Speaking Japanese with SIRI

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One of the facilities of having an iPhone or Ipad is that you can easily change the language of SIRI, just go to the settings of the crab and choose the language you want, without having to download any package or change the entire language of the phone.

For students of Japanese it is very good to train using the voice assistant. Do you usually use the crab? Do you know all the phrases you can speak to her? In this article, I separated the main lines with the crab, so that you can have fun and train your Japanese.

Even if you don't have an IOS, you can try to use these phrases in Google now Android or Cortana windows phone.


You don't need to speak exactly like the one in the article, you can also change some words or use verbs and similar particles that will work.

Basic tasks

Open a program - To open a program you must say the name of the program + aite (開いて) or hajimete (初めて). If you want you can use the particle wo (を) before the verb. Example: safari wo hajimete サファリを初めて.

Where I am? - You can ask watashi wa doko desuka? (私はどこですか). Then it will show your exact location.


How many hours? - You can ask desuka nanji (何時ですか). She will respond and still show some data on the screen.

Show map - You can say: local + chizu wo mitekudasai (- 地図を見てください). It will display the location map and tell you how many kilometers it is.

Calling someone - You must say the person's name + ni + dewashite (- に電話して) to make a call.


See time - You can say Kyō no tenki wa (今日の天気は) and she will talk if the weather is good and leave some details. You can also ask where the sunrise is somewhere by saying: city + no hinode wa itsu (- 日の出はいつ), and you can ask if it is going to rain by saying: Kyō wa kasa ga iru (今日は傘がいる).

Wikipedia - You can ask the crab to teach you something by saying: something + ni tsuite oshiete (について教えて).

Search images - You can search for images on the internet saying: thing + shashin the misete (写真を見せて).


Falando japonês com a siri


You must use your imagination and not rely on ready-made phrases. Train your Japanese and ask questions like: how old are you? You have boyfriend? What are you doing? questions like that. She can react or give a different answer each time you ask, let's see some examples of phrases you can use:

To speak to the crab you can use: siri-san / anata あなた or kimi 君 (you) followed by the particle wa は or ga が.

  • What's your name? onamae wa? 
  • You have boyfriend? …kareshi imasuka?
  • How old are you? … Nansai desuka?
  • You love Me? watashi wa suki desuka?
  • I love Google! Google daisuki! 
  • Marry me! kekkon shite kudasai.
  • Tell us something interesting! omoshiroi hanashite kudasai
  • Sing something! Utaute kudasai 歌うてください
  • We hardly know each other! mada otagai no koto wo hotondo shiranai janai desu ka.
  • What is scheduled for today? kyou no yotei wa nan desu ka?

There are many other phrases and questions that we can ask, it's up to you to find out. I hope this article has served as an incentive for you who own an iPhone or another Smartphone to use your voice command to train your Japanese. Do you know interesting phrases to talk to SIRI? Comment here!