Fact or Fake? 25 Lies about Japan

Fact or Fake? This is a frequently asked question in many articles on the internet, as many lies are spread daily on social media. Unfortunately these lies are beyond the internet, many lies about Japan have been planted decades ago.

People have a terrible habit of generalizing things, especially in Brazil! As the population is not satisfied with the system, they simply oppress other countries to make themselves feel better.

Making other countries have a terrible situation, and saying that Brazil is the best place to live. In this way, several rumors and misconceptions about Japan emerged, and in this article I will talk about them.

The purpose of this article is to answer the distorted and widespread idea of Brazilians who have never been to Japan and don't even know their culture! That is, In this article, we are going to check the lies that people tell about Japan and try to disprove them.

Observation.: Don't think that I'm saying that Japan is wonderful is that Brazil is shit. This is relative, and I'm not trying to value any of the countries. I'm just countering the generalizations of people who criticize Japan.

Remembering, many here have read this article and understood its meaning completely differently. The purpose of this article is to counter what some Brazilians who have NEVER lived in Japan say or think about there.

We are not comparing anything or criticizing anything. Remembering about the lies below, they are not totally lies, but we are answering the generalizations! Things are quite relative!

Widespread lies that talk about japan!

Lies and Truths about Food in Japan

A lot of misinformation about food in Japan ends up appearing in the West. Some claim that food is too expensive, or create a crazy idea that the Japanese only eat raw fish. Others even believe that the Japanese eat dogs… How much misinformation.

I am really outraged by these generalizations and lack of human knowledge. The cuisine of Japan is the richest in the world, in addition to having an infinite variety of flavors, it is the healthiest.

Restaurants like McDonald's? It's a poor thing there. If you are a foreigner living in Japan, you will get fat from eating so much. The unanswered question is: How do the Japanese not get fat?

Is it true that Food in Japan is expensive?

The media mentions that life in Japan is expensive, they say that fruit costs 20 USD, and that Japanese only eat fish. However, they didn't mention the fact that these 20 USD fruits are artisanal, and that the cost of living there is lower than in the West.

Any type of industrialized or imported food in Japan, such as chocolates, snacks, sweets, drinks, cookies and others. They can be cheaper than in Brazil. Even red meat can be found cheaper.

Japanese consume more natural foods than Brazilians, it is possible to see that almost all Japanese foods are composed of vegetables and fruits, then how could this be something expensive and rare?

Although fruits and vegetables are priced higher than in Brazil (for example, something that costs 10R$ here can cost 30R$ there) they did not consider the salary earned by a Japanese person, the minimum wage for a Japanese person is usually 4 to 10 thousand real.

The food of Japan is one of the healthiest in the world, making Japan one of the countries with the most centenarians in the world. Even with a Brazilian salary, it is possible to eat much more in Japan than in Brazil.

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Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan
Prices of vegetables in Japan!

Is it true that Japanese people only eat sushi or raw fish?

Many people say that, some really believe that in Japan they only eat fish and seafood. After I heard a friend say that she doesn't want to go to Japan because she only eats raw fish, I was outraged and decided to write this article.

Yes, Japan is a country surrounded by oceans and islands, of course its people consume a lot of fish and seafood. Fish, in addition to being within reach of your hands, are very healthy, rich in proteins, minerals, amino acids, vitamins with low fat and cholesterol.

But not! The Japanese don't just eat fish! The western average consumption of fish per person per year is 10 to 20 kg, the Japanese consume only 26 kg of fish and 30 kg of meat. It's common to have all-you-can-eat meats at a Yakiniku.

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In any restaurant you will find recipes with beef, hamburgers, chicken and pork. Thus, despite the Japanese consume a lot of fish, many consume more meat.

Sushi is just one of the thousands of dishes that exist in the rich Japanese cuisine. Red meats and chicken are easily accessible. Sushi is not eaten daily, it's like a hamburger or pizza. What else is there in Japan, is food options!

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Japanese cuisine is very rich, it offers food of all kinds, barbecue, noodles, soups, pizzas and much more. Japan is full of restaurants with cuisine from all over the world, it is practically impossible to eat only sushi in Japan.

During my two 3-month trips to Japan, I remember eating sushi only twice each time. In fact, Japanese cuisine is considered to be the richest and most succulent in the world, mainly because they value the umami taste.

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Widespread lies that talk about japan!
Yakiniku - Japanese barbecue

Do Japanese Eat Insects and Dogs?

