Hanbaiki - Automatic vending machines

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Vending machines make our lives easier. In Japan they are known as jidohanbaiki (自動販売機) or just hanbaiki, and there are more than 5 million of them spread across the country. You can find one or five on every corner, even at the door to markets and stores. They can even be in the woods, and no one breaks or throws garbage nearby.

Most hanbaiki serve hot and cold drinks like teas, sodas, coffees, energy drinks, beers and others. In fact, there are countless quantities of machines that sell even bizarre things that you cannot imagine selling on an automatic machine, in this article we will see many types of these machines.

What do Japanese machines sell?

In addition to normal products such as drinks, snacks, sweets, there are some hanbaiki that sell rice of all kinds. Others sell milk, some even sell umbrellas, batteries. There is already one that is a drawer where you can put your cell phone to charge inside. Of course, there are Hanbaiki who sell fruits and vegetables.


It's not just snacks, some machines sell real snacks like freshly made hot dogs. In some temples and shrines there are vending machines that sell amulets and take your luck. Some machines dispense ice cream, selling ice cream of various flavors.

Why go to the toy store if there is a hanbaiki selling toys. Anyone who is ashamed of going to clothing stores can buy his tie at a hanbaiki. Eggs are also commonly found in hanbaiki.


There are some machines that sell Cup Noodles. Hanbaiki who sell clothes, T-shirts and accessories for the shy, also exists. Going to the extreme, there are machines that sell used panties to perverts on duty. Others sell gold bars. food for carp and bananas.


We cannot forget to mention the automatic machines that exist in the train stations and other places, that sell tickets for trains, tickets for events or the like. Even gas station has automatic billing machines.


There are many bizarre vending machines that we haven't mentioned. Some sell bicycles, there is one that even sells a car. Just like the konbini these machines make life much easier for people in Japan. For you to better explore these machines, we will leave a playlist of videos below our Japan channel every day that shows several hanbaiki.