What does mendokusai really mean?

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The word mendokusai is very simple and often used in the Japanese language. Maybe you've heard it in an anime or manga, or you've simply noticed the use of this expression being used by other people. In this article, we will try to understand the true meaning of the word mendokusai.

The word is spelled mendoukusai [面倒くさい] and literally means "smelled trouble" where mendou means trouble and kusai means stench. The word problem is made up of [面] meaning face and mask, along with kanji for [倒] meaning to overturn, fall, collapse, break and invert. Fedor can also be written with ideograms [臭い].

From their ideograms we come to the conclusion that something is not pleasant, without reasons to smile but rather to irritate. Many use this word when they don't want to do something, find it boring, or find it boring to have to do a certain action, when something is laborious and tiring. That is, when they smell the stench of some irritating and troublesome task.

What does mendokusai really mean?

Understanding the meaning of Mendokusai

If we try to translate the word mendokusai into Portuguese we can reach the following results:

  • annoyance;
  • Tiring;
  • Irritating;
  • Annoying;
  • Difficult;
  • Waste of time;
  • It's not worth it;
  • Problematic;
  • I am too lazy to do it.
  • Laborious;
  • Tiring;
  • A bag;
  • Unwilling;
  • (o¬ω¬o)

Men or young people often use the expression mendokuse [面倒くせー] where the ending see [せー] causes a rebellious, informal and rude atmosphere. Shikamaru Nara from Naruto often uses the expression mendokusee. There is also a manga that takes this expression titled omaera zenin mendokusai.

Although we are not using the [U] between mendou in the article, because its pronunciation is hidden, we remind you that the correct way to write in Japanese is mendoukusai [めんどうくさい] or mendokusee [めんどうくせー]. When researching on this subject I also discovered the word mendouwomiru which means to take care of someone. Is the Japanese saying that taking care of someone is a pain in the ass and trouble?

Anyway, the word mendokusai is used to express displeasure with something. Saying that something is a nuisance, boring, difficult and problematic. Did you know that word? Did you know its meaning? If you liked this short article, share it with your friends and leave your comments.

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