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In order to gather all the articles with adult or sexual content on the site, I decided to create this guide or article that directs you to other articles such as terms, japanese words, meanings of hentai, ecchi… and similar anime. Hope you like the guide!

Some content written on the site violated the Google Adsense policy terms, so I will use it as a basis for writing this article. Everyone knows that Japan has a pretty bizarre culture when it comes to sexual or adult content. Are you ready?

In this article, we are going to see meanings of adult words in Japanese. We will also see some fetishes, curiosities, festivals and topics that refer to sexual, erotic, pornographic and adult culture in Japan. The goal is just to solve curiosities!

What does hentai mean?

When we talk about adult Japanese content, one of the first things that comes to mind, especially Otakus, is Hentai. Which for Westerners are adult pornographic animations. But is this the real meaning of the word?

In the article the True Meaning of Ecchi and Hentai, we say that Hentai actually just means perverted. The word doesn't have a heavy bearing in Japan, it's commonly used as an insult, to call someone weird, perverted and perverted.

This word is also often used with the meaning of transformation and metamorphosis. I personally can't understand why this Japanese word has gained such a heavy meaning here in the West.

If you want to refer to adult animations in Japanese, you can use words like eroanime [エロアニメ]. If you use other words like "erogemu" or eroge [エロゲ] for games, romance [エロ漫画] for manga and erobid [エロビデオ] for videos.

Here are some articles that talk about Hentai:

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

What does Ecchi mean?

In the same article mentioned earlier, we also talked about the meaning of Ecchi. In the West this word refers to any anime with sensuality, characters with disproportionate curves, showing their underwear or even breasts.

It's those anime full of fanservice, where the protagonists accidentally fall on girls' chests or do things that don't happen in real life. In Japan, the meaning of the word ecchi is heavier, I referred to something obscene.

Unlike Hentai in Japan ecchi [H] mainly refers to something erotic. When you use the expression Ecchi Shiyou (エッチしよう) you are inviting a person to do indecent things i.e. sex.

On the site we wrote some articles about ecchi anime:

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

Pornography in Japan

Now let's talk about pornography in Japan. If you want to talk about pornography in Japan, use the expression ero [エロ] of erotic. Despite the expression porn [ポルノ], it is more common to see the use of the word H [ecchi] or ero [エロ].

On the site we have written some articles on the subject:

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

The article is still halfway through, but we recommend also reading:

Censorship on Adult content from Japan

Any erotic and pornographic material officially released in Japan features censorship on the intimate p@rt5. They simply add pixels, bars, mosaics, and blurred squares to censor the intimate p@rt5 in both live-action and animated erotica.

One way the Japanese saw to circumvent this censorship of genitals in adult anime was to use monster tentacles. For this reason, tentacles and octopuses have become popular in Japanese anime culture.

Breasts are one of the few things that escape Japanese censorship. The Japanese have gotten used to censorship and don't usually complain about it. To learn more about the reason for this censorship, just read the detailed article listed below:

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

Kanamara Matsuri - Penis Festival

The Kanamara Matsuri is an internationally known festival. It is held on the first Sunday of April, where Shinto priests carry around the event a portable shrine called mikoshi with a metal penis on top of a structure.

In the modern day, many people gather to take pictures of the metallic member and buy souvenirs like lollipops, chocolate covered bananas and other rather curious things.

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

Japanese Tastes and Fetishes

The Japanese have created many strange concepts, fashions and fetishes that are visible and popular mainly in anime. Now let's study some popular expressions in the Japanese adult world and understand their meanings.

What does Zettai Ryouiki mean?

The word Zettai Ryouiki means absolute territory and refers to the exposed thighs and legs that appear between the miniskirt and the girls' socks or other clothing combinations. A type of Japanese fetish quite popular and exposed mainly in anime.

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

What do Panchira and Misepan mean?

Panchira refers to the glimpse of a woman's underwear. Women also use this term to signal when a friend's underwear is visible misepan mainly refers to people who wear panty-revealing clothes.

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

What does Ahegao mean?

The word Ahegao It means weird face, derived from the onomatopoeia aheahe, which describes a blushing woman, panting, expressing her sexual excitement. A very popular fetish in the Hentai world.

Guide to Japanese culture for adults +18

Articles about Breasts and Breasts

On the site we also wrote some articles talking about the breasts of Japanese women and some curiosities about the culture and words of the Japanese language. The word for breasts in Japanese is oppi [おっぱい] and chest or bust is mune [胸].

I will list below the articles that talk about the breasts and breasts of Japanese women:

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