Hiyashi Chuka – Frozen Noodles

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During the great heat of the summer in Japan, the Japanese usually enjoy several cold dishes, among them there are some types of noodles, that's right! noodles!

There are several types of noodles that are consumed cold, such as somen, soba and others. In today's article we are going to talk about Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華) which simply means cold noodles of Chinese origin.

It is said that this dish of Chinese origin was brought to Japan during the second world war. The dish consists of noodles topped with various things like crepe slices, tamagoyaki, carrots, cucumbers, ginger, crab, shrimp, ham, chicken, pork, etc. Soy sauce, tare or sesame-based sauce is poured over the noodles and toppings.

Simple Hiyashi Chuka Recipe

Below we have the video of our friend Santana Fonseca teaching the recipe for Hiyashi Chuka, below the video you have the list of all the ingredients and tips for the preparation.


  • ramen or soba noodles;
  • Tamagoyaki omelet or crepe (grated)
  • Grated carrot
  • grated cucumber
  • grated ham
  • grated chives
  • Hiyashi Chuka Ready Sauce
  • shredded kanikama

To prepare the Hiyashi Chuka sauce 

  • 2 tablespoons (soup) of sesame oil
  • ½ cup of chicken broth
  • 3 tablespoons (soup) vinegar (rice)
  • 3 tablespoons (soup) from shoyu
  • ½ spoon (soup) of sugar

Remember to cut everything into strips or grate the ingredients, to make the broth, just hit the blender. If you prefer, you can buy the tare sauce and other ingredients at konbini store.

Some ingredients are optional, the noodles can be stuffed any way you want. Feel free to change the recipe, add or take something away. To prepare, just pour the sauces on the pasta and then cover with the other ingredients.

Remembering that Hiyashi Chuka does not necessarily need to be served cold, it can be served as soon as it is ready, it is only recommended that the ingredients be cold or iced. If you liked this recipe, share it with your friends and leave your comments!

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