these cookies in the movie. These dumplings originated in China, but they are part of Japanese culture, so much so that the name Nikuman [肉頭] comes from Japanese and means meat dumpling.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

8 - Okonomiyaki - The Japanese pancake

Okonomiyaki is a type of Japanese pancake stuffed with bacon, cabbage, egg, cheese, onion, octopus, shrimp, mayonnaise and even pasta. Everything will depend on the type of Yokonomiyaki you order, which can vary from region to region.

The word okonomiyaki literally means “what do you want fried ”. Where yaki [焼き] means fried or grilled, and okonomi [お好み] means what you want or like. That is, you can put whatever you want in that dish.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

9 - Tempura - Shrimp and fried vegetables

The dish consists of mixed and fried vegetables and seafood, wrapped in a thin batter, usually served with rice or pasta. Frying is done in very hot oil, for only about two or three minutes.

The main secret of this dish is the dough that is usually fluid, bittersweet and very cheap and easy to make. Tempura can be found in restaurants in Soba and Udon, in addition to street stalls and other places that serve it as an aperitif.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

10 - Takoyaki - Fried octopus dumpling

Takoyaki is a very popular dumpling mainly in the Kansai region, its dough resembles that of Okonomiyaki, but its main ingredient is chopped octopus, thus forming a small round dumpling.

It can also be seasoned with tempura shavings, chopped ginger, chives, nori, fish shavings (katsu) and eaten with a sauce. Undoubtedly one of the best Japanese street foods.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

The Sukiyaki it is one of several types of Japanese stew with sliced meats, vegetables. It can also include mushrooms, udon, moyashi, leeks, tofu and others. They are usually cooked in a shallow iron pan.

Sukiyaki is served in a nabemono, a type of pot where people take and place as much as they want in their bowls while socializing on the spot. This type of stew is one of the most popular Japanese foods.


12- Onigiri - Stuffed rice balls

Onigiri are rice balls wrapped in nori seaweed and stuffed with tuna, chicken and other ingredients of your choice. Some onigiri instead of stuffed ones are made mixed in furikake (a mixture of chopped ingredients to season the rice).

They usually have a triangular shape. Onigiri appeared in the 15th century, when samurai kept rice balls in bamboo, and used them as a meal during battles. One of the simplest Japanese foods to make.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

12 - Mochi - Sweet and sticky rice cake

The mochi is made by beating the sticky Japanese rice called mochigome, until it becomes a dough. Mochi is a common ingredient in many Japanese dishes, desserts and sweets. Basically it is glutinous rice ground into a paste and then molded.

This code is very common and gives life to countless other sweets of Japanese cuisine. It can be colored and have several different shapes and fillings, some are usually filled with sweet beans called azuki.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

13 - Miso Soup - The traditional Soy soup

The miso soup, also known as missoshiro, is one of the most popular and consumed soups in Japan, daily for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. One of the healthiest dishes in Japan and quite juicy.

The miso soup is made with a soy paste and a dashi broth (fish broth) accompanied by chives, tofu and other ingredients.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

14 - Oden - Food cooked in dashi broth

Oden is a very popular dish in winter but can be found at any time in the convenience stores, restaurants, markets and street stalls. This is the type of Japanese food that uncle likes.

It consists of various vegetables, tofu, eggs and other foods cooked in soy sauce and dashi sauce (fish sauce). The ingredients are usually dipped in the sauce and cooked until very soft, some are always heated in the sauce.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

15 - Karaage - Japanese frying technique

Karaage are foods fried in oil with a crunchy peel while remaining soft inside. It is common to fry frago, meats and fish. It is covered with a dough made from egg, potato starch and wheat flour along with other ingredients that season and give the chicken a unique flavor.

In the convenience stores we find karaage to sell, it is very reminiscent of chicken nugets, but they are much more delicious and are usually real pieces of chicken and other meats. It was one of my favorite convenience store snacks.

Japan's 100 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Japanese food videos

I created a video talking a little about each of these dishes for those who prefer to watch and watch videos of the dishes instead of just reading and looking at pictures.

List of popular Japanese foods – savory

Now let’s continue with a quick list just citing the name of Japanese food. To help I will separate the salty Japanese foods from the sweet foods. Let's start by listing the most popular savory foods in Japan.

