List of 100 Japanese Sweets

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In this article, we are going to look at some Japanese sweets and different ways to pronounce sweet and sweet in the Japanese language. Let's also get to know some popular Japanese snacks and sweets dagashi, and a complete list of sweets in Japanese.

Famous Japanese sweets and their flavors

Everyone knows that Japan is full of sweets and snacks of countless different flavors and varieties. Several flavors and limited editions are created almost daily. Some sweets have been hugely successful, and have survived among these thousands of tasty inventions. In this article we will see the main sweets known in Japan.

Most of the Japanese snacks and sweets below fall into the category dagashi [駄菓子] which literally means cheap candy that can be found in small candy stores or convenience stores.

  • Wasabeef – わさビーフ – Potato flavored with wasabi and meat;
  • Collon cream – A cookie stuffed with cream, and with that strange name...;
  • every burger – Chocolate chip cookies that look like small hamburgers;
  • rich – Fruit flavored jelly beans;
List of 100 Japanese sweets
  • pucca – Cookies with a chocolate filling in the shape of a fish;
  • Green Gum – The name says it all, green gum;
  • crunky popjoy – Chocolate stuffed with crispy rice;
  • Sweetie Gum – A sweet bullet...;
List of 100 Japanese sweets
  • Chelsea – Classic hard candy candies;
  • Kani Pan – Crab-shaped bread;
  • Dars - square chocolate;
  • Kinoko no Yama – Literally “mushroom mountain”, a chocolate covered cookie delight;
List of 100 Japanese sweets
  • jagariko They are potatoes flavored with cheese and vegetables;
  • Chokobi - Star-shaped chocolate from the anime Shin-chan;
  • Hi Chew – Chewable candy with fruit flavor;
  • Koalas March – Koala cookies with various fillings;
List of 100 Japanese sweets
  • pinky – Small spicy candies;
  • Baby Star Ramen Snacks in the form of noodles;
  • bisuko – Classic Japanese Biscuit;
  • Tohato Caramel Corn – Caramelized corn chips;
List of 100 Japanese sweets
  • Meiji Chocolate – A famous chocolate;
  • papic – A bottle-shaped ice cream that tastes like a milkshake;
  • kitkat – Kit kat is successful in Japan. (See about kit kat flavors by clicking here.)
  • caplico – Fake ice cream cone;
List of 100 Japanese sweets
  • Tiroru – They are classic chocolate squares, they have dozens of flavors and seasonal varieties;
  • milky – Milk candies and flavored caramel;
  • Gari Gari Kun – A famous ice cream brand with several different flavors;
  • Umaibo – A different type of snack with different flavors;
List of 100 Japanese sweets
  • Ghana Chocolate – Popular brand of slightly dark chocolate;
  • Choco Baby – Small candies made of chocolate;
  • Apollo – Chocolate that mixes strawberry and milk with chocolate in the shape of a space capsule;
  • Cuttlefish Ball – Chocolate with crunchy, strawberry or peanut filling;
  • pocky – They are sticks covered in chocolate. Very popular in Japan;

Did you like our short list of dagashi japanese sweets?

List of 100 Japanese sweets

Different ways to say Candy in Japan

In the Japanese language there are many words that have or refer to the same meaning in English and vice versa. Let's examine the different ways of saying "sweet” in Japanese and also the name of some categories and sweets in general.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
KanjiKanaRomajiMeaning / Notes
甘いあまいloveIt means Sweet, and can refer to the sweet taste.
あまLoveIt also means sweet, but it is no longer used, only in Chinese.
 キャンディKyandiAn Americanized version of candy written in katakana.
 飴 あめAmeSpecifically it means candy, or candy of the kind.
 飴玉 あめだまAmedamaCandy in general, specifically jellybeans or round candies
 お菓子 おかしokashSweets made in confectionery or confectionery / Or confectionery and confectionery
 乾菓子 ひがしHigashiDried sweets made in confectioneries
 有平糖 アルヘイとう、ありへいとうAruheitōBonbons or candies made from sugar or caramel
 砂糖菓子 さとうがしsatō kashiConfectionery products and sweets or sugar (or confectionery)
金平糖こんぺいとうKompeitoIt is a type of candy, candy or Japanese confection of Portuguese origin.
糖菓とうかtoukaSweets, treats / Confectionery
綿飴わたあめWata loveCotton Candy
駄菓子だはしdagashicheap candy
飴細工あめざいくamezaikuhandmade candy
もちmochisweet made from rice
糖蜜とうみつtomitsumolasses, molasses
 和菓子 わがしwagashiJapanese traditional confectionery/traditional sweets
  ロリポップroripoppu Lollipop (origin of English lollipop)
List of 100 Japanese sweets

List of sweets in Japanese

Now let's share a list of sweets in Japanese. They are very popular sweets abroad, in the West, in the United States and in Japan. We will also leave the name of the candy in English to help identify them.

