Tokyo Olympic Games: new in competition

Eastern culture always has a lot of fascinating information. The originality and unique forms of society make things different from other countries. Sometimes we have some things that are different and that, even within a culture that is sometimes reluctant to change, we manage to do something positive.

It is the case of the Olympic Games that took place in Tokyo recently. In addition to being held in the middle of a pandemic, there was also another unique phenomenon that changed the games that took place forever.

Tokyo olympic games: new in the competition - for olympics

What's New at the 2020 Olympics

There have been many new features in recent games, including the inclusion of surfing and skateboarding as sports. A few years ago, many people would never have imagined that this was possible.

But, in addition to sport, what was also added was the possibility of using cannabidiol for sport.

If you've never heard of cannabidiol, or CBD, this product comes from the extraction of the cannabis plant, but without the negative and noxious effects on our body.

However, the change in legislation took place in 2018 when the agency that regulates doping worldwide decided that the CBD would be eliminated from banned substances, and that the measure could enter into force in the 2020 Olympic Games.

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CBD: is it worth it?

The scientific community has been carrying out extensive tests, including clinical trials, to determine the use of CBD in our daily lives. The tests have indeed been very successful.

CBD is one of the more than 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but without THC (the best known substance harmful to our body) it can work positively in our body.

So, in our opinion it's really worth using CBD. There are several ways you can take it through capsules or CBD oil.

How can CBD help me?

Just as the CBD helped a lot of people at the Olympic Games, you can also benefit from using the CBD.

There are several indications and treatments with this natural product that can help to improve pain. Yes, according to one study, CBD helps to reduce chronic pain, as well as reducing inflammation and your body's overall response to pain.

It is also frequently used to reduce anxiety and depression, which are very common mental health problems in the Brazilian population and which can even destroy entire lives and even families. These types of problems creep into the people around us, unfortunately. In a Brazilian study, some men were given CBD or placebo an hour and a half before taking a public speaking test. The study's conclusions were that 300mb of CBD was effective in reducing anxiety during this test.

Our heart is the “engine” of our body, it is with it that everything happens and the bigger and better our heart health is, the better we will feel. CBD can also help with this process by lowering high blood pressure, which you normally associate with risks of heart attack or metabolic syndrome.

How to take the CBD?

There are several ways you can add CBD to your body, the most common being CBD capsules and CBD oil.

The capsules don't have any flavor, and you can take them like a pill. The downside is that the dose is already created for you and you cannot take less or more doses because the capsule is closed.

To use a dose that you want or that has been recommended by a professional, you should use CBD oil that has a meter that helps you choose the dose you want.

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