Exposure and sexual consent in Japan

We are living in an age full of discussions involving nudity, sexuality, gender and especially how our children get into it. How does Japan view these issues? Some people end up finding Japan a sexually bizarre country thanks to some cultural events and also the animation and sex industry.

I have already met Brazilians in their controversial discussions using arguments from Japan to defend ideas such as exposing children to sexual issues. In this article, I will try to approach a little delicately about this subject.


While the Christian religion dominates Brazil suggesting an idea of morals and ethics, Japan is quite open to sex as only less than 5% of the Japanese are Christians. Still, Japan does not allow gay marriage, and neither does it engage in any sex or gender issues.

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The Japanese are reserved, so they don't get involved in controversial issues, they think that each one does what he wants in his life. Of course, there will always be movements and discussions on the subject, but on a small scale compared to other countries.


The minimum age for sexual consent in Japan is 13, according to the Japanese penal code. This may change according to the province. However, another law prohibits minors under the age of 18 from having sex with adults. 

Even dating can be tricky in school, because the law requires parental approval. Some private schools in Japan try to prevent students from engaging in romantic relationships for fear of police intervention.

Exposure and sexual consent in japan

Exposure to sex in Japan

Something that created several discussions on the internet was the artistic performance of a naked man. Children were exposed to this event, which generated numerous controversies and discussions on the internet. I personally think it is an extreme exaggeration to relate pedophilia to this performance.


On the other hand, I cannot see any sense in this presentation, let alone art! There are laws that prohibit the person from walking naked, the boy probably needed to run after permissions for such a performance. In addition to this event, some information networks are addressing the theme of gender and sexuality with children.

Because of these events, thousands of discussions take place. How can Japan set an example for us? Culturally, it is common for children and adults to take a bath naked in an onsen (hot spring), it is something quite cultural and innocent. Of course, the bath is separated by sex, but there are still some mixed baths spread across Japan, which probably do not allow children.

Another very popular event is the Kanamara Matsuri, a fertility festival where you can find several giant chicks, objects and even food in the shape of the male penis. However, Japanese children did not end up becoming perverted, in reality some only discover or have an interest in sex in adulthood.

Exposure and sexual consent in japan

It is believed that it was due to the influence of Westerners who were shocked to see men and women bathing naked together without any desire or sexual act, which ended up causing the Japanese to separate baths by sex.

Talking about sex is taboo in Japan among some, exactly because of shyness or because it is a very personal matter. So much so that culturally it is not common to use expressions of sexual connotation as we use in Brazilian slang.

The influence of sexual media

The exposure of sexuality in the media is quite visible. Some don't even bother buying or reading erotic material in public. It is due to the fact that there is no concept of sin involving sex in the Japanese religion.


A very controversial subject is the sexual exposure of minors in media involving Japanese animation. Many believe that this can encourage pedophilia, but with the help of the law, the number of abuses is low. The culture makes perverted Japanese only have the courage to steal a pair of panties or chase perverted products at most.

Exposure and sexual consent in japan

It is not just the adult animation content for children, anime for teenagers also has a lot of sensuality. Even lolis appear quite sensual in various animations, it is almost a tradition to have breasts swaying and poses with sample panties. In Japan, sensual animation is seen more as an art, so much so that almost half of women consume this type of media.

The Japanese government has already tried to ban adult content from minors in Japanese manga and animation, but there is a huge chasm. First, because animators can very well put an older age and maintain the appearance of a child.

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Others argue that it is thanks to this type of material that the rate of child abuse remains low in Japan. The great innocence and nonchalance of the Japanese make several issues considered controversial in the West to be irrelevant in Japan.

The pornographic media in Japan is quite different from the Western media, so much so that there is even censorship in the private parts. Finally, we will leave some articles below that can help you to understand more about sex in Japan.

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