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We ask that whenever possible share our articles on social networks, in order to increase the reach of articles across the internet. Some may think, but I have almost no friends on Facebook, yet their sharing has a positive effect on the ranking of the site on Google itself.

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow our videos made for the site. This is a personal channel, where I can also post things directed to my other site focused on digital marketing, music and others.

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The first thing you can do is add your email in the form at the beginning of this page and in all other articles (except AMP). By doing this you subscribe to our newsletter through WordPress.

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The good thing about using WordPress’s own newsletter is that your email is safe from possible hacking, prevents spam, has a low cost for the site and virtually eliminates the email marketing that many hate.

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Another way to follow the new articles on the site and receive exclusive content, is by subscribing to our Telegram. Here you connect to our community, receive content and stay on top of updates.

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By default on every site, has a FEED on, but this is not the only option available to those who wish to follow the site through a FEED.

We also have the which also allows you to receive notifications by e-mail and monitor various sites in an organized way. is quite popular in other countries, you might want to take a look at this service.

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