Why Japanese Women Don't Shave Pubic Hair?

This is a delicate subject to write, but one that many people try to understand. Why don't Japanese women have a habit of shaving their vagina? Is there a specific reason for letting pubic hair become a forest? In this article, we will understand the whole subject.

Japanese women are not the only ones with the habit of not shaving pubic hair. Chinese and other nationalities from Asia, Europe, and Africa also have the same custom. Westerners, for some reason, created the idea that shaving hair is a sign of hygiene, but they forget that hair is growing to protect the parts.

In the same way that a man totally shaved in Brazil is something shameful and strange, Japanese women feel the same way if they are completely unprotected. Although pubic hair is not trimmed, hair on the armpit and beard is seen as unhygienic in Japan and must be trimmed.

The real question should be: Why do Westerners shave pubic hair!

Why Japanese Women Don't Shave Pubic Hair?

How did the custom of not shaving pubic hair come about?

Like most Japanese customs, China has had some influence on this issue. Only we should look at the reality of our ancestors, where I highly doubt that they trimmed their hair.

Currently, in all countries women have the decision to shave their lower parts or not. It is often shaved with a view to pleasing the man or following local customs. In the West it is even more common to shave because of the heat, where sweat can cause itching and even fungi if there is no hygiene.

It may not have much of a connection, but in China there was a proverb by Confucius which says that the hair is sacred:


Our Bodies - All of our hair and skin are received from our parents and we should not presume or hurt them. This is the beginning of filian piety (Chapter 1 of the Filial Piety Book 孝經);

This proverb does not mean much, but it can leave an impression that the Japanese and other Asians consider their intimate hair to be an important part. We will understand more about this ahead.

Why Japanese Women Don't Shave Pubic Hair?

Why don't Japanese women shave pubic hair?

The real reason is simple, the Japanese don't care if it's shaved or not. But there are several comments on this subject that can give a good idea of why Japanese women do not shave their pubic hair:

Puberty - For Japanese women, pubic hair is a sign of puberty, removing them completely is like a sign of immaturity or a refusal to adulthood.

Onsens - Imagine a Japanese woman totally shaved in an onsen, while the others are totally covering their parts? The forest serves as a protection! If someone does this, it can generate gossip and draw undue attention.

Why Japanese Women Don't Shave Pubic Hair?

Prostitution - There are reports that Japanese prostitutes in the past shaved their pubic hair during the Edo period. Women do not shave their hair in order not to be associated with prostitutes.

Lack of necessity - In Japan there is no such hell heat all year round as in Brazil, Japanese women are not bothered by hair, so they have no need to remove it.

Hair means adulthood and maturity, they are something to be proud of and not get rid of.

Shaved hair is like a White Stone in Mahjong

There is a Japanese term to refer to the pubic parts that are shaved or sparse (pre-pubescent) called paipan (パイパン). The term is also often used to refer to problems where hair is not growing (Glabrous).

This term originated from Chinese 白板 which is also a white dragon piece from the Mahjong game. This piece is an all white tile that represents turned out to be the representation of the absence of female hair.

Why Japanese Women Don't Shave Pubic Hair?

The term paipan became popular after the fetish of shaved genitals entered Japanese culture because of Western pornography. The impact was very low on Japanese culture and the hairless girls market has not become profitable in Japan, thus showing that Japanese people prefer women with pubic hair.

Curiously, pubic hair does not usually prevail in adult anime and manga, probably due to the enormous difficulty in drawing them.

For newsletters I will leave a list of vocabularies below:

陰毛 inmou pubic hair
恥毛 chimou pubic hair
お毛々 okeke pubic hair (slang)
マン毛 mange female pubic hair
ちん毛 chinge male pubic hair

Are the low parts of Japanese women trimmed?

By nature, many Japanese people do not grow a lot of hair, so much so that there are men who never had to shave. For that same reason, but from 50% of Japanese women, they never had to trim or cut their bottoms.

The News Post Seven website and an online research agency say that approximately 26% of Japanese women usually remove the hair that is in the bikini line. Another 23% of Japanese women usually trim to make it shorter, while 7% completely removes pubic hair.

I hope that this article has cleared up once and for all your doubts regarding the pubic hair culture in Japan. It is very impolite to write such an article, but the curiosities evolving these customs are very interesting.

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