Understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world!

Many are unaware of true Japanese cuisine, believing that it is limited only to fish and seafood. The great truth is that Japanese cuisine is quite complex and rich, with many aspects, factors and varieties that make it the best cuisine in the world! In this article, we will understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world!

A country's cuisine is not defined only by traditional dishes, but by various aspects such as preparation, ingredients, seasoning, appearance, varieties and even things like customs and culture. Japan has been greatly influenced in its cuisine from different parts of the world, mainly from China, India, USA, France and Italy. The fact is, you can live in Japan your entire life and never eat a fish! The creativity and even the influence of capitalism, makes the food of Japan reach totally unimaginable levels.

Understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world!
They are just replicas of food to be displayed in a restaurant window xD

The variety of foods is endless!

Japanese are famous for always inventing and innovating, this happens a lot in Japanese cuisine. The Japanese unbelievably enjoy and turn everything into food! It seems like every restaurant wants to be totally different from one another. While we are used to always seeing the same pizzas and pizza flavors in Brazil, the Japanese go further and invent sakura sodas (flowers), black hamburgers, bread with noodles, tea ice cream and thousands of other things that we have never seen in our lives. .

They not only turn everything into food, they also turn food into objects. You will be amazed to see how Japanese cuisine becomes a true art, things like traditional dishes with a beautiful presentation, art of sushi making and preparation of lunchboxes (obento) and snacks and cookies with different shapes to promote tourist attractions. If you go to Japan, you can spend hours just choosing which restaurant to enter or what to order from the menu.

Understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world! - obento

How gigantic is the variety of food in Japan? This is because most Japanese eat out for lunch, which results in a huge number of restaurants and a variety of foods. Even the Japanese who make their meal at home, usually prepare something rich.

At the Japanese house I stayed at, I always woke up every day with a nice miso soup, omelet, bread with ham, cheese and sausage, in addition to drinking tea, juice and yogurt. Even at breakfast I was amazed at the variety of foods, in fact, the traditional breakfast even involves rice, salad and meat, as if it were lunch.

The video below shows a little about the variety of Japanese cuisine:

The flavor and spice of Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is rich in umami, Do you know what this is? There are 5 and not 4 palates (umami salty, sweet, bitter and sour), the umami it is the main one and is located in the center of the language. Maybe you should have heard of that one monosodium glutamate that enhances the taste of food and is present in most industrialized products. The Japanese use ingredients and condiments rich in umami in a natural and healthy way. The umami flavor was discovered by the Japanese and is usually present in things like tomatoes, cheese, fish and others.

Understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world!

While much of the world seasons food with a lot of salt, the Japanese avoid it a little, leaving their food with a more bittersweet flavor (sometimes they even use sugar). The Japanese use so many different things to spice up their cooking that it ends up creating an infinite variety of flavors. Some may even find the Japanese flavor strange for the absence of salt, but the seasoning is so good that you end up finding it unnecessary to add more salt. The Japanese believe that too much salt can take away the true flavor of food.

Japanese cuisine usually has the concept of five colors, five methods and cooking and five flavors. In addition to seasoning, Japanese cuisine achieves unimaginable flavors using different preparation methods such as steam cooking using the vinegar process and also traditional raw, fried and grilled foods.

Understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world!

The benefits are numerous

The fact that Japanese cuisine uses little salt, fish, seafood, vegetables, leaves and other natural seasonings makes you have a delicious and healthy meal. I don't like fish or vegetables, but incredibly Japanese cuisine makes me like these things. Thanks to Japanese cuisine, your skin can look younger, help you not to get fat, increase your life expectancy and prevent many diseases.

In addition to the numerous health benefits, Japan makes your life easier with Japanese cuisine. Try to reflect on the countless variety of foods that Japan offers, even if the country doesn't produce much. Even red meats and exotic fruits are easily found and at more affordable prices than in Brazil. Every day you can taste a typical local or foreign cuisine with a Japanese flavor without weighing your wallet down. Dining out in Japan is so common that it can be cheaper than buying things and making food at home. You'll never have reason to say, “aaah will I eat that again? I want something different.”

Understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world!

Japanese cuisine can also bring satisfaction and joy just by looking. Japanese people tend to be artists in the kitchen and prepare things with a good aesthetic. There is a great etiquette and culture involving Japanese food, the food is usually served in small portions, which makes eating and digestion easier. Don't think the Japanese eat little, they eat more than we do and remain skinny!

The best cuisine in the world

Japan brought together the gastronomy of all countries and created a rich and healthy cuisine with a variety and mixture of exotic flavors. Even dishes of Chinese origin tend to be more prominent in Japanese cuisine. Japan goes far beyond sushi! In addition to enjoying the traditional soba, ramen, udon, gyudon, kare and tempura, you can enjoy pizzas, barbecues, hamburgers, pastas, savory breads, drinks and many other Western dishes in the Japanese style!

Understand why Japanese cuisine is the best in the world!

Of course, the best cuisine in the world is the one you like! I put Japan first precisely because of the ease of finding any cuisine in the world without spending a lot or without going to the ends of the earth. It's amazing how Japan manages to be a traditional country and, at the same time, global and full of options. There is no better cuisine than the other, each country has its specialties. Still, Japan is the country that impresses me the most! In short, because of the factors below Japan has the best cuisine in the world!

  • Variety;
  • Culture;
  • Tag;
  • Flavor;
  • Seasoning;
  • Appearance and aesthetics;
  • Price and access;
  • Healthy;
  • Preparation method;
  • Innovation;
  • Use;

Whether in traditional cuisine, industrialized products or fast-food restaurants, Japan is always one step ahead! If you still don't know Japanese cuisine well, we recommend the articles below:

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