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Suki Desu Offers articles on traditional Japanese culture, pop culture, travel information, Japanese language, otaku culture, anime, manga, games and various other content from Japan and Asia.

The Japanese word Suki Desu [好きです] ” it means "like, love and enjoy". The site has the domain skdesu.com which is short for suki desu TT Unfortunately the domain sukidesu.com was not available, but we found skdesu.com appropriately fast.

In the world, there may not be many people who understand the full depth of Japanese culture. &Nbsp; The purpose of the site is to connect people with Japan, to break this barrier between nationality, and that people can learn among other cultures.

About the Site Author

My name is Kevin Henrique I'm 24 years old, and I'm the creator of this Suki Desu website, one of largest portals of Japanese culture in Brazil.

Since early I I always wanted to visit Japan, but it always seemed like an impossible dream. Me too I never had a productive life, I dropped out of high school and never went to college, I always wanted to work on my own over the internet.

At people scoffed from me and they thought it was impossible and that I would never be able to visit Japan. With much effort, I finally managed to fulfill my dreams with Suki Desu and rub it in the face of these people who live in the bubble and don't believe or strive to make their dreams come true.

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What model do our articles usually have?

  • A Featured Cover Image;
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What subjects do we like to address?

  • Language articles;
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Where do we find and get the idea of ​​  content?

There are infinite subjects to write about Japan, Unfortunately creating original content is a bit difficult, since every subject we think about writing already exists on some other site.

First, we analyzed several sites that talk about this subject, we chose   and we tried to write in a different way, and always bringing news that you don't have on those sites.

Sometimes we feel the need to post an article, but at the same time we are discouraged by having several sites with such an article, however we have learned that the internet works that way, and we will not be content to publish articles, even if it has passed its time. Whenever we copy something, we leave the Credit from the original site at the end of each article.

Use of words in Japanese?

It is possible to find the use of Japanese words in several different ways, we want to keep the maximum close to the original, but it may happen that some of our articles have the word as it is spoken in Portuguese, using Plural, using Q instead of K and other things.

The Fact is that we do not follow a logic to write such words. In Japanese there is no plural, depending on the word we see the need to put an “ S ” for the reader to understand that we are talking about several (Example:   anime =   anime).

Problems with Copyright?

If you find something on our website, such as photos, videos, text that belongs to you, and that is not authorized to be here, contact us.

Most of the images on the website are free of copyright or belong to the image files of the Depositphotos. We have the License and Partnership with the website to link files from this image bank.

6 thoughts on “Sobre o Site”

  1. Great site Kevin! do not give up! rare are those who still promote Japanese culture in Brazil through websites. IF u find it interesting, it would be a great pleasure to see our project published on your website.

    Here is Marcos Vinícius, one of the co-producers of the Documentary J-FORA KEI
    (J- フォーラ系). Our work talks about the impact and influence of Visual Kei (Japanese musical movement) in Brazilian bands.

    Dirigido por Leonardo Amorim, Roteiro de Marcos Vinícius e Arte por Gabriel Patrocínio, o documentário J-FORA KEI estreiou dia 27/10 no Primeiro Plano Festival de Cinema (2017). A principal intenção da produção 100% independente é contar um pouco do que foi vivenciado pelas bandas, além de rememorar tudo aquilo que o Visual Kei do rock Japonês inspirou os entrevistados a organizar e produzir, tendo a cidade mineira de Juiz de Fora como cenário.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. Hi Kevin, very good your site, never give up always move on!
    I recently followed the site but I see that it has a lot of content
    I want to be able to travel soon and get into the culture but currently the cost
    the passages are high, but I also don't give up; when i have the
    opportunity to send as much content as I can to help the site.

  3. Parabéns pelo site. Apresar do que vc citou acima, sobre a impossibilidade de se criar artigos únicos, ainda sim, o site está bem escrito. Eu também gosto muito da cultura japonesa, sou uma estudante da língua bem novata, e já tive a oportunidade de ir ao Japão algumas vezes, por isso sempre estive/estou procurando por algumas coisas diferente por lá, e encontro coisas interessantes, mas na grande maioria das vezes, nos sites em inglês. Fica a dica como inspiração, para vocês divulga-los em português, caso interesse. Abraços

    • Exactly, I like to get ideas from sites in English and in English, but like sometimes I see a similar article on the subject I chose, on sites like Japan in focus, then it gets discouraged to write… but I don't give up, and I try to write different and unique…