15 Best Free and Paid Online Japanese Courses

Looking for a list of the best online Japanese courses on the internet? Today we are going to see a complete list of free and paid nihongo courses, a complete description of the teachers and some opinions about these courses.

Remembering that I already wrote an article talking about 30 sites that help you study Japanese , but now I would like to mention sites that definitely have a basic Japanese course to offer for free, and a complete paid course.

Remember to give priority to our website (rsrsrs)… Below is a summary to facilitate your navigation. After the list of courses we have a FAQ section and we will also cover the differences between online and face-to-face and free and paid courses .

The Difficulty of Learning Japanese!

The Japanese language is a very popular language, mainly because of anime and culture. Even though it is only spoken by one country, the Japanese Language is among the 8 most spoken languages in the world.

In Brazil we do not have good experience with language learning. We are in the country with the largest number of English schools and courses, but Brazilians are among the countries that speak less English, so we have a problem with the traditional teaching method.

Fortunately, on the internet we have competent teachers who take the time to teach those interested in learning Japanese for free. Most of these sensei also offer a paid course at a much more affordable price than traditional and face-to-face courses.

Learning Japanese online has many advantages. First, you have the convenience of studying straight from your home. You also won't be exploited by tuition fees that make teachers tangle with teaching you to keep you in school.

An online teacher has the ability to teach and create much more content than a face-to-face teacher who has to spend their entire day teaching the same class to different students. Online teaching really is the best way to study, learn and save.

With each subheading of this article we will briefly talk about an online Japanese course. We will talk a little about the teacher (sensei) and his free course and the paid course he offers.

15 best free and paid online Japanese courses
Japanese writing Shodo!

Japanese Club - Suki Desu Japanese Course

Suki Desu also has its own full Japanese course for those interested in learning the language. We promise the largest members area with full Japanese language content and video lessons.

I, the author of this article, Kevin Henrique and my team, are developing new content for the platform every day, from traditional classes to different classes.

Our focus is to provide different methods and study plans, with diversified, dynamic classes that also use elements of Japanese culture such as Anime, Manga and many others.

The members area also has a gamification system, games and interactive activities, forum and community. We are committed to making the Japonês Club the best place to learn Japanese.

The site also makes some free articles available to visitors. Our Youtube Channel also posts free videos and class texts. The main advantage of the Japonês Club is that with a single payment you have eternal access to the teaching platform.

Kyoto Institute's Complete Japanese Course

This is another highlight course in our article, a complete course for a super affordable price, I believe it's the cheapest and most complete course on this list (I'm not sure).

Kyoto Institute's Complete Japanese Course has over 200 video lessons and over 60 hours of content with updates. The course has original handouts and a unique method that uses mnemonics.

The platform has a gamification system and great support as it is an Institution. All this for less than 600 reais per year (currently 497). Suki Desu still offers a discount, just use the coupon SKDESU20 at checkout to get 20% off.

Another thing I liked about the course is the transparency, they literally show all taught content and modules on the enrollment page. Access the page using the button below to know all the details.

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The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

Discovering the Japanese Language

Unraveling the Japanese Language is a Free Digital Guide and Book that teaches all the basics and all the main points of the Japanese language in a complete and optimized way.

The book is one of the biggest successes of the language in Brazil and thousands of times its author is called Luiz Rafael creator of PJO. Unveiling the Japanese Language also has a complete video-based course that teaches you the basics of N5/N4 Japanese at a very affordable price.

Despite being a basic course, it promises to teach the equivalent of two years of face-to-face course in a demystified way and with explanations in the smallest details.

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Unraveling the Japanese language – new edition

Ricardo Cruz - Nihongo Premium

Ricardo Cruz is a Brazilian who ended up becoming the vocalist of a famous Japanese band called JAM Project and had the opportunity to live in Japan and has worked for over 20 years using the Japanese language.

Ricardo Cruz also worked on the translation of famous manga like Bleach, Full Metal Panic, Naruto and Vampire Kinight into Portuguese. He teaches Japanese for free to students who register on his official website.

In addition to the free classes also available on youtube and social networks, Ricardo Cruz has a complete and paid course called Premium Nihongo. Ricardo Cruz also does free events a week before opening your registrations called Nihongo Golden Week, to register just click here.

