Japan trip 2016 - What did I eat?

In this article, we are going to talk about what I ate while I was in my trip to Japan in 2016 in the month of September. I will put the photos of all the dishes I ate and also a brief description of what I found, etc.

Breakfast and snack

During the morning I always bought a drink at hanbaiki in front of my hostel, a soft drink or energy drink of various flavors and different types. Although many say that Japanese soda has less gas, I didn't notice that much difference. It was very good to pay 100 yen for energy drinks that in Brazil are expensive, there were also good vitamins C and B.

As a snack I went to a Konbini buy Nikuman and Karagee which I thought was very good. In the afternoon I went back to the Akihabara station and stopped by a bakery called Vie de France near Yodobashi Camera. It was many types of bread, I ate the melon bread and I really liked pizza and hot dogs, because I always keep an eye on the fillings. Unlike what people say, I liked Pizza from Japan.

Japan trip 2016 - what did I eat?

When I went from Tokyo to Osaka and stayed with friends, they made every coffee wonderful and complete. In addition to the bread, there was tuna, a sausage that looked more like sausage, it was very tasty, besides ham, mozzarella and some leaves and fruits. There was no shortage of drinks, I was served with yogurt, tea and juice. There was another day that I was taken to have traditional coffee in a restaurant, I had rice, eggs, bacon, fish and some vegetables in addition to the traditional miso soup that was not missing in any day.

I also had a chance to eat Okonomiyaki and try several other snacks and wasabi snacks, potatoes and KitKat and green tea ice cream. I ended up going to McDonald's sometimes because it was fast and cheap, and because I was able to charge my cell phone.

Japan trip 2016 - what did I eat?

Lunch and dinner

Most of the times I had lunch at the famous and cheap Gyudon (+ -500 yen) a bowl of rice, meat and very tasty onion, accompanied by miso soup. Other days I ate ramen and soba, I liked the soba more, even ice cream I found delicious. There was a day when I went to a restaurant Gyoza the specialty of Hamamatsu. In this city I also went to a Yakiniku super cheap and very good.

I also went to a Maid Café and hesitated not to order the traditional omuraisu, but rather a dish with curry, and talking about it the 2 times I ate curry I found it sickening. Where I stayed the dinner used to be complete with karaage, miso, tofu and several varieties of vegetables.

Japan trip 2016 - what did I eat?

In Gunma province, I was taken to a Chinese restaurant, I was afraid it was very good and incredibly cheap. It was a restaurant specialized in chahan, and they served a lot of food, it was impossible to eat everything ... I ordered just one ramen with chahan and a giant bowl of each came, and everything for less than 1,000 yen. The people who were with me asked for Karaage. They also took me to eat at Saizeriya, a popular franchise in Japan for Italian cuisine.

Japan trip 2016 - what did I eat?

I came to the conclusion and the experience that Japanese cuisine, even though it doesn't use much salt, is very spicy and diverse. Diverse flavors of pasta, rice and meats. It is not just fish as some imagine, fish I only ate sushi twice. It's amazing how the Japanese make Soy, vegetables and greens that I don't like, get juicy.

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