Why do Japanese people like Tentacles?

Many who follow Japanese animation must have noticed the presence of giant tentacles, whether in an anime full of fanservice or adult content like hentai. Have you ever wondered why Japanese people like tentacles?

Is there a reason behind the tentacles in Japanese animations, or is it just Japanese folly? What made Japanese people so fond of tentacles? What kind of fetish is that? Let’s find out in this article!

Why do Japanese people like tentacles?

Shokushu Goukan - Origin of Tentacle Rape

The Japanese term to refer to adult scenes with the use of tentacles in animations is shokushu goukan (触手強姦). The term describes a creature with tentacles using it to rape a character in an anime, manga or book.

The first case of tentacle rape was in one of Katsushika Hokusai’s illustrations in his novel “Kinoe no komatsu”, first published in 1814. The story called: “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife“.

The first time tentacle rape appeared in an anime was in an OVA called Out of Control in 1986. While it had no real sexual implications this Demon Beast Invasion manga series is often attributed first.

The first Internet appearance of the term was in English “Tentacle Rape”Posted on Urban Dictionary like any character sexually violated with the tentacles of any creature, be it octopus, alien, monster or humanoid.

Why do Japanese people like tentacles?

Tentacles is a way to circumvent the Censorship

For those who do not know, adult content in Japan has been censored since 1907. That is, both Japanese films and erotic animations cannot show the private parts (except the breasts), placing a mosaic in place.

The tentacles and other strange and scrotum things present in Japan’s +18 animations are made to circumvent the Censorship Law in Japan. Authorities cannot prohibit or compel censoring non-human parts.

Taking advantage of the matter, in the same way that the tentacles were made to circumvent censorship in Japan. lolicons they were also created to circumvent the censorship of pubic hair that existed in the 90s.

Tentacles were a fashion in the late 80s and early 90s, as already mentioned, to circumvent the censorship of adult content. Nowadays in traditional anime, tentacles is a disposable joke or just a Fan Service.

Why do Japanese people like tentacles?

Octopus and squid are part of Japanese culture

For foreigners the presence of tentacles in anime and adult content can be inexplicable. Still, we must think that tentacles are part of everyday life in Japan and in its cuisine. They live in an archipelago of islands, octopus is common.

Common street foods like Takoyaki use octopus as an ingredient. So kind of Japanese are more used to seeing octopus and squid in their lives than Westerners who rarely consume this type of food. So it's a routine thing that doesn't scare the Japanese.

Of course, it is undeniable that Japanese people have crazy fetishes, whether with realistic toys sold in suspicious stores throughout Japan. Despite Japanese paraphernalia, hardly a tentacle is present in real life for these purposes.

Why do Japanese people like tentacles?

Tentacles are not exclusive to Japan

In the West, the use of tentacles on villains to capture enemies is very common. It is possible to find scenes like this in Tom and Jerry, Little Mermaid and many other western drawings and Japanese anime.

Tentacles are trickery to capture villains. The same thing happens in adult animations using tentacles, it is usually a violent scene of a villain. The tentacles of octopuses have this view throughout the century, even outside of animations.

There are antique prints from centuries ago that depict octopuses and giant squids as villains attacking ships and devouring regions. This is very common in almost all anime, whether with villains or comical situations.

Why do Japanese people like tentacles?

Do the Japanese really like tentacles?

Although popular in the 90s, nowadays it is rare for hental animations to have as many tentacles as in the past. Nowadays the industry has used other means of circumventing the censorship, it is to be agreed that many Japanese also think this is stupid.

Many Otaku who claim to consume this type of content are less pleased with the tentacles. Only perverts on duty can consume this type of material, in the same way that they can have fun watching toys.

Why do Japanese people like tentacles?

It is totally wrong to generalize and say that Japanese people like tentacles, as this is just a stereotype that became popular in the era of animation in the 90s. The best thing to do is not to relate tentacles to the Japanese.

As in the 90s, it was common for anime in space and with wick, tentacles is just a phase that still has traces today. What do you think about this subject? We look forward to seeing your comments and shares.

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