Questions and Answers when Immigrating to Japan

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Most countries do not need a visa to enter Japan, recently in 2023 Brazil is one of the new countries to join this list. This does not mean that you will enter freely without questions, the immigration and passport control officer may want to ask questions. 

With that in mind, we created this artigo with a few phrases of questions and answers that can be asked by the immigration agent, or answered by you who are about to enter the country. 

What is the purpose of the trip?

The agent may ask: What is the purpose of your trip? 

Nani o suru tame ni kimashita ka?

You can answer: 

  • 観光目的です。" (Kankou mokuteki desu.) - It's a tourist trip.
  • "ビジネスで来ました。" (Bijinesu de kimashita.) - I'm here on business.
  • "留学生として来ました。" (Ryuugakusei toshite kimashita.) - I came as a foreign student.
  • "友達や家族を訪ねに来ました。" (Tomodachi ya kazoku o tazune ni kimashita.) - I am visiting friends or family.


  • "観光目的です。" (Kankou mokuteki desu.)
  • "観光で来ました。" (Kankou de kimashita.)
  • "観光客として訪れています。" (Kankoukyaku toshite otozureteimasu.)
Traveling to Japan – Airport and Immigration

How long it will stay?

The agent may ask: How long will you be staying?

Dono kurai taizai shimasu ka?


  • "約 [日数/週間/月数] 滞在予定です。" (Yaku [nissuu/shuukan/gessuu] taizai yotei desu.) - I'm planning to stay around [duration].
  • "観光ビザで [日数/週間/月数] 滞在します。" (Kankou biza de [nissuu/shuukan/gessuu] taizai shimasu.) - I will stay in Japan on a tourist visa for about [duration].
  • "滞在期間は[期間]です。" (Taizai kikan wa [kikan] desu.)

To express that you intend to stay 90 days or 3 months, you can use the following Japanese phrases:

  • "90日間滞在する予定です。" (Kyuujuu nichi kan taizai suru yotei desu.)
  • "3ヶ月間滞在します。" (Sankagetsu kan taizai shimasu.)

Where you will stay? 

The agent may ask: Where do you plan to stay?

Doko ni taizai yotei desu ka
  • ホテル [ホテルの名前] に宿泊予定です。" (Hoteru [hoteru no namae] ni shukuhaku yotei desu.) - I have plans to stay at Hotel [name of hotel].
  • "友達の家に滞在します。" (Tomodachi no ie ni taizai shimasu.) - I'm staying with friends.
  • "ユースホステルやゲストハウスに泊まります。" (Yuusu hosuteru ya gesuto hausu ni Tomarimasu.) - I'll stay in hostels or guesthouses.

Other Questions and Answers

To add, see other possible questions and answers asked during an inspection at airportrto when entering Japan: 

Other questions and variations: 

  1. どちらから来ましたか? (Dochira kara kimashita ka?) - Where are you coming from?
  2. どこに滞在する予定ですか? (Doko ni taizai suru yotei desu ka?) - Where do you plan to stay?
  3. どのくらいの予算を持っていますか? (Owner kurai no yosan o motteimasu ka?) - How much money do you have in your budget?
  4. どこに行く予定ですか? (Doko ni iku yotei desu ka?) - Where do you plan to go?
  5. 日本での滞在先はどこですか? (Nihon de no taizai-saki wa doko desu ka?) - Where will you be staying in Japan?
  6. 荷物に何か申告すべきものはありますか? (Nimotsu ni nanika shinkoku subeki mono wa arimasu ka?) - Is there anything you need to declare in your luggage?
  7. 職業は何ですか? (Shokugyou wa nan desu ka?) - What is your profession?
  8. これは初めての日本訪問ですか? (Kore wa hajimete no Nihon houmon desu ka?) - Is this your first visit to Japan?

Do you plan to visit other cities?

Hoka no toshi mo otozureru yotei desu ka?


  • "はい、他の都市も訪れるつもりです。" (Hai, hoka no toshi mo otozureru tsumori desu.) - Yes, I intend to visit other cities.
  • "今のところは具体的には決まっていません。" (Ima no tokoro wa gutaiteki ni wa kimatteimasen.) - I don't have specific plans at the moment.

Remember to answer clearly and cortês, and be prepared to provide additional documents, if necessary, to support your answers.

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