The breast groping campaigns in Japan

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Japan has a very peculiar history of doing different and strange things. While some countries set up kissing booths or offer free hugs, Japan has once again surpassed the unimaginable with its breast-groping campaigns. In this article, we are going to talk about different breast groping campaigns in Japan.

A campaign against Aids was performed by adult film actresses in Japan. During a weekend in Tokyo, the Japanese could pay to feel the breasts of the actresses, all the money raised would be used in the fight against AIDS. Everything was done in an organized way, in a private, hygienic place and for adults.

The event took place several years and is often called Oppai BokinIn addition to participating in the event, people could watch the program on the cable television channel. At this event, customers can touch the chests of the Japanese women directly twice in any way they want. One man even donated 20 times.

The campaigns to feel breasts in Japan

In 2016, more than 7,000 people participated in the event, raising a total of 6 million yen. The cost to participate usually amounts to around 500 yen. The event seems to be organized by some sub-channel of the company sptvjsat. Similar events have started to emerge with the same objective.

It is not necessary to wait for such an event to happen to feel Japanese women's breasts. They exist bars where they offer exactly that service, where you have complete freedom to feel a Japanese woman's breasts for a period of time while talking to her.

Feeling boobs for free - Free Oppai

On November 23, 2017 a youtuber called Pepsi Lu appeared at the famous Shibuya station with a sign reading Free Oppai (フリーおっぱい) which literally means free boobs. More than 60 people had the chance to feel the Japanese woman's chest, men and women.

Some were very polite, others took the opportunity to hide their faces, others were extremely ashamed. The Japanese woman looked happy and laughing with the whole situation, the innocence must be great. We couldn't find anything related to Pepsi Lu, the channel where the video is available is called チンフェ (Timfe) and it doesn't appear to be the original source. It was probably posted on twitter.

Japanese comments on the video were quite diverse. Many criticized the practice, mainly because it happened in a public place, even with the touch being made over clothing. Some commented that this could affect the young woman's graduation, employment, and marriage.

The campaigns to feel breasts in Japan

This is not unique to Japan

The desire to feel breasts is something universal. As Asian religions do not usually get involved in moral arguments, things like this are likely to happen more easily than in the West. Things like incest, censorship and prostitution only ceased to exist in Japan thanks to western influence. Several programs on closed TV have games involving breasts.

During a wedding reception in Hainan, southern China, the bride allowed guests to feel her breasts to raise money for their honeymoon. Several events around the world take place similar scenes, like that festival of the bulls in Pamplona. Unfortunately these occasions are not beneficent.

Did you know that this tradition may have originated in China? People usually talk about Japan, but in China there is a festival of touching breasts from Sui dynasty. The festival of touching breasts occurs to protect women from the ghosts of soldiers who were sent to war.

Japanese breasts - sizes, facts and statistics

This takes place in the city of Eija in Yunnan province on the 14th, 15th and 16th of July. On these days men are free to grope women's breasts. Unfortunately this dream is not a reality for those who intended to visit this city, as it is just a fake news that was published on wikipedia in 2010. Or is it just a lie to smother foreigners from the festival?

What is your opinion on the matter? Would you participate in such an event? Even if for a good cause? We appreciate the comments and shares!

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