Meaning of Oshiri - Ass in Japanese


Do you know what Oshiri means? If you have a basic knowledge of Japanese or watch a lot of anime you will remember that it refers to the butt or butt. Is that the only meaning of the word oshiri? Are there any other ways to refer to the rear in the Japanese language?

What does Oshiri mean?

The word oshiri [お尻] is composed with the ideogram which literally means buttocks, hips, butt and butt. The letter [お] is a bikago, which serves to embellish the word. Oshiri literally refers to the back of the body of a person or animal, where the meat is rich near the anus which is called koumon [肛門].

The expression shiri it can also be used in other ideograms such as [臀] which has the same meaning or in the popular ideogram [後] which means behind and after. These ideograms also convey the idea of the end, the hole, the lower external part, the tip of something, the underground surface, the bottom, the last place and the consequence;

We use the expression heavy ass shirigaomoi [尻が重い] to refer to lazy and lazy. The term light ass shirigakarui [尻が軽い] is used for careless people; reckless and promiscuous. The expression wipe the ass shirinugui [尻拭い] can mean cleaning up someone else's mess.

The term shiritataki [尻叩き] refers to spanking or a tradition where a newlywed receives spanking from a bundle of straw to ensure her fertility. We also have words that are joining the word butt with spanking. The term oshiripenpen [お尻ぺんぺん] means slapping the ass, like the backside of children.

Meaning of oshiri - butt in japanese

Momojiri [桃尻] is used for people who are restless or do not know how to ride a horse. Of course, there are many other words related to oshiri, let's see some more in the list below:

  • Bishiri [美尻] - Nice ass;
  • Kyoshiri [巨尻] - Bunda Grande (for women);
  • Dekashiri [デカ尻] Bunda Grande or Larga;
  • Decchiri [出っ尻] - Big ass; Bulging buttocks;
  • Shippo [尻尾] - Tail;
  • Itojiri [糸尻] - The bottom edge of a glass or bowl;
  • Kawajiro [川尻] - Mouth of a river; lower stream;
  • Kuchijiro [口尻] - Corner of the lips; commissure of the lips; corners of the mouth;

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How do you say hips, back and ass in Japanese?

Oshiri It is a general word to refer to people's backs, but there are some more specific synonyms. One is imported from English Hips [ヒップ] which means hips and hips. In Japanese, this word refers to both sides of the body below the waist and above the thigh, applied mainly in fashion.

So don't confuse the English term hip with Japanese imports. If you want to refer to the hip and waist the best term to use is koshi [腰] and its variants as youbu [腰部]. These terms can be used for lower back, waist, hips, lower back and pelvic area.

  • Koshi ni te atete [腰に手を当てて] - Place your hands on your hips;

If you want to refer to the orifice and hole or buttocks we also have the term ketsu [穴] or the term ketsunoana [けつの穴]. The buttocks and gluttons can also be called denbu [臀部] already the thighs below the butt can be called futomomo [太もも].

Meaning of oshiri - butt in japanese

Omikoshi [お神輿] which means portable shrine, can also be used to refer to the back parts if written in kana. To finish we will see some more words below related to the butts in Japanese:

  • Hanketsu [半ケツ] It means a neckline on the butt;
  • Futomomowodasu [太ももを出す] - Exposure of the thighs;
  • A-N-A [穴] - orifice; opening; drilling;
  • Okoshi [お腰] - Buttocks; lower back; waist; hips
  • Ketsunoana [尻の穴] - Rear Hole;

If you want to know more, we recommend our article on human body in Japanese. I hope you enjoyed this article a little differently. I'm sorry if you fell here looking for obscene words, for that we have other articles. We appreciate the comments and shares!

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