Yaeba - Japanese with crooked teeth

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We Westerners like and admire white, flawless teeth, and we even invest fortunes in braces to fix them, but we know that not everything is the same in the world. In Japan, having crooked teeth is normal and can even be considered beautiful, attractive and makes people look more childish.

Japan has always had problems with dentists, they don't seem to care about the alignment of their teeth, nor are they interested in investing thousands of yen to fix them. Appearance in Japan is somewhat liberal, some Japanese even consider crooked teeth a fashion style.

Yaeba – japoneses com dentes tortos

What is Yaeba?

In Japan, crooked teeth or with different alignments are called Yaeba [八重歯] which literally means “double tooth” which is when the upper canine teeth are misaligned with neighboring teeth. So the teeth end up looking like cat, rabbit, vampire fangs, etc.


It is not by fashion that the Japanese tend to leave their teeth crooked, the reasons are high cost of treatment, lack of concern or importance. The Japanese do not usually judge others by appearance.

But still, crooked teeth have somehow become fashionable, and there are even surgical procedures to make crooked teeth through false canines.

These procedures for making teeth look like vampire fangs are usually done mostly by girls. They do not spend to untangle their teeth, but to look like animal prey.

We don't know for sure the influence that gave rise to this style of fashion, but it may be due to the twilight saga or other anime and dramas, and also the extreme Japanese passion for cats.


Some think that crooked teeth make a person look younger, because they resemble the baby teeth of childhood.

It is logical that none of them do this procedure to bend their teeth in a random and ugly way, there is a concept of fashion behind the yaeba.

Don't confuse the fact that Japanese people have crooked teeth for lack of concern or treatment, with fashionable crooked teeth yaeba. They are completely different subjects!

Yaeba – japoneses com dentes tortos

Yaeba through the Media

Not even anime escape, it is normal to find several anime characters, manga and games with a vampire-like tooth, now we know why.

Even in dramas and TV shows, actresses don't go unnoticed, we always ask: They are rich, why don't they fix their teeth? Now we know why.

It is also normal to see groups of Idols with crooked teeth, making their presentations and without the slightest embarrassment of smiling and singing, some even undergo surgical procedures to have their teeth crooked and less aligned.


To conclude, watch some Japanese videos showing a little bit about yaeba and the procedure performed to turn teeth into vampire fangs. What do you think of this fashion style? Leave your comment and share with friends: