What does Koitsu, Soitsu, Aitsu, Doitsu and Yatsu mean?

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⭐ Have you ever wondered what Koitsu, Soitsu, Aitsu and Doitsu mean? In this article, we will see the meaning of each of these words, their origin and use.

You may not have noticed, but those four expressions are part of the Kosoado. That is, such expressions have similar meanings, but indicate position, they are demonstrative pronouns.

What is the meaning of Yatsu?

Before we talk about the meaning of Aitsu, Doitsu, Koitsu, and Soitsu, we need to understand what this means. itsu. In fact that termination is yatsu [奴].

The word [奴] means companion, face, and individual. The word yatsu it is quite generic, being able to refer to a person or thing.

Talking a bit about the ideogram yakko [奴], its origin refers to a servant of a samurai family in the Edo period. It can mean slave, servant, and companion.

Such an expression can end up conveying the idea of someone generic or of low social class. Just imagine someone saying: that guy, that guy, seems a little informal, sometimes it can be offensive, but it's not in most cases.

We can define Yatsu as follows:

  • A word that refers to things in a sloppy way;
  • A word that humiliates people;
  • A word that expresses affection to the current person (He is the face!);
  • Word that despises birds and beasts;
  • A simple word similar to a mono and koto;
What do koitsu, soitsu, aitsu, doitsu and yatsu mean?

Meaning of Koitsu, Soitsu, Aitsu, Doitsu

Both words have the same meaning, but have a small difference in the way they use such pronouns. Let's look briefly at the meaning of each?

These expressions can have a good or bad connotation depending on the speaker, the occasion or the context. The word can also be used to call someone with a feeling of hatred.

What is the meaning of Koitsu?

The word Koitsu [此奴] represents a guy next to the speaker or speaker. In English it can be translated to this person or this guy.

What is the meaning of Soitsu?

The word Soitsu [此奴] represents a guy close to who is listening. In English it can be translated to this person or that dear.

What is the meaning of Aitsu?

The word Aitsu [彼奴] represents a face away from both the listener and the speaker. In English it can be translated as that person or that face.

What do koitsu, soitsu, aitsu, doitsu and yatsu mean?
Kosoado - Demonstrative pronouns in Japanese

What is the meaning of Doitsu?

A sloppy way of saying who or what (どれ; だれ)? Can it be translated as what face? which staff? which face what's up

Koyatsu, Doiyatsu, Ayatsu and Doyatsu

The words koyatsu, soyatsu, ayatsu, doyatsu are the ones that existed before and then became koitsu, soitsu, aitsu, doitsu. They mean the same thing.

Because they are archaic, you will not see them in normal Japanese, but you will be able to see them in period stories, manga, anime and others.

Koitsura, Soitsura, Aitsura and Doitsura

The words koitsu, soitsura, aitsura, doitsura are the plural variants of koitsu, soitsu, aitsu, doitsu. They all have it pluralizing suffix -ra.

  • こいつら - Esses; Those faces; Those People;
  • らいつら - These; These faces; These People;
  • らいつら - Those; Those faces; Those People;
  • いつら - Which ones? What faces? What People?

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