How pornography negatively affects the Japanese

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Can pornography negatively affect Japanese society? The Japanese are constantly labeled as unhappy, depressed and suicidal. As much as much of it is generalization, in this article we're going to see how Japan's porn industry plays a big part in it.

We are talking about Japanese people because our site is about Japan, but this article can cover all people. Of course, we can't forget to point out that Japan is quite strange when it comes to the sex industry.

Remembering that this article is a reasoning and opinion. I also make it clear that this article has no religious content. Many things here were conclusions of scientific studies and personal experience.

The consequences of pornography

Before we talk a little about Japan and how the sex industry has affected the Japanese, we have to discuss a little about the consequences that addiction to pornography and masturbation have on people in general.

Many debate whether or not pornography is capable of affecting a person, but those who have been addicted and have tried to abstain from it, know very well that there is absolutely nothing good coming from pornography.

The main problem is not that you watch pornography and masturbate, but that it controls you. As much as sexual desires are natural, pornography is nothing more than a mental trap that tricks you.

Just do a little typing on Google to know that addiction to pornography and masturbation can damage relationships, cause anxiety, depression, stress, social phobia, discouragement, laziness, negativity, sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction, lack of interest in sex and many other problems.

How pornography negatively affects the Japanese

It doesn't take a religion and a guilty conscience to feel the negative effects of pornography and masturbation addiction. More than 90% of the Japanese do not have a religion that condemns such a practice, yet we can easily see the consequences they suffer.

Sex is a part of every human being's life, so naturally billions of people fall into this loop and just can't stop or see the consequences of it. Especially young people and children who do not have an active sex life.

We live in a generation full of stressed and ignorant people, where marriages and relationships don't last, where depression and anxiety are the diseases of the century. Are you going to deny that pornography played no role in all of this?

If anyone thinks they are capable of defending pornography in any way, try to at least go a month without masturbating and watching pornography and let me know if that was easy. This practice really drains the energy and life of many people.

THE DIFFICULTY of staying free from pornography in Japan

In the past, people had to struggle to find pornography. Today she runs after us. Anyone of any age can easily consume this material with a cell phone within seconds.

It's even harder to stay porn-free in Japan. This is because the country is quite open and the industry indirectly propagates triggers that lead people to relapse and look for the material.

Pornography has been present and widespread in Japan for hundreds of years. From traditional prints like penis festivals, houses of prostitution in the Edo period and other things that are present in the history of Japan.

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How pornography negatively affects the Japanese

Anime focus the camera in sensual positions, show the panties and breasts of the characters, quickly leading anyone to sexual arousal, making them run after pornography.

Posters and advertisements, adult sections in major stores in Japan, TV programs and commercials, practically everything in Japan leads a person to not hold back and to satisfy himself sexually without the need for another person.

Why is virtually every media in Japan wanting to get a person to look at pornography? The reason is obvious, addiction makes money! Everyone knows that the porn industry moves billions in Japan alone. Not to mention other vices like pachinko, lotteries and cigarettes.

Does it have any problem to be sexually satisfied in an uncontrolled way by consuming adult material? Does it harm your sex life? Does it affect your mind and how you look at things?

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The problems of Japan we know

Now how can we fit Japan and pornography addiction to the problems the Japanese face? Let's list a few things below and see for yourself if this might be related:

  • Japanese people lose interest in dating;
  • Couples even go months without having sex;
  • Low birth rate;
  • Antisocial Japanese;
  • Lack of human contact;
  • Lack of love in the family;
  • High suicide rate;
  • Ijime (Bullying);
  • child pornography;
  • Chauvinism;
  • Selfishness;

Virtually everything mentioned in the list above is a direct and indirect consequence of the pornography and masturbation addiction that Japan so freely propagates. Of course, there are other causes of these problems.

If the person is able to satisfy themselves sexually through toys and explicit and heavy sexual content, what is the need for them to get involved in a real relationship? This just throws the person into a zone of comfort and isolation.

Many Japanese people said that they would rather date fictional characters than real girls. Only a person addicted to pornography and masturbation would be capable of having such an opinion.

