Peaceful Japan? How do the Japanese react to crimes?

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Japan has lived millennia in darkness with civil wars and throughout Asia. Out of nowhere Japan has become a peaceful country with Japanese drowned in innocence. In this article, we will talk about how the Japanese react to crimes, how the media reports these crimes and we will understand if Japan really has become peaceful.

Just as many Brazilians doubt the security of Japan and other countries, the Japanese doubt how dangerous the world can be. Many unaccustomed Japanese tourists come to Brazil and are robbed by the lack of precaution.

The Japanese can even imagine that the world can be just as dangerous as in Japanese anime and movies. They are so used to seeing the world the way they live in Japan that even newspapers showing tragedies do not feel alert.


Does violent crime happen in Japan?

Yes, violent crimes happen in all countries, but in Japan, violent crimes happen in a much smaller amount. Not to mention that the harsh law and the death penalty manages to hold back a little bit of the evildoers.

Only about 1,000 people are killed in Japan each year, and less than 5 are by firearms that are virtually extinct. Unfortunately in Brazil this number is weekly and has been increasing more and more.

Japão pacífico? Como os japoneses reagem diante de crimes?

As in any place in the world, crimes happen, but invisible to the majority. Everything is a matter of point of view, Japan has a great reputation for suicides that has fallen dramatically in the last 30 years, but still has that reputation.

Brazil, on the other hand, reached an increasing number of suicides that approach the current Japanese average, but practically no one talks about it, because it is not highlighted. Similarly, in Japan, violence is not highlighted.


In Brazil we are so used to seeing crimes that when a similar case happens in Japan, people already make comparisons and uproar trying to descend Japan to the level of Brazil.

Japão pacífico? Como os japoneses reagem diante de crimes?

This is truly ungrateful human nature, we never look at the good things, only the bad things. It is much easier to pinpoint a defect than something good. Every time I talk about a country abroad, people look for defects to cause the impression that Brazil is better. We are already getting away from the subject a little…

How do the Japanese react to crimes?

Recently in Nagoya (05/25/2019) a man stabbed and hit a man several times with a stick in the middle of the street in a busy location. Many filmed, shouted, but could not do anything to stop it.


I thought in my head, why don't they get everyone together and get on top of the man? Unfortunately this is a little mendokusai and it would cause a lot of problems for anyone trying to intervene.

Japão pacífico? Como os japoneses reagem diante de crimes?

The criminal could be a member of Yakuza, and those involved in putting aside the incident could be marked and suffer for it. Local authorities would also involve people in long and continuous trips to police stations.

The Japanese are also slow in this regard. They are not used to seeing these situations and simply do not know how to react. Something understandable because in Brazil the normal for many is to cheer when fights happen.


Unfortunately screaming didn't help, the police arrived at the scene but the man had died on the way to the hospital. Fortunately, we can be sure that the wrongdoer will not go unpunished, and may even receive death penalty.

Japão pacífico? Como os japoneses reagem diante de crimes?

On social media, several people discussed whether the Japanese should intervene or not. I also think of a way to intervene without anyone being harmed, but I would need the courage and collaboration of everyone.

In Japan there is a Samurai instrument called Sasumata that could have been useful in that situation to surround the criminal without suffering any damage. Unfortunately, in the hour of despair, no one should think about anything.

Are violent crimes hidden by the Japanese media?

These crimes are rarely reported on Japanese television, many end up accusing Japan of trying to portray an image of a peaceful country or of hiding information from its population. Is that justifiable? Why does Japanese TV do this?

Japão pacífico? Como os japoneses reagem diante de crimes?

Hiding the violence is completely understandable, we are not going to try to put in the population's mind that the country is hell because of 1,000 annual deaths. I believe that not even Brazil is as violent as is reported by the widespread media.

In reality, hiding crimes that have not seen scandals from the Japanese media is a tactic to prevent more such crimes from happening. Unfortunately Brazil does the opposite, the Record newspaper is proof of that.

The Japanese believe that the biggest vehicle for the increase in homicides is the media itself, so there is no reason to keep giving credits to murderers and criminals on Japanese television. Reporting crimes only increases cases.

It is enough for a person to have a little psychological problem to be influenced by the manipulative media. The Brazilian newspaper has become something totally manipulative that drives anyone crazy. Both people who hate violence feel terrified when watching television, and malefactors feel compelled to commit crimes.


I myself stopped watching television, it is so much a crime every day that I was terrified and created a terrible hatred for Brazil, in which I even had to go to the psychologist to understand why I was so afraid and hated Brazil.