Sanpaku Eyes - Superstition, Death, and Meaning

Do you know what Sanpaku Eyes are? What is their meaning? What is the Japanese history and superstition behind these looks? Ever heard of the curse? Is your eye sanpaku? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

Sanpaku (三白) or Sanpaku gan (三白眼) are Japanese terms meaning "three whites". This expression applies to those people where the white of the eye can be seen at the top or bottom of the iris, even if the person is staring straight ahead.

The person can have both eyes with this characteristic or in only one of them. Apparently it's just a normal characteristic of someone, but for the Japanese there is a lot of superstition aimed at Sanpaku's eye.

And for them to have eyes like that can negatively interfere with the person's destiny. This is also believed to demonstrate a certain physical and mental imbalance to traditional Japanese medicine. Although they can affect the behavior and personality of those who have Sanpaku eyes.

Curious to know more about this superstition? What if you have Sanpaku eyes? Let's see more details!

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Sanpaku eyes: the superstition behind the gaze

Theory around Sanpaku

In 1965, Ohsawa published the book entitled ''You are all Sanpaku''. But it was in the nineties that people became aware of the subject.

George Ohsawa became popular for talking about macrobiotics and the expression Sanpaku in the West. For those with this condition, he recommended diets rich in whole grains, vegetables and dried fruits to alleviate the effects.

These guidelines were given because it is believed that those who have Sanpaku's eyes are more likely to get sick and suffer fatal accidents. The looks can also indicate signs of psychopathy.

The fact that the person has the iris touching one end, leaving the other part whiter, does not mean that he is cursed, that is, a psychopath, but it serves as a warning.

According to Brian Ashcraft, when a person ages or gets sick, the iris starts to rise and the lower part of the eye becomes more evident. It can be an indication of the person's physical or mental health.

Sanpaku eyes: the superstition behind the gaze

Origin of the Sanpaku Eyes

Sanpaku's eyes is a popular belief that likely originated in ancient China and spread to many other cultures. It is believed to have emerged as a way to identify individuals who were considered more likely to develop mental or physical illnesses.

The belief also has roots in traditional Chinese medicine, where Sanpaku eyes are believed to be a sign of energy imbalance in the body. Others believe that this belief had Japanese or Tibetan roots.

One theory is that these eyes identify individuals with violent or malicious tendencies. Another third theory is that superstition arose as a way to identify individuals considered to be more spiritually advanced. According to this theory, people with Sanpaku eyes were considered more likely to have psychic or spiritual abilities.

Sanpaku eyes - superstition, death and meaning

Sanpaku Eyes and Health Issues

Some people believe that Sanpaku eyes can cause common health problems such as headaches, insomnia and digestive problems. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove this relationship.

There are some techniques and home remedies that people use to treat Sanpaku eyes such as massaging the eye area, relaxing exercises and eating certain types of food.

However, it is important to remember that these techniques have not been scientifically proven and it is always recommended to consult a doctor before starting any treatment.

In general, the superstition of Sanpaku eyes is considered a belief without scientific basis. There is no evidence to support the idea that Sanpaku eyes are related to poor health or bad luck.

The belief can, however, negatively affect some people's self-esteem and self-image, especially if they are made to feel socially excluded or discriminated against because of their appearance.

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Types of Sanpaku Eyes

Let's see now the main types of Sanpaku:

Sanpaku Yang - Superior

Sanpaku Yin is when the lower part of the eye called the sclera is most evident. The iris of the eye is glued to the top, leaving the bottom with white more visible.

Beliefs show that people with this type of look show that the outside world presents some risk to them.

These kinds of risks are some tragic death. John Lennon (who was murdered by a fan) spoke of the Sanpaku eye in one of his songs, Aisumasen.

The artist died tragically, as did many other artists who had those eyes. Sanpaku Yin means "outside world", which according to superstition, something bad can happen to that person.

Sanpaku eyes: the superstition behind the gaze

Sanpaku Yang - Superior

Sanpaku Yang is when the upper part of the eye (sclera) is most evident. When the upper part of the eyes is whiter while the lower part concentrates the iris.

According to superstition, these people have explosive behavior and violent tendencies. They are more likely to cause barbarity with other people.

An example that applies to this case is Charles Manson. This American criminal became known for his murders and for creating his sect called the "Manson Family". His followers also committed murder under his leadership.

People with this look often suffer from some mental illness and psychopathic traits, including: aggression, tendency to anger or violent outbursts.

Sanpaku Yang means "inner world", this person can end up harming others according to superstition. Looks can really help you identify a psychopath, so beware of that look.

Celebrities and Celebrities with Sanpaku Eyes

Several celebrities and celebrities with sanpaku eyes have died tragically. We had Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, Indira Gandhi, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, among others.

We also had the famous cases of Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy (JFK), James Dean and John Lennon. Below are some pictures of celebrities with their eyes:

Jimmy Savile is a famous presenter with inferior sanpaku yang eyes who ended up committing several atrocities.

Sanpaku eyes - superstition, death and meaning

Korean idols with sanpaku eyes

Below is a list of Korean singers, actors or celebrities with this type of look:

  • V (BTS);
  • Lisa (BLACKPINK);
  • Sehun (EXO);
  • Sunmi;
  • Hwasa (MAMAMOO);
  • Haechan (NCT);
  • Minnie ((G)I-DLE);
  • Krystal (f(x));
  • G-Dragon;
  • N (VIXX);
Sanpaku eyes - superstition, death and meaning

Anime Characters with Sanpaku Eyes

In anime it's very common to find famous characters with sanpaku eyes, especially sanpaku yin, but it doesn't always mean that these characters are under a curse or have the murderous spirit.

It's easy to draw and color an anime character's eye when it's a small black ball centered on white, or positioned at some of the ends of the eyes.

It is very common for the same anime character to appear with a small, large iris, positioned above or below, showing that such superstition makes no sense in anime worlds.

Sanpaku eyes - superstition, death and meaning

Sanpaku for the Japanese

For some Japanese, having eyes like that is even charming for both men and women. There are even personality traits attributed to those who have this look.

These are the characteristics: people with attitude, well-focused people, they can position themselves in difficult situations, they have a connection with spirituality, they have a calmer side, a calmer personality and people who care about their own appearance.

There are even doctors in Japan who do surgery to make Sanpaku's eyes. anime do a lot of publicity for this type of eye, so few think of this look as something negative.

Sanpaku eyes: the superstition behind the gaze

Superstition differs from proof!

If you, as soon as you found out what Sanpaku is, ran to the mirror to see your eye, you weren't the only one. Probably if his eye isn't he felt relieved, but if he realized that his eye is Sanpaku, he beat that worry. But don't worry about it.

This is just one of several other superstitions that exist and that have no scientific proof, good and bad things happen to many people every day and with any eye feature.

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For example, the macrobiotic that indicated the diet said that it would help the person to not be prone to accidents, but, in fact, a good diet helps us to have a healthy life, but does not prevent unforeseen events that may occur.

This superstition, not even in Japan where it started, is usually taken seriously! In fact, those who have this characteristic in Japan are considered very kawaii, that is, literally very cute.

Also remembering that to see if you have Sanpaku eyes you must stare straight ahead to see if the iris fits perfectly in the eyes or not.

If you have Sanpaku eyes, don't give importance to these superstitions that make no sense, have it as an individual characteristic of yours and that makes you unique and more beautiful or beautiful.

So what do you think of this feature? Do you find it cute, bizarre or a trait like any other?

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