Ryona - Violence against Women in Anime

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Ryona [リョナ] refers to gender, sexual complex, or scenes of anime, manga, and other works where female characters are physically, psychologically abused, kicked, abused, or harmed.

Originally, the term was coined because the moan of agony sounded similar to the moan of sexual pleasure, but today it is used in any scenario where a woman is being harmed.

Any scene from a manga or anime where a girl is beaten counts as ryona. Scenes in which heroin is kidnapped and tied up is also called ryona for there is psychological "distress."

I would like to make it clear that I totally disapprove of anyone who has an interest in this type of gender, who feels pleasure in seeing girls catch up or scream in pain. This article is for information purposes only!

What Does Ryona Mean?

The word ryona it is not used for real people. It is strictly an internet slang used for fiction, or rather, just anime, games, manga and novels.

Summarizing in a simple way, as already explained at the beginning of the article, ryona refers to anime scenes where women are physically or psychologically prejudiced.

This is just an internet tour that for some reason has a good amount of monthly searches, which motivated me to write this article.

It is not enough to understand the meaning of the word without understanding its origin and also the different types of Ryona. Are you ready to understand those quirks?

Ryona - violence against women in anime
Does Ijime can be considered Ryona?

The origin of the Ryona slang

Like most internet slangs and memes, she came up in forums like 2chan and 4chan. That word came about because of a rather strange fetish.

It all started with an NSFW post titled “The Best Games with moe screams that you like”. In this post, members commented on games and game scenes where girls screamed and moaned in pain or discomfort, sounding like something sensual and erotic.

After that post, some others were popping up, revealing people who felt pleasure in seeing girls screaming in pain about to be disturbed. Some games like Resident Evil have been quite prominent in the discussions.

The word Ryouna is the junction of the word ryouki [猟奇] which means a strong interest in strange and uncommon things. Next to the verb onaru [オナる] e onanii [オナニー] meaning m @ sturbation.

It all started in the discussion forums when the expressions ryouki onanii and himei onanii began to circulate to refer to people who m @ sturbav @ m with scenes of girls being mistreated and their cries of despair.

2channel and 4chan - the influence of forums and imageboards
Community where everything came up

Different Types of Ryona

There are categories and types of ryona, some may include others such as torture that is present in different types of ryona. Let's try to talk a little about each:

Beat 'em Up - Violent Fights

This term refers to a popular genre of fighting games or street fighting. It is usually counted as ryona when the female character catches up and loses.

Featured scenes are in games like Street Fighter, where he shows an image of the defeated character covered in bruises and blood after the fight. We can also cite the dinners and fatality of Mortal Kombat.

Of course, this type of Ryona does not refer only to the genre of play, but to any kind of wrestling and wrestling involving women.

Ryona - violence against women in anime
Seriously do you have people who like to watch girls catch on the Street Fighter?

Generally anime fights are not called ryona because there is hardly a feeling of a character being killed, defeated, distressed by brutality.

In many cases, the bruises are never drawn, despite all the punches. Even in the first games of the Street Fighter series, the only female character appeared uninjured.

It is categorized ryona when there is a horrible battle that results in permanent injuries, such as loss of limbs, loss of an eye, teeth being punctured, broken bones, scars and others.

Harapan - Stomach Punch

The term harapan [腹パン] means a hole in the stomach that can also be categorized as a type of ryona. There is such a distinction because a punch in the stomach is particularly brutal.

The stomach is unprotected from bones, a blow in that location is quite powerful to the point of making the character bend during the impact, falling into the agony.

Ryona - violence against women in anime

Hiropin - Dash of heroin

Hiropin [ヒロピン] means "heroin whistle", they are scenes where women go through trouble, they are cornered and need to be helped by someone.

It can be a tentacle-clad girl, tied to a chair, locked in a dungeon, or any humiliating situation in which she cannot fight or go out alone.

Ryona - violence against women in anime

Ryona no kane - Tie to a Bell

Don't ask me why this has been categorized as a type of ryona, but it is quite specific and refers to girls tied in giant bells to be hurt.

Usually in this specific scene the girl grabs a wooden torus on her stomach about 108 times, referring to the New Year's bell, a Buddhist tradition in Japan where the bell is touched 108 times new year eve.

Ryona - violence against women in anime

Monster Attacks

Many ryona scenes are attacks by monsters, supernatural creatures, aliens and even robots. There are different dinners that can be categorized as ryona:

  • Being eaten alive by an animal or monster;
  • Getting pregnant with something non-human and giving birth;
  • To be part of an experiment of a mad scientist;
  • To be dissected alive by aliens;
  • Being turned into stone by a medusa;
  • Being frozen alive by an ice attack or other element;

These are just a few examples of ryona involving monsters and supernatural creatures.

Other Types of Ryona

  • Torture - Goumon [拷問];
  • Torture with Drowning - Mizumeme [水責め];
  • Wooden Triangular Horse - Sankakumokuba [三角木馬];
  • Being swallowed whole by a monster - Marunomi [丸呑み];
  • Robots being destroyed - Robotic Destruction
  • Parts being torn apart;
Ryona - violence against women in anime

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Types of Psychological Ryona

In some cases, things like fear, trauma, and grief can cause psychological damage that can be called ryona.

For example, being confined for a long time after psychological damage. Psychological harm in Japanese is called seishin-teki na dameeji [精神的なダメージ].

When the characters are captured, they sometimes suffer brainwashing, which counts as ryona because brainwashing is psychologically harmful.

Sometimes anime and manga characters can have vacant eyes (虚ろ目), lifeless tuna-like eyes (マグロ目), or even eyes resembling those of a rape victim (レイプ目).

Here are some related Japanese words that can be called ryona:

  • Trauma - Torauma [トラウマ];
  • Incontinence (peeing out of fear) - Shikkin [失禁];
  • Faint - Shisshin [失神];
  • Insanity - Kyouki [狂気];
  • Brainwashing;
Ryona - violence against women in anime

Dinner x Genre Ryona

Ryona dinners can be present in any anime or game, but when we talk about the genre ryona, it most often refers to anime or hentaai games.

The fact that an anime has a ryona dinner does not mean that it is an adult anime or that it is sensual or even violent scenes. Most of the time it’s just a dinner, it can be something innocent or a fanservice.

Already when it comes to gender ryona wait for erotic anime with girls being tied up, spanked, trapped in tentacles, raped and others.

Why do the Japanese like tentacles?

Ryona x Gore or Guro

Gore or guro is a genre of anime involving violent horror scenes where the vast majority can also be called ryona.

The main difference between ryona and guro is that ryona concentrates on bandits or monsters that inflict damage on female characters, as guro refers to any grotesque thing.

For this reason we can consider that most ryona scenes can be a gore, or vice versa, but they are not the same thing, one of the terms is more specific.

List of the best violent gore anime

Gyaku-Ryona - Girls Mistreating Men

The term Ryona refers only to girls being hurt, but the term exists gyakuryona [逆リョナ] which means Ryona Reverso referring to men being hurt.

The term is common when you have girls hurting boys, but it can refer to any thing, an animal, another man or an inanimate object hurting a boy.

Of course, this term is not uncommon to be used, perhaps its use applies only to forums or dialogues involving bizarre fetishes.

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