How to Overcome Jet-Lag on Travel to Japan?

The concern of many who travel abroad is the famous Jet-Lag. What about a trip that can take up to 30 hours to Japan? In this article we will leave some tips and experience on how to beat Jet-Lag during your trip to Japan or any other country.

What is Jet Lag?

Jet-Lag usually happens when you change day to night or your bedtime, altering your circadian cycle and your biological clock, I'll leave a more technical definition of Jet-Lag below:

Jet Lag Definition: It is a temporary condition caused by misalignment between the individual's circadian cycle and external schedules, seen on travel that spans at least two time zones.

Jet lag can easily occur when you fly to a different time zone than you are used to for five hours or more.

If you face this problem, you may experience symptoms such as: irritability, excessive tiredness, extreme sleepiness, difficulty waking up or sleeping. This happens by altering your circadian cycle, which is your biological clock.

How to overcome jet lag when traveling to Japan?

My Jet-Lag Experience in Japan

I don't think I went through a Jet-Lag, since I was awake for about a whole day on the plane, arriving late at night in Japan, I had a normal night's sleep and woke up full of energy even with the 12 hours difference.

Maybe it's because I don't have trouble waking up like some people do. The fact is, I don't think Jet-Lag is a problem of concern for you who want to travel to Japan or any other country.

Start by booking a flight that arrives at your destination close to night, so that you arrive sleepy and rest even at your place of departure it is still day or morning. Even if you last on the plane, it won't be a problem during a 30-hour trip. Enjoy the trip to beat Jet-Lag.

After a good night's sleep after arriving tired in Japan, I still recharged myself with energy drinks and coffee from vending machines, although some don't recommend it. I also strongly recommend resting in a SPA and Onsen, it will invigorate your energies and prepare you for new adventures.

How to overcome jet lag when traveling to Japan?

Don't disturb your sleep

One way to quickly adapt to a new routine in a new country is to avoid things that might disturb your sleep. Try not to eat anything before bed, at night, opt for light foods.

Fortunately, Japanese cuisine is full of healthy and light options, but at the same time, delicious. Take the opportunity to experience a miso soup or maybe one Udon and Soba.

Alcoholic drinks and caffeine at night can end up disrupting your sleep. I wait at least a few days before staying overnight in a Japanese Bar Izakaya.

How to overcome jet lag when traveling to Japan?

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Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

first of all analyze how long will the trip to japan take, how long will you be on the plane and what time will you arrive in Japan. With this data you can plan a way to avoid Jet-Lag.

The main tips to avoid Jet-Lag are training before the trip, getting a good rest and sleeping on the plane only overnight in Japan. On the first day, try to stay up later to get some sleep.

Many people have the habit of turning off all light in their bedroom to get a good sleep, but if you want to adapt to Japan time, let the bright sunlight help your internal clock reset your local time.

Natural light in the morning helps your body with healthy cortisol that it needs to stop being lazy when you wake up. Also try spending your first few days sunbathing by the sea or pool, hiking, shopping or other outdoor activities.

Avoid using social media and cell phones in bed, this will disrupt your sleep and increase Jet-Lag. In fact, these tips may sound simple, but I believe you will find the best way to face Jet-Lag in Japan.

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