Valentine's Day in Japan - Valentine Day

The day for couples to have a romantic night in Japan, occurs at christmas. However, on the day February 14th, there is a very different date called Valentine Day (バレンタインデ), this is the name given to Valentine’s Day in the USA and some other countries.

This holiday was introduced in Japan in 1936, with the influence of the West and with the help of the chocolate industry. Around 1960 came the famous tradition of giving chocolate to a loved one. And who does that? It’s not the men! On February 14th, thousands of women prepare their chocolates to give not only loved ones, but to anyone who is part of her life.

Valentine's Day in Japan - Valentine Day

Types of Valentine Day Chocolate

There are classifications for the types of chocolates that are given to boys. See below:

  • 本命 チョコ (Honmei choco) - These are the chocolates given to a loved one, boyfriend, lovers or people with a romantic connection;
  • 義理 チョコ (Giri choco): It’s mandatory chocolate. The term "Giri" means "obligation", therefore, these types of chocolates have no romantic association. They are intended for friends, co-workers, bosses, people with whom you have a social connection;
  • 友チョコ (Tomo choco): This is the chocolate given to friends or close friends, to show affection and friendship;
  • ファミリーチョコ (Family Choco): As the name says, they are chocolates to give to family members, husband, parents, cousins, etc;
  • 逆チョコ (Gyaku choco): It is not common, but it refers to the act of exchanging chocolates between men and women;

Valentine's Day in Japan - Valentine Day

Preparation for Valentine’s Day

The good thing about this date is that not only loved ones, but most friends and relatives receive chocolate. So the chocolate industry prepares a gigantic marketing of its stores for that time, creating different advertisements and different chocolates to attract public attention. Girls need to prepare their pockets if they want to gift everyone.

Giving purchased chocolate to the person you want to win is not a good idea. Some girls prepare their homemade chocolate, putting all their effort and affection, writing with cover, looking for a perfect recipe, to create the best chocolate and give the loved one, some with intentions to declare themselves.

Bizarre CasesValentine's Day

Unfortunately these lovers go out of bounds, several rumors and bizarre cases happen every year. Some girls put hair, saliva, blood, pubic hair and some even put vaginal blood when making chocolate. You can’t find out why, it’s probably some miraculous pact to win over your loved one, or kill him… Some Otaku also cross the line, buying chocolates for their waifu to give him. (Buying chocolate for an anime character to give to himself. How needy xD).

Valentine’s Day in Japan is not over

March 14, at White Day men should give the girl a white chocolate or some other gift in response and thanks. Some usually have romantic dinners, etc.

April 14 is celebrated the Orange day (Orange Day) the custom is to exchange gifts of “orange color”. There are several options for gifts just remember that they have to be orange.

I’ll leave some videos for you to get an idea of how the Valentine Day.

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