What does Chotto Matte Kudasai mean?

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Chotto Matte [ちょっと待って] is a Japanese phrase that means “Please wait a moment”. It is often used as a polite way of asking someone to wait while you do something, or to let you know that you need a moment to think about something.

The phrase can be used in a variety of situations, but is most commonly used when someone is asking someone else to wait. For example, if you are on the phone and need to put the person on hold for a moment, you can say “Chotto matte Kudasai”.

If you are in a hurry and someone is taking too long, you can say “Chotto matte!” in a more forceful way to tell the person to hurry up.

If you're in a situation where you need to use chotto matte, remember that it's a polite phrase and should be used as such.

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Chotto matte is a Japanese phrase that can be translated to mean “wait a minute” or “wait a minute”.

What does chotto matte kudasai mean?

Meaning of Chotto Matte

The word chotto [ちょっと] means little, while matte [待って] , is the imperative inflection of the verb matsu (待つ), which means to wait. There is no secret behind the word.

The commonly used Kudasai [ください] means please is a polite way of making a request. Sometimes you can use the particle Ne [ね] equivalent to "isn't it?" or "right?"

Chotto can also be written [一寸] and its other meanings can be:

  • Just a minute;
  • for a moment;
  • briefly;
  • A little;
  • I'm sorry;
  • It is not viable;

Exactly, sometimes the expression Chotto or even Chotto Matte works evasively to evade some answer or responsibility, give some time to reflect or use it as an excuse.

Você também pode usar Chotto Matta [ちょっと待った] para expressar de maneira forte e com urgência. Algo como: Espere um minuto. 
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Chotto Matte Kudasai in Keigo

We know that saying Chotto Matte is informal, and adding Kudasai makes it more polite, but if you want to speak more politely in Keigo, with a high degree of formality, we can use the following expression:

shou shou omachi kudasai 

By repeating the ideogram of small and little [少], we mean a little time, by adding the verb to wait in the form [お] we make it even more polite.

Usually this form is spoken in shops, stores and some companies. It can be literally translated as: “Please Wait A Little”.

Phrases with Chotto Matte

Wait a moment, I'll check.

Kakunin suru kara chotto matte.

Wait a while until I'm ready.

jyunbi ga dekiru made chotto matte kure

Notice that the sentence ended with Kure [くれ] which means something like “give” something. In this case, in the sentence the person is asking to wait.

Chotto Matte yo

We can also use the particle [よ] to finish the expression!

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