Minimum Wage In japan - Which job pays the most?

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Have you ever wondered what Japan's minimum wage is? Is it higher than the Brazilian salary? How does the Japanese salary work? Which job or job pays the most? In this article, we will see everything about Japan's salary.

How does the minimum wage in Japan work?

Unlike Brazil, the Japanese minimum wage is calculated by the hour. This value can vary from 600 to 1500 yen per hour, it all depends on the service, region, province, time and even sex.

In Japan the workload is 8 or 9 hours a day, and the worker receives 25% more than the overtime worked, for this reason many like to work overtime called zangyo [残業].

Thinking that way, what is Japan's average salary? If we take the average of 850 yen per hour, working about 8 hours a day, 22 days a month, we will arrive at an approximate value of 150,000 yen, equivalent to 5,000 reais.

It is worth making it clear that this value is quite relative and should not be defined in this way. Take Brazil as an example, although the minimum wage is less than 1,000 reais, many earn 1,500, 2,000 and even 5,000 and are still classified as middle class. Likewise, Japanese people earn 150,000, 200,000 and even more than 300,000 yen.

To reach an average of 250,000 yen a month is not that difficult, there are many jobs that pay around 1,200 an hour, but most of them are heavy. Many believe that the ideal salary is at least 200,000 yen.

What is Japan's minimum wage? Which job pays the most?

Which regions have the best salary in Japan?

Most provinces leave between 700 and 900 yen as average wages. Provinces like Tokyo and Kagawa pay more than 900 yen per hour, while provinces like Chiba, Saitama, Aichi, Osaka and Hyogo pay an average of 850, while the rest is between 700 yen per hour.

City halls stipulate an average minimum wage to be paid for any job. If the employer is paying less, you can appeal your rights and the employer can be fined. For a better comparison, see the table below:

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
KanjiProvinceAverage in Yen
AllAverage wage 901

Table updated in 2019/2020;

Is the Japanese salary enough to live in Japan?

It is noticeable that the highest salary is located in provinces with many industries, metropolises and a large population. Although the salary is high in these places, as a result the rent and cost of living is usually higher.

Don't worry, rent will never cost a minimum wage like in Brazil, you can find good apartments up to 30,000 yen a month. and if you have a large family, it will not exceed 75,000.

What is Japan's minimum wage? Which job pays the most?

If you are unsure whether the Japanese salary is enough for the cost of living, read some articles we wrote below:

Which job pays the highest salary in Japan?

We cannot talk about minimum wages without mentioning the highest paying jobs in Japan. Nor do we need to mention that actresses, executives and famous people can make even 10 million yen a year. Still, some mangakas, animators, directors and other important media positions end up receiving little or even less than an ordinary worker.

Doctors, teachers and lawyers have a great salary and are jobs that many young Japanese people look for when attending college. It is worth remembering that all this is quite relative. Below we will leave a table with ranking of jobs that pay the highest salary. In the table below you can find the average annual salary and also the number of hours worked in the month with this service.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
Work / Employment / OccupationAverage hours per monthAnnual Salary (Yen)
Aircraft pilot13817.121.000
College and university professor1598.334.000
Public accountant1797.163.000
Real Estate Appraiser1687.089.000
High school teacher1657.064.000
Driver (train)1596.557.000
First class architect1776,375.000
Train Conductor1576.068.000
Scientific researcher1655.998.000
System engineer1785.419.000
Professional engineer1845.412.000
X-Ray Clinic1745.262.000
Generation or transformation of the electricity worker1785.195.000
Ticket seller and ticket examiner (train)1795.166.000
Chemical analyst1675.159.000
Auto Fitter1805.088.000
Social Security Consultant1705.085.000
School teacher1714.987.000
Semiconductor chip manufacturer1764.890.000
Flight attendant1514.780.000
Mechanical designer1924.761.000
Car Salesman1794.760.000
Professional nurse1644.730.000
Clinical examination technician1734 684.000
Casting of non-ferrous metals1854,673.000
Train driver1854.645.000
Spinning of chemical fibers1694 640.000
Drilling worker1704.608.000
Driver, business2084,551.000
General chemistry1754,506.000
Iron and steel tempering worker1854.398.000
Glass Extractor1824.372.000
Dental technician1914.317.000
Insurance Insurer1434.315.000
Welder1984 299.000
Metal former1964,261.000
Computer programmer1814.256.000
Large truck driver, business2164.242.000
Wood Pattern Maker1814.234.000
Plumber1954 208.000
Lath operator2034.176.000
Worker inspecting machine1854.106.000
Assistant nurse1654.088.000
Iron worker1954,079.000
Construction machine operator1884.057.000
Car repair1874,050.000
Milling machine operator2034.034.000
Electroplating worker1994.030.000
Assembler of heavy electrical equipment1844,002.000
Designer1753 988.000
Machine Builder1853 983.000
School tutor or speaker1783.964.000
Sheet metal worker2033.960.000
Metal Press Machine Operator1923,906.000
Physiotherapist or occupational therapist1663 897.000
Plastic mold worker1893.874.000
Scaffold worker1863,851.000
Internal Truck Driver2013.849.000
Electronic computer operator1693.838.000
Form Builder1783.822.000
Small or regular size truck driver2153,787.000
Care Manager1703.723.000
Manufacturer of paper containers1883 688.000
Metal materials inspecting the worker1793.620.000
Word processor operator1723.618.000
Household Goods Seller1663.606.000
Steel worker1853,584.000
Kindergarten teacher1733.471.000
Ceramics, ceramics and porcelain1823.494.000
Woodworker1863 294.000
Assembly of communication equipment1813,252.000
Baker, confectioner1943,108.000
Nursing Assistance1622.903.000
Waiter and waitress1872.780.000
Barber and Hairdresser1852.627.000
Cashier, supermarket1772.493.000
Office cleaning1752.347.000
Clothes maker, sewing1781.990.000

