My trip to Japan – 2016

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On September 6, 2016, I, Kevin Henrique, embarked on a 27-day trip alone to Japan. I have been struggling for many years and finally realized my dream. After this long period of absence from the site, I now return with a long series of articles writing every detail and impression of my trip. This article will be the guide, index and map of my entire trip.

In this base article I will talk a little about my personal impressions about the trip, create an index of all the places I visited, and a list of all the subjects that I intend to address on the website and that are related to my trip.

I hope that my experience will inspire you all. I want to show in this series of articles that it is possible to know Japan, and that there are different realities. Unfortunately I come across many negative people on the internet, who complain and end up spreading these negative thoughts on other people. If you are a person who dreams of knowing Japan, or have misconceptions about Japan, or live in Japan but don't feel happy, or find life difficult? My articles will help you to have a different and unique view of Japan.

First impressions

Unlike most people going to Japan for the first time, I had no problems or suffered cultural shocks because I had a lot of knowledge about Japan itself. I realized that I had more knowledge than the Japanese I visited. Indeed, a tourist is able to know Japan more than a native during his whole life. But don't think it happens because Japanese works a lot. In my entire life I only leave Goiás twice, I never worked 8 hours a day, and in my trip none of the Japanese and Brazilians I met worked 12 hours a day as most people imagine.

The Japanese houses I stayed in were gigantic and there was nothing small, one of them was from a Brazilian. Food? for those who don't like fish, I only ate sushi twice, it is so many varieties of different and cheap foods that you will be completely indecisive and lost. I am sad about those people who think that Japanese is thin because the food is expensive and they eat little (笑). Japanese eats a lot, some even more than in Brazil ... Breakfast is super complete and feels like lunch, the variety of foods at each meal is incredible, not to mention industrialized products, cheap restaurants, etc. The good thing is that I ate a lot and came back thinner.

The conclusion I had on this trip is that Japan is identical to anime and dramas. If you disagree with me, know that just because I am saying something I am not claiming that it is 100% like that. I have no complaints to make from this trip or from Japan. The only complaints and regrets I have are:

  • Failing to see Mount Fuji;
  • Not having tried all the foods;
  • Not having met Hokkaido;
  • Having to return to Brazil;

During the trip I stayed 13 days in a Hostel located near Akihabara in Tokyo. and the rest of the trip I went to the Kansai region of Osaka where a friend arranged for me to stay with some Japanese families who were learning the English language. I also stayed for one day at the home of 3 Brazilian families, in Gunma, Hamamatsu and Shiga.

Places I visited

During these 27 days I visited the following sites: (List is not complete and is being updated).

  •  Tokyo Area
  • Kyoto and vicinity
    • Mount Inari (tori)
    • Shiga
    • Mount Eizan and Sakamoto City
    • Kinkakuji (golden pavilion)
    • Arashiyama (bamboo forest, mountain of monkeys)
  • Osaka and nearby
    • sakai
    • Hyogo
    • nara
    • Kobe
    • Osaka Aquarium
    • Osaka castle
    • Umeda Sky
    • Shinsekai
    • Many other neighborhoods and locations;
  • Other cities
    • Gunma - Isesaki
    • Hamamatsu
      • Aviation Museum
      •  Teleferico, Yakiniku, Onsen
    • nagoya
      • Nagoya Castle
      • Science museum and planetarium;
      • Oasis 21 and center;
    • Okunoshima – Rabbit Island
    • Hiroshima
      • Peace Park and Museum
      • Hiroshima Castle

Photos and videos

Anyone who wants to track details of my trip can access my Instagram or Facebook. I’m also preparing a lot of content for our channel on youtube that is still being modified and unified.

Travel Articles

Below I will leave a list of articles that I have written or intend to write with knowledge and experience gained on this trip. The list will always be updated.

Culture and Thoughts 

Tourism and Places

Languages ​​and others 

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