Did Japanese people lose interest in sex?


Have you heard about the lack of interest in sex in Japan? This leads to several problems such as low birth rates, social isolation and others. In this article we will analyze in detail why the Japanese have lost interest in sex.

Studies suggest that Japan is shifting to a sexless society. Life in Japan has changed dramatically since the 1990s, and a growing small portion of society seems to be struggling to find happiness in relationships.

A large percentage of the population is now choosing to let sex fall by the wayside. Japanese youth culture is changing, and more and more young people are simply choosing to be without the physical aspects of intimacy.

In 2010, the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare found that 36% of Japanese between 16 and 19 years old were not interested in sex. That number doubled over the course of two years. What reasons make Japanese people lose interest in sex?

Celibacy Syndrome

The lack of interest in sex is known to sekkusu shinai shokogun [セックスしない症候群] or “celibacy syndrome”. Researches claim that more than 50% of the population did not have sex for up to a month. 

Even married Japanese say they don't have much sex most of the time because they arrive tired from work or simply have no interest.

Another term used for Japanese people who do not have sex is soushoku danshi [草食男子] which literally means "men who eat grass" or "herbivores". These men are usually heterosexuals who describe themselves as sensitive and are generally not interested in sex.

Did Japanese people lose interest in sex?

No interest in relationships

The Japanese have not lost interest in sex, the adult entertainment industry in Japan is huge and active. The big problem is that many Japanese have never dated or are even virgins. 

Despite the lack of relationships, interest in sex is common among young people. Many suffer from shyness or social isolation but end up getting involved with erotic media, objects of sexual pleasure or even prostitution.

In reality, prostitution is not something difficult to access in Japan, even for free it is possible to relate. For many Japanese, a virtual girlfriend or 2D character is less work than a real relationship.

Many Japanese end up finding other ways to have sexual pleasure without needing the opposite sex. Some young people prefer to relate to anime characters and games than to real people.

Others really want to have a real relationship, but make no effort to achieve it.


Why the lack of interest?

Several factors make it difficult for Japanese people to get a courtship or marriage, such as:

  • Social isolation;
  • Lack of contact;
  • Shyness;
  • Overwork;
  • Perfectionism;
  • Lack of interest;
  • Other ways to achieve sexual pleasure;
  • They think that dating is too much work;

What do you think of analyzing each of the points mentioned?

Lack of relationships due to shyness

Shyness in Japan is one of the main visible causes that prevent young Japanese people from relating. If you live in Brazil and know shy people you must imagine the difficulty they face, I am one of those people.

In Brazil this is simpler because we are surrounded by people who interact without any shame, now imagine a scenario where most people are shy? If nobody takes action, they end up alone.

The shyness ends up being so great that even the perverts in Japan are not arrested for rape anymore for stealing panties or doing other things that don't involve sex between 2 people.

Did Japanese people lose interest in sex?

Lack of sex because of work

Since the mid-1990s, Japan's economy has stagnated and raised prices. This made it increasingly difficult for young people to leave home and have their own lives. They need to work to support their luxuries and pay for a cubicle.

Even some couples end up having months without having sex, especially after their first child. Some say they work too hard and come home tired.

Is this really the real reason? Most of the time people waste their time on the computer, cell phone or drinking at a bar instead of keeping company for their spouse.

Women often have to choose between a career and a family. According to some statistics, about 70% of Japanese women are essentially forced to stop working after their first child.

Did Japanese people lose interest in sex?

Other reasons

Unfortunately many marriages take place in Japan not out of love for status anymore and desire to stabilize. It is not as big as in other countries, but there are cases of infidelity in marriage, sometimes both know about the cases but do not care.

Some do not even consider cheating to find sexual pleasure outside of marriage, some consider sex only as a way of obtaining pleasure and not love. Others simply think that the commitment of a relationship is a great burden.

Some experts suggest that sexist attitudes in the male population have also caused a lack of sex. Men began to explore other lifestyles, as they do not support or cannot find a partner.

Do you know the old cliche of virgin nerds? Studies suggest that well-educated people tend to have less sex than their less educated colleagues. Considering that Japan has one of the best education systems in the world, it makes sense…

Interest in sex

Is birth really the fault of the lack of sex?

The fact that the Japanese do not have many children does not mean that they do not have sex. This is the result of a capitalist and intelligent society, so much so that it is very common for us to notice people without financial conditions having 10 children in Brazil and wealthy having only 1, 2 or none.

If a person is smart, he will not make children without being able to raise, many Japanese couples think about it. So much so that only 2% of children born in Japan are from before marriage.

The Japanese consumer power is high but raising a child in Japan is still difficult, even with financial aid from the government. Sometimes both men and women work and do not want to have a child to be lonely. There are several cultural aspects that end up contributing to couples not having children:

  • Workday;
  • Couple's decision;
  • It requires a lot of dedication;
  • Financial conditions;

Another major culprit for the lack of birth rates in Japan is abortion. Although abortion is banned for any reason in Japan, doctors end up turning a blind eye and performing an abortion. I already wrote 2 articles talking about abortion and birth in Japan, you can read it by accessing them below:


Less Generalizations

We must not be imagining that in Japan people have no interest in sex or having children. We note that the great cause of Natalidade is far beyond the lack of sex.

Not to mention that these surveys are never accurate, they are usually carried out in large cities with small numbers, where people work hard, and the Japanese interviewed may not speak the truth about the subject.

The increase in lack of sex and singles may be expanding beyond Japan. The Census Bureau 2013 report indicates that 27% of American households are single. The United States is also increasingly apathetic when it comes to sex;

More and more Americans are reporting that they simply don't have the time, energy or general inclination to have relationships. This sentiment is reflected in the decrease in the marriage rate in America, which is the lowest in the country's history.

Most of the times that couples don't end up having sex in Japan it is due to their lack of interest, you don't need to be scared or afraid to have a relationship with a person from Japan.

It is not that the Japanese have no interest in sex, most just could not find the right person. If you have the experience of relating or know of cases on this subject, you can share your opinion in the comments.

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