Let's learn the meaning, way of writing and translation of various sweets, cakes, chocolates, ice cream and others. The list doesn't have that many japanese traditional sweets, these are western sweets, most often written in katakana.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
sour (tablets)tartタルト taruto 
sweet potatosweet potatoスイートポテト suītopoteto 
baumkuchenbaumkuchenバームクーヘン bamukūhen 
bavaroabavaroaババロア babaroa 
cookieshortcakeショートケーキ shotokēki 
Sconemuffinマフィン mafin 
Sconecupcakeカップケーキ kappukēki 
fruit cakefruit cakeフルーツケーキ furūtsukēki 
pound cakepound cakeパウンドケーキ paundokēki 
cheese cakecheesecakeチーズケーキ chīzukēki 
Marble cakemarble cakeマーブルケーキ māburukēki 
cream bombcream puffシュークリームshūkurīmu 
chocolate candychocolate bonbonボンボンショコラ bonbonshokora 
Brigadeirotruffleトリュフ toryufu 
chocolate shellchocolate shellシェルチョコレート sheruchokorēto 
chocolate green teagreen tea chocolate抹茶チョコレート matcha chokorēto 
whipwhipホイップ hoippu 
bitter chocolatebitter chocolateビターチョコレート bitāchokorēto 
milk chocolatemilk chocolateミルクチョコレート mirukuchokorēto 
White Chocolatewhite chocolateホワイトチョコレート howaitochokorēto 
almond chocolatealmond chocolateアーモンドチョコレート āmondochokorēto 
blueberry chocolateblueberry chocolateブルーベリーチョコレート buruberīchokorēto 
sweet chocolatesweet chocolateスイートチョコレート suītochokorēto 
dark chocolatedark chocolateダークチョコレート dakuchokorēto 
strawberry chocolatestrawberry chocolateストロベリーチョコレート sutoroberīchokorēto 
pistachio chocolatechocolate pistachioピスタチオチョコレート pisutachiochokorēto 
dark chocolateblack chocolateブラックチョコレート burakkuchokorēto 
churrochurroチュロス churosu 
confetticonfettiコンフェッティ konfetti 
chocolate creamcream chocolateクリームチョコレート kurīmuchokorēto 
creamycreamyクリーミー kurīmī 
crepe millthousand crapeミルクレープ mirukurepu 
drageedrageeドラジェ doraje 
eclaireclairエクレア ekurea 
ganacheganacheガナッシュ ganasshu 
gateau au chocolategateau au chocolateガトーショコラ gatōshokora 
jamjellyゼリー zeri 
brown gracebrown graceマロングラッセ marongurasse 
orangeorangetteオランジェット oranjet 
chocolate macaronmacaron chocolateチョコレートマカロン chokorētomakaron 
MadeleineMadeleineマドレーヌ madorēnu 
meltymeltyメルティー meruī 
millefeuillemillefeuilleミルフィーユ mirufīyu 
MousseMousseムース musu 
chocolate moussechocolate mousseチョコレートムース chokorētomūsu 
ópera gateaugateau operaガトーオペラ gatoopera 
Panna CottaPanna Cottaパンナコッタ pan'nakotta 
Panna Cotta Chocolatepanna cotta chocolateチョコレートパンナコッタ chokorētopan'nakotta 
pancakepancakeパンケーキ pankeki 
chocolate parfaitchocolate parfaitチョコレートパフェ chokorētopafe 
pralinepralineプラリネ purarine 
puddingpuddingプリン purin 
chocolate puddingchocolate puddingチョコレートプリン chokorētopurin 
cream puddingcustard puddingカスタードプリン kasutādopurin 
burnedbruleeブリュレ buryure 
realroyalロイヤル roiyaru 
richrichリッチ ritchi 
ricottaricottaリコッタ rikotta 
cake rollroll cakeロールケーキ rōrukēki 
donutsdonutsドーナッツ donattsu 
sachertortesachertorteザッハトルテ zahhatorute 
Ice creamice creamアイスクリーム aisukurimu 
chocolate ice creamchocolate ice creamチョコレートアイスクリーム chokorētoaisukurīmu 
soufflesouffleスフレ sufure 
TapiocaCrepeクレープ kurepu 
tartathantartathanタルトタタン tarutotatan 
pumpkin piepumpkin pieパンプキンパイ panpukinpai 
caramel piecaramel tartキャラメルタルト kyaramerutaruto 
chocolate piechocolate tartチョコレートタルト chokorētotaruto 
raspberry pieraspberry pieラズベリーパイ razuberīpai 
fruits piefruit tartフルーツタルト furūtsutaruto 
Apple pieapple pieアップルパイ appurupai 
lemon meringue pielemon meringue pieレモンメレンゲパイ remonmerengepai 
WaffleWaffleワッフル waffle 

Kanji used in Japanese sweets

There are thousands of sweets in Japanese, so it's not possible to mention them all. Most of them use certain kanji to form the word, ideograms that sometimes separately have no use or mean something different. Let's see a list of them:

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
KanjiChinese reading “ON”Japanese reading “KUN” Meanings
 Sweets, cakes and fruits, caramels
チョウあめ、もちsweets, confectionery
トウあめsugar, sweetened, candies, candied sweets
イ、シあめ、やしな.うSweets, rice pudding, jellies, candies
テンうま.い、 あま.いSweet
カンあま.い、 あま.える、 あま.やかす、 うま.いsweet, sugary, coax, pamper, be content

It is worth remembering that sometimes kanji and sweet words like [甘] are used to represent feelings, actions, personalities as well as the term “sweet in English”.

Where to buy Japanese Sweets?

There are many Asian grocery stores where you can buy common Japanese sweets like pocky and pepper. I personally recommend those boxes of random candy that are sent monthly to subscribers, shipping is free to Brazil and the cost benefit is higher.

I recommend to Japan Candy Box that can be accessed by clicking here!

Finally, see a showcase of Japanese sweets that you can buy in Brazil (on the websites you will find more Japanese sweets):

Well, this was a short article, with main objective to tell you the different shapes and categories of Japanese sweets to increase your vocabulary.

Hope you enjoyed this list of Japanese sweets! If you want to see others food in japanese, or traditional Japanese sweets like wagashi, just browse the cooking categories on the Suki Desu website.

Learn to make Traditional Japanese Wagashi Sweets

Before we close the article I want to recommend the Wagashi Traditional Japanese Confectionery Course. Below we will leave an interview from Jornal da Tarde about the author of the course Cesar Yukio and his beautiful and delicious recipes:

If you want to make delicious western sweets, Cesar also has the Yogashi Confectionery Course.

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