How pornography negatively affects the Japanese

Even those who avoid pornography but are satisfied with prostitutes, they don't know what real love is, nor do they have that connection that a true relationship provides.

So, even if the person is not addicted to pornographic media, their sexual pursuit is empty and results in much misfortune and the consequences listed above. The insatiable pursuit of pleasure is one of the worst things anyone can face.

Addiction to these practices makes it difficult for men to find or win over a girl. Those who strive to stay free through Reboot or Nofap can quickly realize the social benefits of staying away from this pest.

The problems of pornography in Japan

Pornography in Japan has unique characteristics that distinguish it from Western pornography. Japanese pornography delves into a broad spectrum of unique sexual acts and fetishes.

Things like bukkake, gokkun, omorashi, lolicon, futanari and tentacles are just the tip of the iceberg of Japanese pornography. She has never been so present in people's lives as she is today.

Japanese people live their lives reading or creating erotic fanfics. You can easily see a man or a schoolgirl reading some erotic manga on the train. Sex in Japan doesn't seem to be considered taboo.

The Japanese take masturbation very seriously. You can easily find all kinds of accessories for both men and women. Different sizes, colors, shapes and materials. All this to bring personal and individual satisfaction.

How pornography negatively affects the Japanese

Pornography encourages a person to think only of himself, to be satisfied. Everyone knows that in order to have a good sexual relationship, a person needs to satisfy their partner and not themselves.

This is quite reflective of some Japanese who display traits of selfishness and machismo. What drives a high school girl to shorten her skirts to draw attention to her body? Innocence that is not!

People get carried away easily by each other, so it turns out that many more people fall into this addiction due to the influence of the media and others. Just ask yourself, why do people start to smoke do you know it's bad?

I always thought things were worse in Brazil, where people only talk about sex, exchange images and videos on whatsapp and use words and slang that remind us of sex in every sentence of a conversation. Although the Japanese are more reserved, I believe that things there are the same or worse.

I'm even afraid of the future full of young people with twisted minds. I know it's not easy for those who try to control themselves, but it seems that Japan or the world doesn't cooperate with this.

Pornography Doesn't Equal Chocolate

Many claim that pornography is okay if consumed in moderation, just like eating chocolate doesn't hurt anyone, but it can make you dependent on sugar if you eat it daily.

The big problem lies in the fact that the person can consume pornography moderately. Unfortunately this doesn't happen in Japan and around the world, due to the huge exposure of the material all over the place.

The problem with pornography is not with watching it, but with the results and how it affects our minds in the long run. Things that were once considered taboo are now normal, all because people can't live without.

How pornography negatively affects the Japanese

The person knows of the riches that it can cause, but they decide to take that little peek lightly. When they realize, they spend years consuming such material, where simple sex videos can't satisfy them, becoming an endless search for increasingly heavy materials.

This is because every time we masturbate and consume erotic material, our brain fills with dopamine. This drives him crazy, wanting more and more dopamine. An addiction far worse than any drug.

Over time your life becomes empty, because you can no longer feel happiness with small things, for you the only thing that satisfies you is pornography. This is one of the worst and main consequences of depending on it, you simply lose the joy of living.

The results of pornography are irreversible! You will always remember something you saw decades ago, randomly an erotic thought pops into your head. You can no longer face the opposite sex as you should.

NoFap – Books and Courses to Quit Pornography

Nofap is a movement of people who want to stop masturbating and looking at pornography. There are several channels and communities that deal with the subject and they know that it is not an easy process to stop being dependent on it.

Fortunately the rewards are huge, your life changes completely after you stop being dependent on it. Even your energy and your appearance totally change in front of other people. You feel much more motivated to fulfill your dreams.

I don't want to waste time arguing about whether or not pornography is harmful. If you want to continue in this life, that decision is yours! I'm just writing what I think... So open your mind!

I hope you liked my reasoning in this article. There are so many things to delve into that I left Japan aside for a bit. If you liked it, share it with your friends and leave your comments.

We will recommend books and courses that can help you. Of course, simple books and courses will not rid people of pornography. This is a daily struggle that you will have your whole life and that victory is totally dependent on you.


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