Okinawa Proverbs: Ichariba Choode Union

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In this article, we are going to talk about a small phrase "Ichariba Choode", a Japanese proverb from Okinawa, which means "although we met only once, even by chance, we are friends forever.". In the end we will leave one of Okinawa and its meanings.

Ichariba choode - the union in okinawa proverbs

The meaning of Ichariba Choode

O "Ichariba-choode” [行逢りば兄弟] literally means “once we meet [行逢りば], we become brothers and sisters [兄弟]”. The expression can also derive from ikiau [行き会う] which literally means: meeting someone by chance.

The proverb represents the very strong spirit of unity and solidarity that exists among the inhabitants of the island of Okinawa. This sense of community is well documented in the film “Happy”, a documentary that talks about the various perspectives of happiness.

This idea of friendship is also quite widespread in Japanese series of Lilo and Stitch. Maybe you don't even know that there is a Japanese version of Stitch, in this anime the protagonist talks a lot about Ichariba Choode.

As well as the stitch bumped into his friend Yuna, even if by chance or just once, they were friends forever, they are like brothers, like a family. This pretty much explains the meaning of Ichariba Chode, equivalent to Ohana in Hawaii.

Ichariba choode - the union in okinawa proverbs

In Brazil and other countries, the Ryukyu Koku Matsuri usually takes place, a Taiko festival that represents the spirit of the Ichariba Choode. You can learn more about Okinawan culture by reading our article about Okinawa.

I want to take the opportunity that I'm talking a little about Okinawa and also share a song that brought me a lot closer to Okinawa. A very traditional and famous song called Shima Uta [島唄]. This song greatly exemplifies the unity of the Okinawan people and their way of life.

List of Okinawan Proverbs

There are numerous Okinawan proverbs and phrases that we can mention in separate articles. Until that day arrives, I want to end this article with a list of proverbs in the Okinawan language. If you liked it share and leave your comments!

Proverbs taken from the booklet "okinawa kotowaza mame ehon" [おきなわ・ことわざ・豆絵本]

  • Ataishi turu atairu . – We get along well with those who get along well with us;
  • Achinee ya tankaa mankaa . – Business is a two-way street;
  • Aramun jooguu ya duu ganjuu . – He who eats simply is healthy;
  • Uya yushi kwa yushi . – Parents and children teach each other;
  • Kaagee kaa ru ya ru . – Beauty is only superficial;
  • Kamuru ussaa mii nayun . -The more you eat, the more profit;
  • Kuu sa kana sa . - Little things are kind;
  • Kuchi ganga naa ya yakutatan . — A person of useless speech, is worthless;
  • Kutubaa. jin chikee . – Words are more efficient than money;
  • Kutuba noo ushikumaran . – A word cannot be denied once said;
  • Shikinoo chui shiihii shiru kurasuru . – Let's live helping each other;
  • Shinjichi nu ada nayumi . – Kindness can never be destroyed in any way;
  • Jin too waraaran kwa tu ru waraariiru . – You will be happy with children, not with money;
  • Chu uyamee ru duu uyamee . - Respect to be respected;
  • Choo kukuru ru dee ichi . – The heart is the essence of human quality;
  • Tusui ya tatashina mun. Warabee shikashina mun . – The elderly must be respected, and the child spoiled;
  • Tusui ya takara . - The elderly are a treasure;
  • Miitundaa duu tichi . – Husband and wife are unique;
  • Nuchi nu sadamee wakaran . – We do not know our future;
  • Machushi garu ufu iyoo tuyuru . – Only with patience can we catch a big fish;
  • Miinai chichi nai . – We learn by seeing and hearing;
  • Mii ya tin niru aru . – Our destiny is written in the sky;
  • Munoo yuu iyuru mun . - Speak well of others;
  • Yaasa ru maasaru . – Food is good only if you are hungry;
  • Duu nu duu ya duu shiru shiyuru . – You are the one who knows if your body is fine;
  • Choo kani ru deeichi . - Judgment is essential;
  • Yii kutoo isugi . – A good opportunity requires speed;
  • Chira kaagi yaka chimu gukuru . – Better than good looks, a good heart;
  • Yuu ya shititin mii ya shitinna . – Even if you hide from the world, do not hide your true nature;
  • Nmarijima nu kutuba wasshii nee kuni n wasshiin . – If you forget your language, you will forget your homeland;
  • Acha nu neen chi ami . - Tomorrow is a new day;
  • Yikiga nu kutubaa shuumun gaai. — A man's word is his honor;
  • Mookiraa kwee michi shiri . – If you make a fortune, be prepared to use it;

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