Meaning of Yamete kudasai, Yamero, Dame and Yada

Have you ever wondered what the expression means yamete kudasai? Have you heard of the famous meme of yamero? If you searched for it on the internet, look (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °). Since more than 30,000 people search for these words every month, I decided to write a complete article explaining everything about yamete, yamero, dame and other words in Japanese.

The meaning of Yamete and Yamero

The word yamete [止めて] literally means Stop and can give the sense of: stop this; please stop; I can not take it anymore; that hurts. Both yamete and yamero are forms of the verb yameru [止める] which means to stop, cease, discontinue, finish, leave, cancel, abandon, give up, abolish and abstain.

Yamete kudasai, yamero, dame - japanese meanings and synonyms

The word yamete it is a little more feminine and used in extreme cases like a woman about to be attacked. I hope you haven't searched for that word because of hentai (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °). Already yamero it is usually used by men in moments of action, struggle and frustration, when trying to prevent something from happening.

The word yamete and yamero is derived from the ideogram [止] which means to stop, but be aware that there are different verbs for different meanings of stopping. For example, tomeru [止める] is to stop while on the move, already yameru [止める] is to cease and interrupt an action. Another Japanese character that also means stopping and has a similar reading is [留].

Yamete kudasai, yamero, dame - japanese meanings and synonyms

Yamete kudasai, dame, yada!

As already mentioned, these expressions are often heard in erotic anime or moments perverts. The expression yamete kudasai [止めてください] it’s like the girl is begging to stop, asking please. Among the phrases we will mention below, this is undoubtedly the strongest. There are other words like:

The Meaning of Dame

Dame - The word dame [駄目] is often written in katakana [ダメ] and means that something is not good, it should not be done, it cannot, it should not or it is not allowed. This word can be used in different shades to reject any offer, scold children, and more extreme cases like yamete kudasai in adult animations.

Yamete kudasai, yamero, dame - japanese meanings and synonyms

Women often use lady [ダメ] during sexual intercourse, as if they were asking to stop. In this case, they are trying to say something like: I am too innocent to accept this kind of shameful situation; you're turning me into a naughty girl; we shouldn't do that, but it's wonderful.

The Meaning of Yada

Yada – The word yada [やだ] literally means “no chance, unlikely, no way, failure and weak point”. Some people use this word when something goes wrong or to reject an offer or someone who is trying to do something like grab you or kiss you. It can sometimes be used lightly and unimportantly when the person is about to give in.

Yamete kudasai, yamero, dame - japanese meanings and synonyms

The yamero meme

At the end of 2016, a comic of someone throwing water on a dog started to circulate until he gets angry, his eyes shine, and the caption appears written yamero! Soon after, thousands of images of animals, characters, and other things went viral on the internet with this caption.

As we can see in the image below, apparently someone took an illustration from WikiHow, did the montage and posted it on Tumblr. Over time, several similar montages emerged and exceeded the count of 100,000 only on Tumblr.

Yamete kudasai, yamero, dame - japanese meanings and synonyms

Phrases related to yameru and dame

Now that you know the verbs yameru [やめる] and the words dame and yada. We will end this article with some example sentences and related words for you to understand more about the subject. If you liked the article, don’t forget to share. Any questions or suggestions, just leave in the comments.

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Can notダメですdamedesu
Completely useless駄目駄目damedame
Stop this. He’s our friend.やめろよ。あいつは俺たちの友達だろ。yamero yo. Aitsu wa oretachi no tomodachidaro.
Stop procrastinating and get a job仕事探しを先延ばしにするのはやめなさい。shigotosagashi o saki nobashi ni suru no wa yame nasai.
I gave up on following the trends.流行に付いて行くことはやめた。ryūkō ni tsuite iku koto wa yameta.
He said the trip is canceled旅行はやめにすると言った。ryokō wa yame ni suru to itta.
You should definitely ask him out.彼を誘わなくちゃだめよkare o sasowanakucha dame yo
It’s all over!もうだめだ。mou dameda
I didn’t like the atmosphere.雰囲気がいやだった。fun’iki ga iyadatta.
I do not want to be alone一人はいやだ。hitori wa iyada

Video about Yamete Kudasai

I also made a short video talking about the subject (we have the video in English and English:

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