Singing and Romantic Phrases in Japanese

No idea how to express your feelings to a Japanese woman? Don't know how to say romantic phrases in Japanese? Can't think of catchphrases? It may seem impossible for you to conquer the person you love because of cultural differences. Will it be impossible?

There is no such thing as "dating a japanese" it's impossible. In fact, many Japanese today are preferring foreigners to the shy Japanese. With cultural differences, it can be a little more complicated to win a Japanese woman's heart.

Thinking about it, we wrote this article with some romantic phrases and songs, accompanied by tips and suggestions for you to conquer the loved one. Especially if you're a man trying to win over a Japanese woman.

Have confidence and don't be shy

Don't make the same mistakes as the Japanese, many Japanese think that shy Japanese have difficulties expressing their feelings, and fear a monotonous life without romantic proposals. So don't be shy, have more confidence!

Don't be afraid to make direct proposals, send flowers, romantic letters are not out of fashion in Japan. Whenever you're on the phone, when you hang up, say "I love you", don't be ashamed to show affection and affection.

We also have a guide that can help you conquer a japanese or conquer a japanese. Remembering that guides are stereotypical media, you'll have to use your own head, because humans are different. Fortunately the tips are useful indeed!

Romantic phrases

Using Japanese terms of endearment

There are many different words to express affection. But be careful not to use Western terms that sometimes don't please your loved one. Even 愛してる (aishiteru – I love you), some girls don't like to hear it too soon, use alternatives like 大好きです (daisukidesu).

You can use honorific -chan with your sweetheart, call her by her first name or a nickname, some girls like it. Some people, especially women, often call their loved ones Darling ダーリン (Dārin – dear) or ハニー (Hanī – honey).

Singing and Romantic Phrases in Japanese

Romantic phrases and Sung in Japanese

  • You mean a lot to me.
  • あなたは私にとって、とても大事な存在です。
  • You are a very important presence to me;
  • You are so beautiful.
  • 君はとても美しいよ。
  • You are very beautiful.
  • I think of you as more than a friend.
  • 私は、友達以上としてあなたのことを考えている。
  • I am thinking about you more than a friend;
Singing and Romantic Phrases in Japanese
  • I fell in love with you at first sight
  • 私はあなたに一目惚れした。
  • I fell in love with you at first sight;
  • You make me want to be a better man
  • あなたは私により良い男になろうと思わせてくれた。
  • You made me believe that I could become a better man than I am.
  • You are my sun, my love.
  • あなたは私の太陽、そして愛です。
  • Anata wa watashi no taiyō, soshite ai desu;
  • Words cannot describe my love for you.
  • 言葉であなたへの愛情は言い表せられない。
  • Kotoba de anata and no aijō wa iiarawasenai;
Singing and Romantic Phrases in Japanese
  • We are meant to be together.
  • 私たちは一緒になる運命だったんだ。
  • We were destined to be together.
  • Not talking to you for a day is like not talking to you for a week.
  • あなたと会話しない日が一日空くと、1週間くらい話していない気分になる。
  • I feel uneasy on days when I don't talk to you, it's like not speaking for about a week.
  • I still want a relationship with you.
  • それでもあなたと付き合いたい。
  • Nevertheless, I still want to be with you;
  • I love you so much it hurts.
  • あなたのことが好きで好きでたまらない。
  • I love you so much that I can't help it.
Singing and Romantic Phrases in Japanese
  • The many things I love about you.
  • あなたの好きなところは本当にたくさんある。
  • Your favorite places really are numerous;
  • I'm in love with you.
  • 僕は君のことが好きなんだ。
  • I like you.
  • I will be here forever, waiting for you.
  • ここで僕は待ってるよいつまでも
  • Koko de boku wa matteruyo itu made mo;
  • I wanted you by my side more than anyone.
  • 私は他の誰よりもあなたにそばにいてほしかった。
  • I wanted to be by your side more than anyone else;
Singing and Romantic Phrases in Japanese
  • I'm happy with you by my side.
  • 君がいるだけで僕は幸せだよ。
  • Kimi ga iru dake by boku wa shiawase dayo;

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Romantic phrases and expressions of affection in Japanese

I want to kiss youキスしたいkisushitai
Let's kissキスしようkisushyou
let's hugハグしよう hagu shiyou
I want to hug youだきしめたいdakishimetai
let's hold hands手をつなごうよte wo tsunagou yo
I feel alone without youあなたがいないと 寂しanata ga inaito, sabishi
I value you大事にしたいdaijini shitai
I want to introduce you to someone紹介したいShoukai shitai
Can I touch you?さわっていい?sawatteii?
Miss youあなたが恋しいですanata ga koishii desu
marry me結婚しようkekkonshyou
I want to protect you 守りたいmamoritai
We are a coupleカップルです。kappuru desu
Date me私と付き合ってください。watashi to tsukiatte kudasai
I have fun when I'm with you一緒にいると楽しい!issho ni Iru to tanoshii
I want to be with you alwaysずっと一 緒にいたいzutto Issho ni Itai
Let's go together二人で行こう!futari de ikou
Let's meetデートに行こう!deeto ni ikou
Let's go out together!あそびにいこう!asobiniikou!

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