The great differential of its course is in the method of study that uses anime, mangas, dramas and tokusatsu to teach its students. A very interesting method that attracts all otaku audiences or those who sympathize with Japanese media and culture. Not to mention that Ricardo Cruz is a very nice person.

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It seems to be one of the most fun Japanese courses, using anime and manga that teaches from basic to advanced.

Top 10 free online Japanese courses
Professor Ricardo Cruz!

Kenji Sensei Academy - Cheap and with Anime

In the midst of so many online Japanese courses, an inexpensive option appeared to introduce Suki Desu readers. O Kenji Sensei Academy is the new alternative for those looking for a basic Japanese course without paying exorbitant fees.

The best, the course is simple and direct, in addition to using anime to teach students. The course has a total of 14 modules and costs less than 110 USD, one-time payment. I've never seen a Japanese course as cheap as this one.

In addition to the basic Japanese course, in it you will learn things related to Dragon Ball, Death Note, Naruto, Boruto, Hunter x Hunter, Shigenki no Kyojin, Boku no Hero, One Piece, Shaman King and Fullmetal Alchemist.

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A basic and super cheap course for those who want to learn Japanese with anime and do not know where to start or are not sure if that is what they want.

Top 10 free online Japanese courses
Professor Kenji Sensei!

Club Nihongo Kakumei

This course is carried out by Monica Velozo from the website eufalojaponês, I had the opportunity to talk to her and she seems to be a very nice person. Again I don't know the course well beyond what is described on the website and in the videos on your youtube channel.

Unlike other courses, the Nihongo Kakumei Club is a monthly course with classes released weekly. In classes you learn various structures and phrases in Japanese in an uncomplicated way, comparing similar structures and with different materials and study methods.

She has a degree in Literature and has studied in Japan, worked in several jobs involving translation, an ideal teacher for you! Below we will leave a trailer of your youtube channel. To see details about Nihongo Kakumei you can click here.

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A complete Japanese course taught by a trained and competent teacher. One of the only courses with monthly payment, so you can invest without worries.

123 Japanese

An innovative Japanese course with a team of fully competent teachers. We have native Japanese who have more than 45 years of experience in the field of education, we have another sensei who completed N1 at just 11 years old.

This is a team that is totally dedicated and committed to teaching Japanese, I had a chance to talk to the team before adding it to this article and I guarantee it is a great option that you should look into.

They offer a free book with useful travel phrases, a book with precious vocabulary accompanied by complementary videos, strategies for studying Japanese on your own and pronunciation tips.

You can also participate in the event that 123 Japonês holds periodically, the Japanese challenge, with many free classes, challenges for you to do, which also precedes the registration of your main course.


I talked to the team, they seem super competent! The company really cares about the students...

Japanese Online Program

This was one of the first online Japanese courses I remember appearing on the internet. Luiz Rafael has two websites, one that teach japanese for free and your paid course closed. In addition, he teaches Japanese through social media and youtube for free.

It has had a gigantic evolution in the last 7 years, currently its author Luiz Rafael hires even native teachers to make his video classes, in addition to weekly lives and an increasingly growing content on his student platform.

Luiz Rafael was the first to use the enrollment scheme on specific dates, after holding an event with free videos called japanese language week and the most recent Japanese Intensive.

The Online Japanese Program is the main course published on our website, because it was the only course on the list that I had the opportunity to take and test.

We have already written other articles talking all about the Japanese Online Program. You can also download your free workbook and apply for upcoming vacancies. clicking here.

The full course promises to take your effort to N2 on the JLPT. In addition to its various modules, the course already has a collection of more than 300 recorded live classes and new ones being released weekly. I don't know of any other course like this.

The Online Japanese Program already has a page, channel and website with a lot of free material that we strongly recommend using it as a source of study. (By entering this course link you will have access to a free digital book and a free video course).

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In my opinion one of the best Japanese courses, with a unique method and material rich in content. A team dedicated to teaching and supporting students.

Top 10 free online Japanese courses

Yamada Tarou - 2000

Yamada Tarou is an online Japanese course and a fictional character who launches free videos on youtube in a spectacular way that departs from any other traditional or online Japanese course. His relaxed way of teaching draws everyone's attention.

One of the examples can be seen in the video lesson below from HIragana and Katakana. In this 27 minute class he talks about the correct way to learn Hiragana and Katakana. Other videos of him can be found on this channel.


This friend of mine is totally out of the loop when learning Japanese!

