Convenience Stores in Japan - Konbini

Konbini (コンビニ or convenience store) are convenience stores in Japan that sell everything and are open 24 hours a day and are spread all over Japan, leaving any grocery store or grocery store in the dust.

Inside of Convenience store it is possible to find everything, besides the normal things of a market, you can find snacks, obento (lunch box), stationery, ATM, pharmaceuticals, tickets and tickets for events, prepaid cards, bill payment, seasonal products, you can find absolutely everything, we keep a huge list at the end.

A large number of people prefer to have lunch with a konbini lunch box to save money and not have too much work. Konbini lunches are served up to 4 times a day straight from the factory, you can heat your lunch box in the konbini itself. Not to mention the countless amount of hot and cold drinks to accompany your lunch.

Konbini - convenience stores in japan

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Konbini networks

There are more than 55 thousand konbini scattered all over Japan, in some places you can find one on every corner. Not to mention that these convenience stores belong to large chains such as Seven Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart and others. You konbini emerged around the 70's with 7-Eleven Japan that wanted to expand its business.

Convenience store

Currently in Japan the ranking of konbini are divided among the following networks:

  1. Seven Eleven - 16,319 stores
  2. Lawson - 11,606 stores
  3. Family Mart - 10,547 stores
  4. Circle K Sunkus - 6,359 stores
  5. Ministop - 2,218 stores
  6. Daily Yamazaki - 1,600 stores

There are several other networks not mentioned in the article, some are usually in a certain region of Japan, others have few stores.

Konbini attendants use a keigo formal language, and must know English to serve customers in the best possible way. Some of these konbini even promote events, special products, sweepstakes and various things to the community.

List of Products and Services

See a list of most of the products, advantages and facilities that these convenience stores offer the community in Japan. Remembering that the list is not even half of what a konbini offers, and sometimes there is something on the list that not all konbini have.

  • Foods
    • Obento (marmite)
    • onigiri
    • oden
    • Various types of bread
    • Drinks of all kinds
    • confectionery, sweets
    • Cup noodles and instant food
    • ice cream and popsicles
    • fresh food
    • Frozen food
    • kitchen products
    • Meat, poultry and fish
    • Spices
    • tobacco and cigarettes
    • chinese buns
Konbini - convenience stores in japan
  • Health and beauty
    • cosmetics
    • Accessories
    • stain removers
    • Soap, Shampoo, Deodorants
    • sewing products
    • Pet food and products
    • Tissue, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, condoms
    • paper bags
    • Trash bags
    • Some medicines
    • Energy drinks and supplements
    • Contact lenses
  • Office material
    • Postal cards
    • Stamps, tax stamps
    • New Year's postcard
    • Congratulations and condolences envelopes
    • Stationery
  • Entertainment
    • music CD, DVD, game software
    • Toys
    • action figures
    • mangas and books
    • Card games
    • Lottery
    • Board Games, Mahjong, Shogi, GO
    • magazines, newspapers
  • Others  
    • Kitchen utensils
    • Umbrellas, Raincoats
    • Batteries and batteries
    • Phone chargers, SD cards, Pen drives
    • Prepaid cards
    • Prepaid cell phones
    • Fireworks
    • Gifts
    • Fishing products
    • Car products
  • services
    • Cash withdrawal
    • Bill payment
    • Xerox, Print, Scan, Fax
    • Public services
    • courier services
    • delivery services
    • moving services
    • Event tickets
    • Tickets and bus card
    • Accounting and Tax Return
    • NHK subscription fee
    • resident card
    • cleaning agency

In some cases, you can go to a konbini to use the bathroom, take out the garbage, or even sleep in the car in the parking lots. Others go on konbini just to flip through magazines and read without buying, some konbini even offer job openings, events and numerous promotions.

The number of advantages that a konbini offers is really great!

Finally, I'll leave some videos so you can see what it's like inside a konbini.

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