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Meet 11 breed of Japanese dogs

Animal names in Korean

In this article, we are going to learn some Korean language vocabulary. You will learn the names of animals in Korean.

Types of anime characters

Types of Anime Characters

Each character has their characteristics and personalities, but there are some that are often standardized and categorized in anime. In this article,

The 20 best yashikei anime

The 20 best Yashikei anime

Do you know what Yashikei anime are? This Japanese term [癒し系] means; therapy and healing. In other words, they are

God in Japanese - religious words in Japanese

What is the meaning of Kami?

Kami is a very popular Japanese word, but depending on the written form it can mean 3 things. In this article we will study the

Inspirational and motivational anime - chase dreams!

The 100 best sports anime

You who like and know anime know that there is a huge variety of genres and stories. Many are focused on

What happens in accel world? - spoilers of the novel

Top 10 gaming anime

Hello everybody, How are you? Today we have another anime recommendation list, this time we will go with the