Gengotaku Japanese Course

Gengotaku is the name of the channel owned by Júlio César Pereira da Silva, a Brazilian polyglot who has lived in Japan for over 20 years. He has an incredible legion of loyal followers who are very fond of his method. He teaches Japanese for free through his youtube.

He is a simple gentleman and very smart to learn more than 8 languages, marry a Japanese woman and have worked in tourism and even as a taxi driver in Japan. Its methodology is unique and superior to others.

Their course is quite cheap and simple. He won't use any sales videos full of mental triggers to hold your attention, just trust the Gengotaku and learn Japanese permanently. Details in the video below:


Gengotaku is a polyglot with decades living in Japan and working among the Japanese. Your course is quite humble, without a sophisticated sales page, but its content is reliable!

Speaking Japanese from Scratch

Speaking Japanese from Zero is a course created by Naoki Amorim, born in Brazil and the son of a Japanese father, at the age of six, Naoki went to live in Japan.

This course will provide you with a simple and practical didactic for you to leave each class with a very clear vision about each one, however based on 100% native Japanese.

In addition, this course also serves people who want to let go of the legend. The course has a module focused on classes with Anime scenes, helping you to learn conversational Japanese and understand personal communication.


A cheaper option for those looking for a complete Japanese course and training.

Kizuna Japanese Online

Are you looking for a quick Japanese course? A course that will prepare you for your trip to Japan or even help you with your daily life in Japan? If so, this course is for you!

Learn to speak Japanese at home, in a short period of time, for you who are going to Japan or for you who are already in Japan, don't go through difficulty or shame and have the best experience possible while you are in Japan.

This is the description of the Kizuna Japanese Online Course. I don't know much about the course to do a complete Review of it, but if you want more information, you know, just click on its title above.

NHK Japanese Course

This course was developed by the Japanese radio station NHK, the course consists of more than 40 lessons. Through lessons based on auditory stories, you will learn the basic grammar and useful expressions of the Japanese language. The audio and texts of each lesson can be downloaded for free.

The course Podcast tells the story of Anna, a student from Thailand who is passionate about manga. Anna came to Japan to study Japanese for a year at a university in Tokyo. She will learn practical Japanese through a variety of experiences, such as classes at her university, her dorm life, shopping, and traveling.

In addition to the listening stories, the lessons are made up of activities, explanations, tips, learning tools, reviews and the "Onomatopoeia of the Day" and "Teacher, can you explain?" boxes.

15 best free and paid online Japanese courses
Anime Welcome to NHK

Erin's Challenge! I understand Japanese!

A complete and interactive course made up of 25 lessons made by the Japan Foundation. The site is complete, allows you to register and monitor the progress and ranking of students. One of the best and most complete site to learn Japanese, where the user follows videos, does exercises, trains reading and vocabulary in an interactive and easy way.

The Course is composed of video lessons entirely in Japanese showing the daily life of Erin, a girl who studied Japanese in her home country and came to Japan to exchange. The course in addition to teaching Japanese in detail through phrases and vocabulary, it also teaches you the traditional and popular culture of Japan.

15 best free and paid online Japanese courses


If you really want to delve into Japanese grammar, this site is perfect for you. The Author of the site goes into the smallest details of the Japanese language, teaches and explains in detail every part of the grammar through his long articles rich in content.

The author of the website has gathered content from the websites Tae Kim, Imabi and the book Classical Japanese. So he created a better Portuguese site to learn Japanese grammar.

The site took years to create and is constantly updated, with more and more content. There are more than 50 complete and free articles explaining Japanese grammar in detail.

Fast Learn Japanese Course

Teaching method that reduces the study time of the Japanese language! With the study methods and techniques of the Learn Japanese Fast Course, you will be able to reduce the time it would take you to learn to speak Japanese by 3 to 5 years.

You will learn more than “just” a language. Our method is to develop much more than just learning Japanese characters. The Learn Japanese Fast method is to develop your listening comprehension and give you great insight into the world of Japanese culture.

The Learn Japanese Fast Course has a logical and strategic methodology and in a very short time you will be able to express yourself, understand and be understood. For more information, click on the button below:

Other Online Japanese Courses

There are many other paid and free online courses in Japanese and other languages that are emerging more and more with the growth of digital marketing and online courses. It becomes increasingly difficult to choose a course you can trust, so I focus on those that share the most free and additional content.

