Is Kabedon Romantic? Cornering Someone Against the Wall

Kabedon is a Japanese word that literally means "hitting the wall". It is often used in reference to a man cornering a woman against a wall.

Kabedon is when someone slams their hand on the wall in front of someone, usually to stop them from leaving; often seen as a romantic gesture.

This word is often used to describe situations where someone feels frustrated or angry and expresses their emotions by slamming their hand against a wall.

It can also be used to describe situations where someone is trying to get someone else's attention, hitting a wall without cornering.

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Kabedon - Is cornering someone against the wall romantic?

Origin of Kabedon

The origins of kabedon are unclear, but it is thought to have originated in the Edo period in Japan. It is possible that the gesture was originally used as a way to ward off evil spirits.

The word "kabedon" is derived from the Japanese word "kabe" [壁], which means "wall". The word "don" [ドン] is a truncated form of the word "dondon" [どんどん], which means "sound". So the word "kabedon" literally means "to make a sound on the wall".

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Kabedon Romantic Gesture

Although the gesture is a natural reaction to stress and anger, it is considered a romantic way to get a person's attention. Kabedon Can be used in a variety of situations.

Kabedon is a way to surprise your loved one and show how much you care for them. It can be scary for a woman, but at the same time she can be enchanted.

The fact that there is a word that defines this gesture makes Japanese girls aware of it, so it lessens any possibility of being offended by the gesture.

Kabedon - Is cornering someone against the wall romantic?

The worst that can happen is that the girl doesn't respond to her feelings, feels ashamed and humiliated. So be aware before using Kabedon.

Some use this gesture as an opportunity to win a woman's first kiss. We can see different situations in anime and manga.

Most girls find these kinds of gestures romantic because the man has power and authority, and women like men who take the initiative and show authority.

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Kabedon - Is cornering someone against the wall romantic?

How to make Kabedon

Kabedon is usually performed with just one hand, but if the young man wants to show a more extreme feeling, he can use both hands.

In some Anime we see the lifting of one of the legs when doing the Kabedon, but this gesture is more comical than romantic.

Kabedon can be done by both men and women, it can convey different types of ideas and feelings, and it can also be performed in different ways, although some presented in the anime are exaggeration or comical.

Kabedon - Is cornering someone against the wall romantic?

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Kabedon in the West

The word "kabedon" has become popular in recent years outside of Japan, particularly among anime and manga fans.

It is often used as a descriptor of a scene in which a man tries to assert his dominance over a woman, either by physical intimidation or by using his body to back her against a wall.

Some people have criticized the use of “kabedon” outside of Japan, arguing that it is a sexist and outdated way of talking to women. Be very careful when doing this outside of Japan.

However, others argue that the word can be used non-sexist, and that it is simply a descriptor for a specific type of physical interaction between people.

In real life, this gesture could be considered sexual harassment if the person you're doing kabedon with doesn't know about it, or if they just don't find it romantic.

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