Oden - Food cooked in dashi broth

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In today's article we will talk about Oden (おでん), a dish that is very popular in winter but that can be found at any time in the convenience stores, markets, restaurants and street stalls. Oden is a dish that consists of various vegetables, tofu, eggs and others cooked in soy sauce and dashi sauce (fish sauce).

The dish may not attract Westerners due to its appearance and the food present in them. However its taste is interesting and helps to warm up in the cold of winter. Several different ingredients come into the Oden recipe, everything will depend on the region or province. The ingredients are usually dipped in the sauce and cooked until very soft, in konbini they are dipped and hot all the time.

Oden Ingredients

It is believed that there are more than 60 varieties of foods and ingredients that are cooked in the dashi sauce that make up the Oden. In markets you can find ingredients ready to cook and make yours at home. Below we will see a list of the most popular:



  • Yude Tamago - ゆで卵 - Boiled eggs;
  • Daikon - 大根 - Turnip;
  • Konnyaku - Food produced from konjac potatoes;
  • Shirataki - 白滝 - Pasta made from konnyaku potatoes;
  • Atsuage - 厚揚げ - Large pieces of fried tofu;
  • Mochiiri Kinchaku - 餅入り巾着 - Made of fried tofu and stuffed with mochi;
  • Ganmodoki - Disc-shaped dumpling made of fried tofu and vegetables;
  • Satsuma-age - さつま揚げ - Fried dumplings made with cod or other fish, vegetables and shredded carrots;
  • Rooru Kyabetsu - Cabbage bundle stuffed with ground chicken or pork;
  • Gyuu suji - 牛すじ - Ox tendon, a little reminiscent of mocotô;
  • Chikuwabu - Pasta made from fish, flour, water and salt;
  • Yaki chikuwa - 焼ちくわ - Similar to Chikuwabu, but lightly fried before being placed in the oden;
  • Tsukune - Chicken meatballs on skewers;
  • Ikamaki - Made of Lula;
  • Konbu - Dry seaweed;
  • Carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, octopus, etc;

Accompanying sauces - In places like convenience stores, you can get a sauce to accompany Oden, we have karashi similar to mustard only more spicy. Misotare a strong flavored soybean paste and the yuzugosho which is slightly sour, sour and spicy.


Curiosities of Oden

Nishime - Cooked vegetables - Something similar to Oden is Nishime which consists of vegetables cut and cooked in sauces. The difference is that nishime has little juice and is more salty. Furthermore, the ingredients of nishime are all cut while Oden is usually large and whole.


Oden ends up being called by other names in some regions. In Nagoya he may be known as Kantou-ni, while in the Kansai area he is known as Kanto-daki. In some regions the broth may be lighter or darker. The oden has already been exported to some countries like China, Korea and Taiwan and has its differences and variations.

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