People have a terrible habit of confusing Chinese culture with Japanese culture, there may be restaurants that sell insects and dog meat in Japan, but never think that this is Japanese culture. This is Chinese and Korean culture.

There are strange foods in Japan, but they are rare and less than 0.1% of Japanese have had a chance to try them. It's the same thing as eating Rabbit and Frog in Brazil, have you tried it? In Japan the strangest food I consider is horse sushi.

Lies and Truths about the Japanese

The Japanese are all thin and short. – Japan also has problems with obesity and the pattern of thin people, but gradually these patterns are being broken.

Are the Japanese all straight? – Not all Japanese people follow rules, like to study or work. In fact, Japan suffers from bullying problems, people who don't want to work or leave home, not to mention the perverse and profiteers.

Is every Japanese addicted to manga and anime? – This is one of the biggest widespread lies, there are adults who like anime and young people who don't, it's just like Brazil, not everyone likes carnival, funk, among others.

Are all Japanese people shy? - Japanese people try to differentiate the time to laugh and the time to be serious. Japanese people can be shy at first impression, but over time they loosen up. Some, however, have no shame at all...

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Is it true that the Japanese only work?

People think that everyone who lives in Japan works 13 hours a day. Yes, there is this case, especially with foreigners who are going to work in Japan. However, the workload in Japan is only 9 hours, and their salary is 10x higher than ours.

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The reason for so much work is because Japanese people like to work, and they work overtime. In Japan people are paid by the hour, the minimum wage is usually 700 to 1,000 円 per hour, approximately R$ 30.

And just like in Brazil, there are diversities there, some work part-time, others don't. Japanese people really like to work, it's a cultural issue, and they also get paid 25% extra for overtime.

But in no way are you obliged to work 12 hours a day, the workload is the same as in any country. Of course, if you are a foreigner and work for a contractor, you are sometimes required to work a certain amount of overtime.

Stop saying that Japanese people work non-stop, there are also many lazy people there, many people who do part-time jobs, not to mention those who don't work.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Is it true that Japanese people commit suicide because Japan is bad?

Every year more than 15,000 Japanese people commit suicide, this is a sad thing, but who is to blame for this? Could it be because the country is bad? Japanese have a different mentality than ours, they give their best, and when they don't get anything, they feel useless and kill themselves.

Not to mention that the number of suicides in Japan is not that great. There are only 17 suicides per 100,000 inhabitants, while in Brazil it is 12 per 100,000 inhabitants. There isn't that much of a difference.

The main reasons for suicides in Japan are: Bullying, Failing the entrance exam, losing a loved one, losing a job, losing a girlfriend, taking horns and others... There are many cultural issues related to suicides in Japan.

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If the country were a reason to commit suicide, Brazil would be champion!!! If Brazilians thought like the Japanese, when a Brazilian didn't achieve anything, instead of becoming a bandit, he would kill himself. It would be even better that way.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Is it true that Japanese people don't have freedom of expression?

The Japanese are free to dress, act the way they want, without being criticized by society. The anime and TV shows that, despite being much purer than the Brazilian ones, contain content that raises questions from several people.

For this reason the Japanese are branded by Brazilians. They make jokes and question their sexuality, as well as call them crazy, and many other questions.

In Japan there is no judgment between male and female tastes, but acting like Brazilians and judging people by tastes, colors, gestures is something absurd. Probably this is envy of the freedom that the Japanese have to express themselves in fashion, taste and culture.

I say that the Brazilian way of acting is much cruder, speaking slang with sexual connotations and immoral profanity. So why do you criticize the Asian way of life?

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Is it true that Japanese are perverts?

Brazilians usually call Japanese perverts, due to movies, videos, anime, places, products, lolicons, bizarre, etc. It's true that everywhere has perverts, however, specifying Japanese as the most perverted country in the world is another ignorance.

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Which country speaks the most slang with sexual connotations? Just talk about sex? Most songs only talk about picking up women and clubbing? Where does Funk exist? Is there a country more perverted than this?

Yes, in Japan there are sexual oddities, a lot of shit, a lot of perverts on the loose and collectors of saliva and panties. But it's a wonder you can walk down the street without hearing sexual slang.

You won't find people listening to immoral music, people there only find immorality if they want to, the exposure there is much less, it can be considered greater if you look at it in a different way.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Is it true that Japanese people don't like sex?

A TV report appeared saying that most couples have had sex only once a week, sometimes it is possible to notice families sleeping in separate beds. It really happens, but wasn't Japan a perverted country?

