Yogashi Japanese Confectionery Course

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In this article, we are going to do a complete review of the Contemporary Japanese Confectionery Yogashi course by Cesar Yukio. Let's find out what the purpose of the course is, the subject covered, information from the author and see if the course is really reliable.

Yogashi Japanese Confectionery Course Objective

Yogashi is the term used in Japan to refer to all confectionery products that are not part of the country's tradition. However, here in Brazil and in other Western countries, Yogashi is the name given to Japanese adaptations, with less sugar and lighter texture, of classic Western techniques.

in the confectionery course Yogashi made by Food Web in partnership with confectioner Cesar Yukio, you will learn how to make the most beloved desserts in Japanese cuisine, including the famous strawberry cake from anime.

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Yogashi Japanese Confectionery course content

The Yogashi Contemporary Japanese Confectionery course has several modules and extensive content that will solve your problems and fully teach you about the subject. Below is a list of topics covered in the course:


Learn how to prepare an amazing dessert from Confeitaria Yogashi with Light Crust, Crunchy and Vanilla Cream filling, simply irresistible.


Discover a light cheesecake with a Sicilian lemon flavor, delicious and refreshing. Unmissable.


Chiffon Cake is a super soft and in high demand cake flavored with matcha, the Japanese green tea powder that is in vogue the world over.


Kohi Jelly is a typical Japanese dessert, it is a coffee jelly with condensed milk that is simply delicious with a very different texture.



Course of Japanese yogashi confectionery

Yogashi Japanese Confectionery Course Module 2

There is a second course or extension called Japanese Confectionery Course yogashi module 2. For those who took the first course, you can further expand your knowledge in this second complete course that addresses:

Topic 01: Hotto Keki
Learn how to prepare a fantastic dessert from Yogashi Confectionery, the Hotto Keki.

Topic 02: Matchamisu
Discover a delicious and light dessert, the famous Tiramisu in the Japanese version, with Matcha, the powdered green tea typical of Japanese confectionery.

Topic 03: Beni Imo Tart
A Brazilian version of an Okinawan icon, the special tart with a delicious sweet potato flavor.

Topic 04: Iced Tofu Cheesecake
Tofu cheesecake is a lighter and more delicate version of the traditional cheesecake with a surprising flavor.

Topic 05: Crème Brûlée de Hojichá
One of the best-known desserts in the world, Crème Brûlée in the Japanese version has Hojichá, a special green tea that brings a different touch.

The article is still halfway through, but we recommend also reading:

About the author of Contemporary Japanese Confectionery Yogashi

Cesar Yukio's interest in gastronomy started early. The grandfather owned the most famous oriental restaurant in the neighborhood, while the grandmother was an excellent cook.

The mother became a full-fledged caterer, and the aunts were always turning sweets and chocolates into smiles. All this passion and talent were inherited by Cesar, who woke up one day determined to follow this vocation. He chose to specialize as a pastry chef, dreaming of taking this area to a new level.

And it is this dream that he has been chasing every day, and that he is turning into reality by also fulfilling the dreams of his customers, one smile at a time, as they did in his family.

Graduated in Gastronomy from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and L'Institut Paul Bocuse. To further improve his talent, he took a specialization course in Confectionery also at Anhembi Morumbi University, at École Lenôtre in Paris and at the Mausi Sebess Institute in Buenos Aires.

Afterwards, he completed his Post-Graduation in Events Organization and Planning. In the same year, he also reached 3rd place in the Young Talents in Chocolate competition 2011. Cesar worked alongside great chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Alex Atala, Erick Jacquin, Amanda Lopes and Helena Rizzo, all prestigious names with whom he further improved his knowledge.

During his career, Cesar became Bar Chef at Festa das Duas and Executive Chef at Petit Sweet e Mezzani. Soon he also followed a teaching career, at the companies Loja Santo Antonio and Bondinho (where he teaches classes to this day), and at the gastronomy schools CEG – Centro Especializado em Gastronomia, Atelier Gourmand, Accademia Gastroómica, SENAC, Levain and Chocolate Academy – all in São Paulo, in addition to becoming a Personal Chef, giving private lessons. He travels all over the country, especially in the cities of Manaus, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Aracaju, São Luís and Salvador, teaching confectionery classes and gastronomic consultancy.

The Chef signs the dessert menu of Alma Chef (Belo Horizonte/MG), Empório Fribal (São Luís/MA) and Vinya Café (Manaus/AM). And the world is becoming small, as he regularly teaches in the United States, Colombia and Japan, where he promotes the importance of Brazilian confectionery.

Finally, he became one of the administrators of Projeto Superação, which aims to use gastronomy as a form of occupational therapy for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. This while still managing your own virtual business, where you are at the moment and recently took over as Chef Pâtissier of the Aizomê restaurant, along with Chef Telma Shiraishi in Jardins.

Course of Japanese yogashi confectionery

Contemporary Japanese Confectionery Yogashi Worth it?

Is the Yogashi Contemporary Japanese Confectionery course really worth it? Your results from the Yogashi Contemporary Japanese Confectionery course are entirely up to you. It's no use buying a course if you don't enjoy it. Dedication is required!

Thankfully, the Yogashi Contemporary Japanese Confectionery course is entirely online. This brings numerous benefits such as:

Ease – You learn whenever you want.
You won't need to spend time going out to attend classes at the Contemporary Japanese Confectionery Yogashi.
The Yogashi Contemporary Japanese Confectionery course can be opened from any object with internet access.
Multiple payment options for a single price.
The Instructor has full time to engage in the course material. 
A good online team to help you during the course.
Better to learn the subject.
 Text, audio and video lessons.
 Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests for you to test your knowledge on the subject.
Course of Japanese yogashi confectionery

Is Contemporary Japanese Confectionery Yogashi Trustworthy?

It is normal to be insecure about online courses. Absolutely right! Any online course cannot be trusted.

Lucky for you, the Yogashi Contemporary Japanese Confectionery course is sold by the online course company called Hotmart. This company is responsible for distributing 80% of online courses in English along with other trusted platforms called Udemy, Eduzz and Monetize.

If a problem arises, you are protected by Hotmart's own consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund and you get your money back. The warranty on Hotmart products usually lasts for 7, 15 or 30 days.

Questions about the Yogashi Japanese Confectionery course

Now that you know that the Yogashi Contemporary Japanese Confectionery course is reliable and worthwhile, you can still count on some questions and doubts about the online course. Possibly because online courses are entirely new to you. See some questions answered below:

1 - Is the distance course more difficult than the face-to-face course?

Most of the time face-to-face courses are insignificant compared to online courses because the teacher has to explain to several students at the same time every day. At the Confeitaria Contemporânea Japonesa Yogashi he records a single content for thousands of people.

This makes him solve more problems, create more material. In-person courses are made for tuition fees, so the last thing they want is for you to learn fast. It ends up being much more expensive than any EAD course.

2 - How will I know that I will learn with the Online Course?

Just like a course taken in schools, if you don't pay attention in class and don't put in the exercises, you won't get anywhere. Online courses have a quality structure and content, the result depends on the person!

3 - What are the methods of payment at Confeitaria Contemporânea Japonesa Yogashi?

Several payment options through Cards, Boletos, Paypal and others. Single payment or split up to 12x!

4 - If I have questions?

Usually the courses offered by the platform contain support by email, whatsapp, facebook, telegram, in addition to a closed group of students directly with the teacher and a comment field during the course classes.

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