10 Sites to create anime and avatar characters

Everyone knows that Japanese anime is extremely popular and that this industry generates huge profits for the companies that produce and display this content. and with the incredible growth that the internet has had over the past few decades, it's clear that app and website developers were going to hitch a ride in the anime industry.

Thus, several websites and applications began to appear that allow the user to create their own anime characters or avatars, many of them completely free of charge. These platforms allow the user to create an anime-style avatar, that is, a character with characteristics that dominate Japanese animations. The look may vary by author, but there are common features, such as the big eyes and expressive and colored hair.

But since there are hundreds of websites and apps for creating characters and avates, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best platform for you. With that in mind, this article shows you the 10 best sites for you to create your own anime characters or avatars.

10 sites to create anime and avatar characters

1. Pocket Anime Maker

The first site we're going to show you is the Pocket Anime Maker. This site focuses on more versions cute of anime characters. In it you can find 10 skin tone options and different types of hairstyle and hair color. You can also choose different eye shapes and face aspects such as freckles, scars and smile types.

The site also offers a large amount of clothes to dress the character. Other features available are: beard, head accessories, belt, necklace and more. When saving the image, you can even include those famous anime expression icons, such as the drop of sweat, hearts, among other options. When finished the character the result is saved in PNG.

2. Avatar Maker: Anime

The Avatar Maker: Anime is an app that is available for both iphone users as of Android. It has various features to mix and match character traits. Therefore, it is possible to create your original character from any genre: romantic, fantastic, fictional, contemporary and many others. It features over 10,000 characters, along with a flexible hair color and a wide range of accessories.

It allows you to add your characters in manga, comics to make your own cute stories. You can save your avatar to your phone gallery or you can use it as your profile picture.

10 sites to create anime and avatar characters

3. Custom Anime

The Custom Anime it has a more retro feel, and offers several options for creating a classic-style character. It offers various types of hairstyles, eyes, mouth and eyebrows, as well as clothes to give the character personality.

Another feature that sets this site apart is the variety of accessories. You can include tattoos, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, as well as weapons such as swords and guns. The platform also allows changing the background and inserting more than one anime per image. The result can be saved in JPG and has a watermark.

4. Character Creator

As the name already indicates, in the Character Creator you can create your own anime character in a very easy and fun way. However, you are only allowed to make adjustments to the male and female anime character. You can make changes like changing sex, adding accessories, wings and more.

Also, you can export the final avatar in SVG format and can use it in comic books, games or commercial websites. Plus, it comes with built-in accessories to make your avatar more interesting. Also, all Character Creator features are free to use.

10 sites to create anime and avatar characters

5. Doll Divine – My Manga Avatar

The doll divine it's actually quite like a children's game. It has less variety in the customization items, but this is offset by the graphics, which are gorgeous, and the transition effects.

Here you can define facial features, such as the color and shape of the eyes, mouth and nose, as well as hairstyle and skin tone. The characters' variety of clothing includes modern pieces, such as t-shirts with drooping shoulders and glitter. Accessories include necklaces, bows and even a smartphone.

The only thing about Doll Divine's sin is that it doesn't offer the option to save the image. However, when you finish the character you can take a screenshot of the screen, thus saving your artwork.

6. Picrew

The picrew is a Japanese avatar maker that offers two ways to use it. One is to make your anime from scratch. This means creating your own eye, nose, eye, eyebrow, etc. shape options.

This one is a little more complex than the others shown, because to create your character you need to register on the platform and, preferably, have some notion of how to use image editors. But in case you don't know how to use this tool, it's possible to assemble your anime character from the drawings of other users. Without a doubt, you'll find possibilities that you won't see on any other site.

The result can be downloaded in PNG or shared by link. As the site is entirely in Japanese, you can choose a translation tool of your choice.

10 sites to create anime and avatar characters

7. Moe! Avatar Maker

The Moe! Avatar Maker is also a Japanese site for making anime-style avatar. The page lets you create images to use in pixel art-style profile photos. Despite not having a very modern look, it does offer a large amount of options available on each item.

To get an idea, just in eye shapes there are more than 50 variants and more than 80 types of hair, for example. There are also dozens of other options to model your character, such as background options, arm positions, head accessories and clothing. When you have finished selecting all features, you can also change the color.

Also, there are several ways to save the created character, you can choose whether you want to save the image in JPEG, GIF or PNG. If you like, we recommend that you use a real-time translation tool that has been designed for ease of use.

10 sites to create anime and avatar characters
10 sites to create anime and avatar characters

8. Cripko Free Avatar Creator

The Crypto is a powerful software that uses GAN (Adversary Generating Network) to automatically create a professional quality anime. Many people believe that Crypko is a commercial version of MakeGirlsMoe. Furthermore, using this program, you can buy Crypko cards and special codes, which you can use to generate high quality anime characters.

Also, by combining these cards, you can generate more anime than usual. He does the same job as an illustrator as he can quickly match human professionals in the anime industry. To create anime characters just go to their official website online and follow in their footsteps.

9. Avachara

At the avachara, you can create both male and female characters. In addition to the traditional physical characteristics, such as the shape and color of eyes, face, nose and mouth, the user has options of clothes and accessories to decorate his anime.

The biggest differential of this site is the possibility of inserting items that give more personality to the design. For example, an avatar can be accompanied by a guitar, ball, racket, skateboard, sword, camera, among other objects. If you prefer, it is also possible to include a pet in the image.

10 sites to create anime and avatar characters

10. MakeGirlsMoe

The MakeGirlsMoe is another great site to create anime made by Fudan, Tongji, Stony Brook and Carnegie Mellon universities. If you are going to use this program, you will be able to create high quality anime characters without needing any help. However, unlike Crypko, the MakeGirlsMoe is available for non-commercial use only.

The site can also automatically generate anime characters, but it also comes with a large number of options to make adjustments like blush, hair color, hairstyle, smile eye color, hat, glasses, ribbon and more.

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