If you are afraid of dating or marrying a Japanese person, get that general idea out of your head, this is due to the couple, overwork, family problems and not because one of them doesn't want to.

Of course, there are several factors to be discussed on this subject. We recommend reading: Have Japanese people lost interest in sex?

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Is it true that Japanese people are racist or prejudiced?

People think that all Brazilians going to Japan suffer prejudice from the Japanese, personally I suffer more prejudice here than being there. People criticize me for liking oriental culture, there you have freedom.

Despite the Japanese seem dry, they are very loving and do everything to please and help others. Especially those who make an effort to learn the language and customs.

Unfortunately, it can happen that you notice actions that seem prejudiced, but it's something common among them. Sometimes it's just shame that I can't help you the right way. Cultural differences make some people jump.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

As in any place, there will be cases of prejudice. But it is a mistake to blame the entire population, calling them racist, that is total ignorance. The Japanese have every reason to hate Brazilians, but they don't.

In the case of Humiliation and “ijime”, this happens to both Japanese and foreigners. So if you're unlucky enough to meet a bad person, you'll see the Asian way.

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Despite Brazil being a free country, foreigners, mainly Asians, suffer much more from jokes and lack of education. But don't think that Japan is a thousand wonders. Japan has a lot of problems, I even wrote an article about the dark side of Japan.

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Lies for Tourists and Travelers

The idea that all of Japan boils down to Tokyo – Not everything is as we imagine, but that is not why you will be disappointed in the country of the rising sun. Japan is much more than Tokyo, it has 47 provinces and thousands of cities, it is a set of 6 thousand islands, with distinct culture and customs.

Whoever goes to Japan returns rich to Brazil. – It will take a lot of hard work and sweat to be able to pay the cost of living and earn money. Those who want to get rich and return to Brazil must sacrifice their social life and work a lot of overtime. Even though Japan's salary is 5 times higher than Brazil's, it is used to support itself.

I'm not going to Japan for Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Japan is also criticized for being a dangerous country. People think that earthquakes kill every day, and that tsunamis will cover the whole country and kill everyone. I think it's a thousand times safer to be in Japan than in Brazil.

Earthquakes happen in Japan frequently, but rarely do any damage or is noticeable. In the last 10 years, there was only the one in 2011 that killed about 20 thousand people. In Brazil almost that many die in a month due to traffic crimes and recklessness.

Nobody knows tomorrow, anything can happen. However, living in Brazil is much more dangerous than being in Japan. There is even a saying that goes: It is easier to die from a pit than from a tsunami or earthquake in Japan.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Japanese people don't like foreigners?

I still wonder, where do they get these ideas from? No human being is the same as another. It is a great truth that the Japanese are quiet, shy and some have trouble socializing. And yes, there are many Japanese, especially the elderly, who do not like westernization.

But if you know how to socialize and make some Japanese friends, you will see what friendship really is. The attitudes of the Japanese are extremely different from ours, I think it's complete idiocy to say that Japanese don't like foreigners.

If you want a friendship or even a date, don't listen to these false rumors, and go after it. It's amazing how I made friends with unknown native Japanese in the middle of Tokyo even though I didn't speak the language fluently.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Fear of being arrested innocent in Japan

After spreading some misinformation, some claim that they do not travel to Japan for fear of being convicted innocent. In Japan, if you are arrested, you are guilty until proven guilty, which is very difficult to do.

Things are not quite like that, I wrote an article about prisons in Japan that talks about exactly that. There I explain that before arresting someone, the police are sure that you are guilty, and that there are resources.

Read the article: Keimusho - How are the prisons in Japan? 1 #

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Lies and Truths about Japan

Is Japan surrounded by technology on all sides? – Se você for para lá com a intenção de ver robôs a cada esquiva, sinto muito, pois, você só irá encontrá-los em feiras de ciências e tecnologia, mas quem sabe não encontre em alguma ocasião especial? Tem muitas cidades naturais e tradicionais que encantam turistas, ambientes milenares, coisas simples são belíssimas por lá.

There is no poverty in Japan – Poverty also exists, but in reduced numbers compared to Brazil. Unfortunately, a large number of Japanese people live on the edge of their salary, but they have better comfort.

Does Japanese TV only have clueless programming? – I particularly prefer Japanese programming, because you don't need to show chest and ass to have something of quality. The media just want to show things that for us that are vulgar or stupid, Japanese programming is rich with thousands of stories, reality shows, movies, dramas and animations.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Is Japan the country with the highest number of suicides in the world?

