Neighborhoods for nerds, otaku and gamers in Japan

Visiting Japan and don't know where to buy your technological devices or manga and anime? In this article, we will share the biggest neighborhoods for Nerds, Otaku and Gamers that exist in Japan.

Throughout Japan you find great stores, game centers, themed restaurants, coffee manga, museums, lectures and events related to technology, anime, manga and games. Most of the time you find it all in specific neighborhoods that we are going to see now.

It is not only in Tokyo that you find Japan's largest Otaku, nerd and gamers neighborhoods, but in different places in the country.

1. Akihabara - The largest Otaku neighborhood in the world

The most famous neighborhood, and the largest Otaku district in the world, located in the center of Tokyo. There are thousands of anime, manga, games and computers stores. There you can even find parts for building a robot.

In Akihabara there are also thousands of cosplays and Maid cafes. It's a very famous neighborhood that we even created an article for, click here to read later. It extends to the Ueno area where the famous park and many other shops are located around the station.


Near the Akihabara station you will also find the largest electronics store in the world called Yodobashi Kamera. There are more than 7 floors of products that are divided from electronics, laptops, games, movies, toys and even clothes.

Nipponbashi Denden Town - OSAKA

The largest Otaku neighborhood in the Kansai region. Here you will find great anime stores, collectibles and many maids and cosplay cafes along Sakai-suji avenue.

The Nipponbashi neighborhood is also called Denden Town and is located close to Namba in Osaka. I personally found the place much better than Akihabara, the people of Osaka are more receptive than in Tokyo.

Neighborhoods for nerds, otaku and gamers in japan

In this neighborhood there are many kittens making you enter those catcher machines to toast your money. They apparently just hand over a leaflet that is actually a card to play for free once, after you enter, you can't leave with their insistence.

Visiting this region of Osaka is much more fun than Tokyo, you can easily access other famous neighborhoods on foot, like the famous Dontobori or maybe even go further.

Ikebukuro - The Otome-kei neighborhood

Ikebukuro is a huge shopping, dining and entertainment district in central Tokyo. It is well known for its anime and manga stores that target mainly female customers with their doujinshi.

The vision of the neighborhood is unique, you are faced with large Game Centers and stores that are on the same level as Akihabara. If you want a different experience than Akiba in Tokyo, Ikebukuro is the right neighborhood.

Ikebukuro nerd culture

In Ikebukuro you will find the famous Pokemon Center, as well as a place famous for E-Sports called Storia Café. Ikebukuro station is the third busiest in the world. It is also called Fujoshi Stree.

Nakano - Doujinshi Center

It is one of the most populated residential neighborhoods in Tokyo, it also has a great nerdy reputation. There are also 16 different Mandarake stores, each with a focus on a different aspect of Otaku culture.

Nakano Broadway (near Nakano station) is an otaku shopping center. It is well known for finding rare otaku materials and dōjinshi (independent publications).

Manja nakano readers

Harajuku - Fashion Center in Japan

Harajuku it is a popular neighborhood among fashion fans. Many confuse thinking that they are cosplaying. They are actually wearing Japanese street fashion - not costumes. The area is somewhat popular with cosplayers as well.

Harajuku can be considered a meeting place for young people. Many go in search of fun and entertainment. There you will find Omotesando Hills, a luxury mall and many other shops and restaurants.


There are parks where small groups meet to rehearse choreographies. These same parks are for leisure, where you can forget the noise and turmoil of the city.

Nerima - doaremon's home

Nerima is a suburban district of Tokyo that was home to Japan's first animation studio. Today the area is still home to legions of animation studios, including the famous Toei Animation. Nerima is also everyone's favorite fictional cat home: Doraemon.

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