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43 thoughts on “Qual é o salário Mínimo do Japão? Qual trabalho rende mais?”

  1. Eu queria saber se com o salário de aproximadamente 504,833 ¥ por mês,da para sobreviver tranquilo la no Japão?eu tenho um sonho de ir para la,por isso quero saber como funciona o sistema de trabalho e pagamento

  2. was wondering if with the salary of approximately 504,833 ¥ for a month, can I survive peacefully there in Japan? I have a dream of going there, so I want to know how the work and payment system works

  3. Sempre gostei do Japão, sou programador Java sábio, com base no salário a tabela 4000 e pouco, a qualidade de vida no Japão com esse salário seria tão melhor que no Brasil? Pergunto em relação a gastos.

    • 4.000 é o salário base… E essa tabela deve estar um pouco desatualizada, acredito que de pra ganhar mais que o dobro desse valor com programação, ou muito mais… rsrsrs Tudo depende de variáveis!

  4. I've always liked Japan, I'm a serious Java programmer, based on a salary of around 4000, the quality of life in Japan with that salary would be so much better than in Brazil? I ask about expenses.

    • 4.000 é o salário base… E essa tabela deve estar um pouco desatualizada, acredito que de pra ganhar mais que o dobro desse valor com programação, ou muito mais… rsrsrs Tudo depende de variáveis!

  5. Bom dia. Gostaria de saber se é difícil conseguir emprego de farmacêutico no Japão. Ou mesmo numa farmácia como auxiliar. Qual a média salarial como auxiliar?

    • Não acredito que seja difícil, mas você provavelmente vai precisar ter N1 e um conhecimento específico de japonês na área. Não sei bem a média de salário auxiliar, mas deve estar entre 1000 e 1500 a hora.

  6. Good Morning. I would like to know if é It is difficult to get a job as a pharmacist in Japan. Or even in a pharmacy as an assistant. What is the average salary as an assistant?

    • I don't believe it's difficult, but you you will probably need to have N1 and specific knowledge of Japanese in the area. I don't know the average auxiliary salary, but it must be between 1000 and 1500 an hour.

    • I don't think so, everything fits the standard above 700-2000. But finances are available. above 450,000 yen per month.

    • No one can work in an area that requires a higher education degree if they do not validate their degree in the country to which they intend to immigrate. It is not something exclusive to Japan, many others and even Brazil itself work like this. It's not just arriving and wanting to act.

    • Tem que ser fluente no japonês, incluindo termos médicos. Mas acho que trabalhar nessa área tem q ter algum contato la dentro.

    • Com certeza as pesquisas de salários nunca vão ser iguais, esse site que você me passou é de referencia de 2015, possivelmente deve está diferente hoje, a fonte da minha pesquisa também não é muito recente, são apenas médias realizadas por pesquisas pequenas em alguns locais pra tirar média, eu mesmo vi vários sites com valores diferentes. Valeu pela informação, vai servir de ajuda para quem quiser se aprofundar mais nesses valores.

  7. Da onde vcs tiraram estes dados? Meio furada esta matéria não? Estes números são verdadeiros? São atuais? Não há credibilidade em informações onde não se cita as fontes, ou as referencias.

    • Do que adianta tirar citar fontes de pesquisas do ano passado que sao medias, sendo que as medias de salários de horas no Japao sao alteradas quase que diariamente… so dei uma teclada em varios sites e comparei um com outro e vi quais era o mais lógico e atual. tinha um site que mostrava o mapa e a media do dia, porem eu não achei, parece que ficou offiline…

    • Acho que está correto. Meu salário está batendo com a lista salarial por profissão. Não está abaixo dos meus colegas também.

    • Depende do ponto de vista. Aqui não é para enriquecer e sim ter o suficiente para viver uma vida digna.
      Acho que está justo.