Katsu Ika Odori-don - The controversial squid

In today's article we are going to talk about a dish in Japan that raised a lot of controversy on social networks. Katsu Ika Odori-don (活いか踊り丼) is a dish composed of rice, vegetables, fish eggs and other side dishes where you can find a dancing squid.

This dish was created in a town called Hakodate in Hokkaido province at a restaurant called Ikkatei Tabiji. The dish costs around 2,000 yen which is equivalent to 60 reais.

This has generated many discussions about the squid being alive, that this is macabre, and yet they think the Japanese eat the squid that way. Unfortunately this is a lack of information and culture, so today we are going to talk a few points about this dish to solve all your doubts. Below I will leave the video of the controversy:

Is the squid alive?

No, the squid is not alive, she had her head cut off before going to the plate, causing instant brain death. She moves because of the Shoyo that is thrown on top of her. When the sodium in the soy sauce makes contact with the muscles that are still active, they begin to squirm and contract like something macabre and scary, like a zombie.

The same thing happens with the frog's legs, pour salt on severed frog legs and they will move. In reality, any organism that has recently been killed can respond to stimuli. Even more the squid muscles that contain adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy for muscle contractions.

Do they eat that way?

In reality they don't eat the whole squid, this is just a dance, the name of the dish has the word 踊り (odori) which means dance. After the little Show she is sent back to the cook's hands and he finishes preparing the dish. Although this squid dish is just a show and she is dead, it is still a macabre thing to see.

In the video below she is being prepared for a traditional dish without the dance. Here's how she dances after her head is cut off:

People are very confused, Japan is not in the habit of eating living things. In Japan you don't eat insects, dogs or anything else that you think is disgusting, the worst thing is fish and seafood. Of course in Japan as in any country you will end up finding a restaurant of this type, but it is not part of Japanese cuisine.

A terrible craze is to criticize a country's cuisine for a dish. You complain that in China you eat a dog, but in Brazil you eat a rabbit that I think is much cuter. Every country has a dish that is considered macabre, Japan's is not a dog or insects. Just because there is a strange dish does not mean that the entire population eats it. Some dishes, less than 1% of the country's population, had the courage to face.

Except that Japan has not escaped the macabre dishes, there is a so-called Shirouo no Odorigui… (シロウオの踊り食い) which means Dance of ice fish. Where several transparent fish are placed in a bowl with raw egg, they can dance in the bowl and are eaten alive and dance in your mouth.

There are some other recipes for live dishes like:

  • Ikizukuri - Sashimi alive;
  • Odori ebi - Shrimp eaten alive;
  • Sannakji - Octopus eaten alive (Korean);

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