Unlike face-to-face courses, the teacher does not need to teach the same class thousands of times to the students, so he has full time to increasingly create more content for his course and to give full support and answer questions. Even Suki Desu is putting together the course, but it's going to take a while because we want to deliver something of quality!

What do you think about online Japanese courses on the internet? Have you invested in any of them? What's your experience? We appreciate the comments and shares.

Free vs Paid Online Japanese Course

Free online Japanese courses abound on the internet, but they don't teach anything beyond the basics, like Katakana and Hiragana and some vocabulary equivalent to JLPT N5-N4. What about paid online Japanese courses?

With the advancement of technology and people increasingly immersed in the internet, fixed-price online courses without monthly fees have become popular on the net. Most of these courses offer a free option to add value to your final product.

Unfortunately, most online courses, because they are a single value, have a price that is not so affordable for most, but is usually divided into the card or in other ways.

You need to keep in mind that online courses are not miraculous either, it depends on the student's effort, which can sometimes be more difficult if the person tends to procrastinate in studies.

Learning a new language involves immersion, which online courses mention and encourage all the time. It doesn't matter if you're studying the basics with a free course or bought a complete Japanese course, it all depends on your dedication!

15 best free and paid online Japanese courses

Online Course vs In-person Course

Online paid courses are better than in-person courses, because they use unconventional methods to study, because unlike classes with monthly payments, the teacher's objective is not to trick the student into paying more tuition.

In the case of a one-time payment, the teacher has no reason to fool the student. Not to mention that in online courses the teacher has access to all students, everything he records is available to all classes.

With more time available to teach, a teacher is able to generate much more valuable content than any face-to-face course. Other advantages are the diversified payment methods, option to take the course without leaving home, community and much more.

Some think that 2,000 reais for an online Japanese course is a hefty amount, but it's actually super cheap. I have already done calculations with a face-to-face English course, in total I would study for 5 years, and I would spend 7,000 reais. If a face-to-face English course was already costing that, can you imagine a face-to-face Japanese course?

For those who don't want to commit, in this article we also have options for paid monthly courses or a basic Japanese course for a very low price, in addition to the free ones! We want this guide to be accessible to all readers.

There are face-to-face courses that are as good as Kumon Method, but they are basically courses that work in the same way as Online, providing material with a unique method.

15 best free and paid online Japanese courses

FAQ - Questions about Japanese Course

Below we will answer several questions about online Japanese courses:

What is the best online Japanese course?

This question is very difficult to answer. All the courses in this article are great for your proposal, but the best course of all is relative, it will depend on the level of content you want to learn, the method and your sympathy with the teacher.

How much does a complete online Japanese course cost?

Usually a complete online Japanese course costs around 2000 reais, it seems expensive but it is much cheaper than face-to-face tuition courses. Online courses can usually be split up to 12x on the card. There are cheap online courses that teach the basics and others that are monthly.

How much does a face-to-face and private Japanese course cost?

A face-to-face Japanese course usually costs around 310 USD per month, a private class usually costs over 10 USD an hour. If we convert the duration of an online course to its total value, we believe that a monthly fee for an online course costs only 100 reais.

How to learn Japanese fast and easy for free?

Teachers of paid courses often share a lot of content for free in order to market their courses. You are able to learn all the basics by following the free methods and materials shared by Sensei and by reading our website.

How to learn the basics of Japanese?

You can learn the basics of Japanese through our website skdesu.com and all the articles we write almost daily.

How long is an online Japanese course?

Usually online Japanese courses offer materials for about 1 or 2 years of study. They also offer bonus materials and self-study methods for you to continue your studies yourself after attending all classes and consuming all course materials. We recommend reading our article on u003ca href=u0022https://skdesu.com/tempo-demora-aprender-japones/u0022 class=u0022rank-math-linku0022u003how long does it take to learn Japaneseu003c/au003e.

What to learn first in Japanese?

First you must learn Hiragana and Katakana alphabets, then you can increase your vocabulary, learn phrases and grammars to naturally learn Japanese ideograms (kanji).

How much does an exchange to Japan cost?

A short-term exchange usually costs more than 10,000 reais not including all expenses. If you want to spend 6 months studying in Japan, you will pay at least 30,000 reais. If you're talking about colleges, there are scholarships and other proposals, but you can also work to support yourself.

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