How are Japanese dating? – Relationship in Japan

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If you've ever watched a Japanese novel like drama or anime, must have realized how extremely shy the Japanese are. Maybe I got that anxiety of when are they going to kiss? And sometimes that doesn't even happen.

This doesn't just happen in drama or anime. Although Japan is open to sexual matters, he is very closed off in relationships. Even to the point where men are much more shy than women. It is worth remembering that: The Japanese are not all the same!

How are Japanese dating? - relationship in japan

The Japanese like to express themselves more with gestures and attitudes, due to shyness they give few compliments, they are not cold, just shy, you must keep that in mind.

In this article we will examine a little about how the Japanese relate / date. I want to make it clear that everything written in the article is relative! Nowadays people are more and more radical and are in constant change. Do not take everything written here literally, each person is different from one another.

How old are Japanese people dating?

This is also very relative. Like everyone else, there are those beautiful passions that appear in childhood, probably no one even knows about these crushes. Of course, it can happen that young people relate, even in an innocent way. The probability is still small because of the shyness, or maybe not, since it seems that shyness develops when it grows up.

Dating starts more when you are close to college, some even after college end up single. Still, even if rare, those arranged marriages, known as "Omiai".

How are Japanese dating? - relationship in japan

How are Japanese dating?

Shyness is a big challenge for couples in Japan, due to the culture, things like holding hands and kissing in public can be quite rare. Even when they are alone, the couple may have difficulty initiating a kiss. Looking eye to eye can make them uncomfortable and even uncomfortable due to extreme shyness.

Communication takes place discreetly, through messages, clues and indirect. They expect the person to understand what they are talking about, since they don't have the courage to say it.

How do the Japanese start a relationship?

Due to shyness it can be difficult to confess to the person you love. Japanese people usually wait for the right moment as like the end of the school yearValentine Daywhite day it's the Christmas. (In Japan, Christmas is a day for couples to go out)

The Japanese also often use E-mail and messages, or telephone to declare themselves. Those who are old enough, and are looking for a date, look for relationship sites, social networks to find the loved one.

Friends and couples often arrange to meet in groups, known as gokon (合コン). Where everyone is responsible for taking friends of the same sex to meet and make friends in restaurants, and izakayaOther groups of friends prefer to have fun in karaoke or in parks and take advantage of such opportunities to get to know each other and with hopes of finding a relationship.

合コン gōkon

Japanese dating intimacy

Japan is not just dominated by shyness. The way I say it, it might even seem that the Japanese are not interested in having those intimate relationships… On the contrary, Japan is famous for its motels of all kinds. Despite not being visible, in almost all relationships the couple has their desires, they just don't let it out, and sometimes they end up rolling, even at the time of the wedding. Despite the religion being open to premarital sex, the Japanese are able to wait, something that some Christian religions have not been able to.

The lack of sex among Japanese couples has even become a TV topic, but I blame that on overwork. To say that all Japanese people are shy, and that there is no such thing as Western-style dating, is wrong. Japan has its perverts, it is even one of the countries that most consume erotic materials. And you don't need to be ashamed to find a Japanese man reading an erotic manga on a train, they are quite open to this subject, despite the enormous difficulty of relating.

How are Japanese dating? - relationship in japan

This is probably a result of shyness, as people find it difficult to relate, they end up spending their lives with relationship and erotic games and manga. On the other hand, this has resulted in a country with a lower rate of rapes, since perverted Japanese do not have the courage, and the most they do is steal a panty.

And if you want to socialize with Japanese people and you're afraid he/she won't want to do that constantly, don't worry. The fault of this happening is the couples, if you go up, you can do it whenever you want!

A Little Japanese Language

To describe a little about Japanese dating, we will also leave a list of words related to this subject, in the Japanese language.

  • 恋 – Koi – Passion
  • 恋人 – Koibito – Girlfriend / Couple (Literally Passion + Person)
  • 恋してる – koishiteru – In love / Fell in love
  • 愛 – Ai – Love
  • 愛してる – I love you – Used between couples;
  • 好きです – I like you / I love you
  • 彼 – Kare – He (also means boyfriend)
  • 彼女 – Kanojo – She (also means girlfriend)
  • 結婚 – Kekkon – Marriage
  • 妻 – Tsuma – Wife
  • 夫 – Otto – Husband
  • ラブ – Rabu – Originated from the word Love


Relationship with foreigners?

Many search for articles of this type, interested in knowing if it is possible to have a good relationship with Japanese people. Yes it is possible, there is no such coldness, prejudice or machismo that people talk about.

Women: Japanese women are very interested in foreigners, mainly because they are less shy and not shy about expressing themselves. Surveys report that 1 in 4 Japanese women prefer to marry a foreigner.

Men: Despite so many comments saying that Japanese men don't like foreign women, this is not true. Probably this rumor occurred because of the shyness of the Japanese.

Foreigners: Why do many foreigners prefer a relationship with Japanese people? It's probably because they're truthful, trustworthy, and shy.

I myself like Japanese women for all the reasons mentioned above, their personality and culture, and their beautiful hair, eyes, and the kawaii face that takes time to age.

Preconception? – There are many conservative and closed families that can impede your relationship with a Japanese person, especially if you are not financially prepared.

Tips for dating a Japanese

If you have a goal of relating to a Japanese person, keep in mind the following tips below:

  • Understand Japanese Humor;
  • Respect Japanese Culture;
  • Learn the Japanese Language;
  • Be patient! Go slow!
  • Don't expect too much!

If you keep these points in mind, it will be easier to relate to the Japanese. It's not difficult, and don't let others make your head! Although it is complex and difficult to describe the relationships of the Japanese. We can sum them up as shy and innocent. And we must remember: Not all Japanese are the same!

Is that you? Tell us about your relationship experience with the Japanese? Feel free to add anything related to the subject.

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