How did Japan end half of the suicides?


Japan still has the reputation of being one of the countries with the highest suicide rate, but is that true? In this article we will show that this is no longer true and how Japan ended up with half the suicides.

Whenever good news about Japan is published on social media, some unfortunate person comments on things like “in Japan people commit suicide” or “in Japan people kill themselves at work“.

Disgusted by this misinformation and widespread news, I decided to write this article that will show in detail how Japan is no longer one of the countries with the highest number of suicides.

Before we start, I would like to point out that Japan does have a high suicide rate, but not as people think. In fact, the point we want to highlight is how Japan cut that number in half.

This article is very big, I wanted to do a complete research and share all my opinion and data here. Thinking about it, I will leave below a Summary and a Summary of the point that I will highlight:

This article will highlight how Japan decreased the suicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants from 35 to 17 and how it dropped from the top ten to the thirtieth position in the global suicide ranking.

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