Why is there censorship in adult content in Japan?

For some strange reason, any erotic and pornographic material officially released in Japan has censorship in the private parts. They simply leave pixels, stripes, mosaics and squares blurry to censor private parts.

The breasts it is one of the few things that escape Japanese censorship. In this article, we will see why this law exists and what the industry does to get around it. Let’s start by looking at how censorship started in Japan.

How did censorship in Japan begin?

To better understand why pornography is censored in Japan, we must go back to the Meiji Restoration that started in 1868. Before that time, Japan did not have a sense of morality. Even today, this sense is somewhat absent.

Why is there censorship in adult content in japan?

The Japanese view was very liberal regarding sexuality and prostitution was a common business in Japan. There were even erotic religious stories and records that involved samurai, geisha and even homosexual acts.

In an attempt to modernize Japan, Emperor Meiji felt the need to embrace a sense of Victorian England morality that condemned sexual thoughts and art.

In the year 1907, Article 175 of the penal code prohibited the sale and distribution of obscene materials that were subject to fines and imprisonment. It was interpreted that human genitalia and pubic hair were considered obscene, which led artists to reduce the creation of pornography for fear of imprisonment.

Why is there censorship in adult content in japan?

Before the world war, censorship was much higher and prohibited even nudity. After the Second World War, the United States abolished all forms of censorship and control of freedom of expression.

However, Article 175 was kept intact, continuing to prohibit any explicit display of private parts. At the end of the 20th century, several erotic works, including animations, began to appear and become popular.

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Bypassing Japan’s censorship

The Japanese are not prohibited from drawing their erotic stories without censorship. They are prohibited from selling them uncensored within Japan. That is why in the 2000s it was common to sell Japanese works, mainly hentai to the west. Nowadays it is more and more unusual for these works to go to the West and remain uncensored.

Why is there censorship in adult content in japan?

To circumvent censorship, in the 1980s, use tentacles. The government was unable to prohibit or compel censorship of tentacles or non-human creatures. That is why most hentai have things as stupid as aliens and monsters.

Until the end of the 90s it was forbidden to draw by pubic people, to circumvent the law the authors started to draw young girls who had no hair in their private parts. That was how the term lolicon and shotacon began to emerge.

The popularization of sexual objects in Japan as masturbators and toys has grown tremendously also because of censorship in adult content. Both in hentai and in adult films, toys are often used to circumvent this law.

The Japanese have become accustomed to censorship and do not usually complain about it. Some experts consider strips and mosaics a way for the Japanese reader to justify their habit and soften the act of reading pornography or the acts depicted there.

In the West we see something similar, where eroticism is accepted in films, as long as genitals are not seen. Still, the Japanese have several secrets to increase sensuality and eroticism if two works without breaking the rules.

Why is there censorship in adult content in japan?
Do you know what Ahegao is?

Japanese censorship gave taste to other fetishes

Japan is known for its numerous and diverse fetishes, largely because of censorship of adult content. As genitalia are not shown in official films and anime, they need to focus on and emphasize other things that have become fetishes.

The Japanese’s perversion has become so strange that they are willing to repair feet and also the small exposure between the thighs and legs of girls in miniskirts. There is even a name for that location that is Zettai Ryouiki.

Who doesn’t remember the strange fetish of licking knobs? Or worse, why in Japanese films do we have so many squirts and bukkake? Because it is the only thing that can be seen and excited with the great censorship exposed in the adult content of Japan.

Why is there censorship in adult content in japan?

Clothing and costume has also become a flashy thing in adult content. Sometimes it takes hours for the action to happen in Japanese adult films, because they spend a lot of time focusing on the clothes, curves and positions without letting it affect ratings.

Even the facial expression of Japanese women in real life and anime becomes prominent creating another fetish called Ahegao. The Japanese enjoy the simple glimpse of a panties and give a lot of prominence to breasts that are not censored

Despite the censorship law, Japan is the country with the largest pornographic industry in the world that moves 20 billion dollars per year (against 12 billion in the US). Despite all this, it is confusing to understand the purpose of this law.

Is censorship really that bad?

Throughout this article the benefits of censorship in adult content were mentioned, mainly in hentai. This kind of forces the author’s creativity to come up with new and different things that catch the viewer’s attention.

Censored hentai can be considered a Softporn or basically light porn. Mainly extolling the fantasy, mystery and history of the work, different from the uncensored content, which only leads you to focus on the private parts.

What is your opinion on this matter? I hope to see your comment and share.