  1. Hiyashi Chuka - Ramen cold;
  2. Karee - Curry, Indian seasoning;
  3. Yaki imon - Potatoes cooked on the grill;
  4. Sushi - Something wrapped in rice and nori;
  5. Senbei - Japanese biscuit;
  6. Taiyaki - Fish shaped dumpling;
  7. Natto - Fermented soybeans;
  8. Kushiage - Fried meat on skewers;
  9. Korokke (croquette) - Made of potato puree;
  10. Tonkatsu - Fried breaded pork ribs;
  11. Donburi - Cooked rice with toppings;
  12. Oyakodon - Egg with chicken;
  13. Gyoza - Chinese pastry;
  14. Omuraisu - rice omelet;
  15. Omusoba - omelet with yakisoba;
  16. Teriyaki - Chicken or fish with sweet soy sauce;
  17. Unagi - Eel meat;
  18. Shabu-Shabu - Meats, pasta and vegetables cooked in the sauce;
  19. Fugu - Sliced puffer fish;
  20. Ikizukuri - Type of sashimi;
  21. Tataki - Tuna grilled on charcoal;
  22. Basash - Horse sashimi;
  23. Rebasashi - raw veal liver;
  24. Edamame - Cooked green beans;
  25. Kaiseki - Special cuisine;
  26. Yuba - Slices of tofu;
  27. Himono - Dry and grilled fish;
  28. Chankonabe - Stew;
  29. Nikujaga - Meat with potato;
  30. Nigiri - Sushi with fish on top of rice;
  31. Sekihan - Rice with azuki beans;
  32. Wakame - Japanese salad;
  33. Shiokara - Fish with salty gut sauce;
  34. Donburi - Meat, rice, fish;
  35. Goya Chanpuru - Dish with bitter melon;
  36. Zoni - Samurai soup;
  37. Somen - Thin and frozen noodles;
  38. Kimpara - Roots of gobo, renkon and carrots;
  39. Temaki - Rice and others rolled in a nori cone;
  40. Tsukemono - Salad;
  41. Tonjiro - Pork soup;
  42. Ebi furai - Milanese Shrimp;
  43. Yaki Onigiri - Fried rice dumpling;
  44. Shogayaki - Sliced and fried pork with ginger;
  45. Umeboshi - Plums in salty and bitter conversation;
  46. Tamago kake Gohan - Rice with raw egg;
  47. Chikuwa - Fish sausages;
  48. yakisoba - Soba grilled with vegetables and meats;
  49. Kiritanpo - Rice on skewers;
  50. Shioyaki - Grilled fish;
  51. Tazukuri - Dried sardines cooked in sugar and soy sauce;
  52. Sunumono - Pickled salad;
  53. Kamaboko - fish cake;
  54. Motsunabe - Cooked ingredients;
  55. Tofu - Soy cheese;
  56. Harumaki - Spring cookie;
  57. Wagyu - Japanese luxury beef;
  58. Shoga - Pickled ginger;
  59. Mentaiko - Spaghetti with cod roe;
  60. Kayu - Rice porridge;
  61. Teppanyaki - Meat, seafood and vegetables in a frying pan;
  62. Hayashi Raisu - Rice with meat in the Western style;
  63. Monjayaki - Pancake from the Kanto region;
  64. Chawanmushi - Cream of eggs with chicken, shrimp and fish;
Japan's 95 most popular Japanese foods

List of popular Japanese foods - sweets

To finish, let's see a list of sweet Japanese foods and then some videos. If you liked the article do not forget to share before leaving or leave your comments. Did you know all these Japanese dishes?

  1. Dango - Made of mochi;
  2. Manju - Flour jam, rice and sweet beans;
  3. Melonpan - Melon bread;
  4. Anpan - Sweet bean bread;
  5. Kakigori - Japanese ice cream;
  6. Kenpi - Candied sweet potatoes;
  7. Daifuku - Mochi with sweet fillings;
  8. Dorayaki - Pancakes with anko;
  9. crepes - Very popular in Japan;
  10. Higashi - varied sweets;
  11. Shiruko - Dessert soup;
  12. Yokan - Japanese gelatin;
  13. Amanatto - Bean jujube
  14. Kasutera - Japanese cake;
  15. Kohi Zeri - Coffee gelatin;
  16. Anmitsu - Bowl of fruits, anko and agar-agar;
  17. Monburan - The famous Japanese Mont Blanc;
  18. Omogashi - Tea mochi;
  19. Pocky - Traditional Japanese sweet;
  20. Purin - Japanese pudding
  21. Kompeito - Japanese sweet;

I hope you enjoyed the extensive list of Japanese foods in this article!

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