As much as Japan has problems and bizarre cases of suicide, mainly because some kill themselves just for not passing the entrance exam. Some have the exaggerated idea that Japanese people are not happy, and kill themselves because they work too hard.

In fact, Japan is not the country with the most suicides in the world. Approximately 26,000 people commit suicide a year in Japan, that's a lot isn't it? But did you know that in Brazil 22,000 commit suicide? Before generalizing, research!

Japan has never been the highest country with suicide numbers in the world. He had a high suicide rate some 30 years ago, but it's been decades since that number has dropped every year. It's amazing how one country manages to solve its problems while others get worse.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

A country with no space, only buildings, small houses and no green

People have the idea that Japan today is a place full of cities and buildings, and that there is no space to live, and that every country is populous, some even think that Japan has no farms or fields.

As much as Brazil is big compared to Japan, and has a lot of green land, in Japan you won't find any favela like here in Brazil. And be sure that cities, especially small ones, are much more rural than those in Brazil.

Cities like Tokyo, which have almost the same number of inhabitants as São Paulo, manage to be millions of times more organized, and with more space for the inhabitants, it was even considered the best city in the world.

See the article: Tokyo ranked first in the ranking of the best cities in the world.

Most people live in apartments, but have you compared apartments here with those in Japan? They feel much freer, and have much more space, in addition to being in a very natural and colorful and clean environment. Trees planted in the middle of the city, cherry trees, rivers that run everywhere.

Houses and apartments can be smaller and expensive, however, almost all homes in Japan have a hot tub (bathtub), toilet separate from the bathroom, use of technology for the climate and well-being, do you really think they are without space and no freedom? All this is a matter of custom.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Does Japan face overcrowding?

In fact, no, the many images we see of people in turmoil are only in large centers, that is, there is no need to face queues for minimal things or anything like that. In reality, it has thousands of streets that you will feel lonely.

Japan has more than 127 million inhabitants, more than half of the inhabitants of Brazil. The country is small the size of a state. Even so, there are 47 states, and many cities are becoming deserted for lack of people.

In fact, Japan faces the exact opposite of overcrowding. The Japanese do not want to have children, predictions are that Japan will open its doors to many foreigners. Cities are abandoned because most young people want to go to Tokyo.

Tokyo has 30 million inhabitants, and yet it is a thousand times more comfortable to live than São Paulo. Traffic both on the street and on the sidewalk has a great organization. Other giant cities to highlight are Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo.

In the eyes of Brazilians, Japanese houses seem too small, but they are the right size and comfortable. The problem is that Brazilians are used to occupying unnecessary space.

Even though the country is large, people have nowhere to live, and some live in shacks smaller than apartments in Japan. So before you complain about the space, pay a visit to Japan and draw your own conclusions.

See the Post: Kamagasaki – All about Japan's Biggest Favela

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Japan is closed and doesn't like the west?

Another general idea, really the elderly are quite traditional, some even prejudiced. But people generalize so much that it makes one think that the country is racist, as if Brazil were open to everyone without prejudice (lol).

In fact young people are very westernized, many are passionate about English across America and Europe. If you know Japan, you know very well that it is a mix of many cultures.

What human being has the ability to say that Japan is not open to new cultures and trends? In my opinion, it is the most diverse country of all!

Japanese and Chinese language and all the same

Another thing that Brazilians think is all the same, the language... They even make jokes about pastel de "flango" with Japanese people, and this is a Chinese joke, Japanese people can't even speak the L, he would say "pasuteru de furango" .

Although the Japanese language contains some Chinese ideograms, the language is composed of syllables, with an easy-to-understand alphabet, while Chinese is entirely composed of ideograms.

We recommend reading our article: Differences between Japanese, Chinese and Koreans.

Fact or fake? 25 lies about japan

Conclusion of the Article

Well, let's end the article here. There are probably many other generalizations people make about Japan and the Japanese. These were the ones I remembered now, if I have any more in the future I'll do a part 2.

Please evitem think I'm comparing countries in this article. The objective is to respond to the criticisms, concepts and opinions of Brazilians who do not know Japan.

The media shapes people's minds, creating exaggerated and distorted concepts about certain subjects. We must be very careful before commenting or talking about things without having a real idea, or without generalizing.

Over the years on our site, I have written articles criticizing people's lack of knowledge and the generalization they make. Again I want to write about widespread comments and misconceptions people have about Japan.

Some just read the title of the article and start spreading exaggerated news, this is totally absurd and irritating. Hope you enjoyed the article. We strongly ask and thank you for the comments needed to end the misinformation!

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