How differentiate Japanese, Koreans and Chinese


Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese are very different, but their ethnic similarity ends up confusing many people. It is ironic because I have difficulty in differentiating people from occidental or European countries. So, maybe it becomes more easy to you differentiate Asians after reading that, or not… We prepared a guide that will help you differentiate Japanese from Koreans and Chinese.

First, we need to remember that is not only Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese that have monolids eyes. Most countries in the Middle East, Asia and even Indians from Brazil have monolids eyes. Other interesting information is the word “Asian eyes”, it can be rude even to describe the difference between eyes. Both in size and form, the Asian and Occident eyes are the same, the only difference is the skin fold of the upper eyelid, covering the inner corner of the eye (Epicanthic fold). Simplified, the Japanese eyes are not smaller.


The first difference that we can perceive is the language. If you had the opportunity of listening to an Asian speak, you can easily differentiate Japanese from Korean and Chinese. Chinese is a language that does not have the syllable R, the Korean is similar. In the Japanese case, your syllable never changes tonality, and it does not have the L, speaking always words with R. If you see an Asian with difficulty of speak R, it means that he/she is Chinese.

Another easy way to distinguish is by the name. Japanese names often have more than four letters and without the syllable V, M, L or end by a consonant. While Chinese and Korean names end with a consonant and mainly with M, NG, N, and often it has three letters. Of course, you will need to listen to the last name if the person is just a descendent with an oriental name.

A lot of people confuse Japanese and Chinese written system. The Korean language is a little similar to the Chinese pronounce, but they use ideograms that look like traces and circles.

How differentiate Japanese, Koreans and Chinese


Speaking about the skin, is impossible to determine the Asian nationality just by the skin color, but we can notice that some Chineses usually have a skin a little darker, Koreans have a skin lighter and smoother. While the Japanese’s face usually is wider, longer and triangular. Chinese usually have a round face.

Japanese eyes tend to be tilted upward, unlike the Chinese who are usually tilted down. While Koreans have smaller eyes. In height, Koreans win with an average of 1.71 meters, Japanese with 1.69 and Chineses with 1.68.

How differentiate Japanese, Koreans and Chinese

About the hair, today it is very diversified, so it is impossible to tell. But we believe that traditionally in the past, Koreans had long hair, Chinese with a hairstyle and wavy and the Japanese with a hair curled at the end covering the forehead.


Another way that we can differentiate Japanese, Chinese and Korean is through the style, fashion, and culture. Fashion is something relative and goes really fast, mainly in Japan where the fashion is diversified and unique. Chinese pay more attention to the wealth and less with design and colors, so is normal find Chinese with shiny and expensive things, jewels, gold and more from the western fashion.

How differentiate Japanese, Koreans and Chinese

While in Japan, the fashion is a mix of traditional and modern, cute things, colorful and uniques. The fashion and style are free, so much that young use the college uniform all the time, even outside of school. While Korea cares a lot about the fashion, they follow the tendency and care about the brands, they usually dye their hair more than Japanese and Chineses.

Chineses care a lot about reputation, behave in a way with the family and another with friends. Koreans usually are insistent, care about family, friendship, etc. While the Japanese do not like to give an opinion or meddling, they prefer the harmony with the neighbor than following their own opinion.


We can notice some differences between Asians, but they can have a lot of variations. For example, Chineses from the north have a square face, eyes and nose small. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate, the countries can mix, Koreans do plastic surgery to enhance the eyes, so it gets complicated. So, in my opinion, the easy way to differentiate is by the name, language, and culture. If you think you can distinguish, test your knowledge by looking for a quiz on Google.

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