Is it possible to work in Japan without being in factories?

Many believe that living in Japan is all about working in factories and work overtime. Unfortunately, this is the reality of most Brazilians, who have become accustomed to the routine and live in this comfort zone. Me and many other people do not want to live in Japan to work in factories, is that possible? In this article, we will talk a little about the possibility of working or living in Japan without being in factories.

Japan - Land of Opportunities

For some, Japan is the land of opportunity. There is no problem with working in factories, because the salary is fair and sometimes the work is lighter than when I lived in Brazil. In fact, some had a different reality and lived in stewardship in Brazil, but it is worth remembering that a large part of the Brazilian population kills themselves from work and receives an unfair salary.


That's why you shouldn't complain about your condition in Japan, since when you moved from Brazil to Japan, you probably have to start at the bottom. It is also worth remembering that there is no wage inequality between people who work in a factory or not, the only negative point is having to use physical strength.

In order to have a successful life in Brazil, you probably had to study, go to college and specialize in some area. In addition, you must be communicative, hardworking and smart enough to get a job, run a contest or start your own business.


Japan is no different! To be successful there, you must learn Japanese, have some training and be smart. Remember that you are competing against other Japanese and foreigners from around the world who are struggling to enter the Japanese market. In addition, you need to face cultural barriers and accept the customs and lifestyles of the country.

Is it possible to work in Japan without being in factories?

Job opportunities in Japan other than factories

If you can speak Japanese at a business level, you dramatically increase your chances of getting a job in offices and companies. If you have a degree your chances double! Knowing English helps even more, since Japanese people don't usually have a good accent in the language.

Whoever says that Brazilians spend their entire lives in factories is a lie! Many people and even untrained young people are able to work in convenience stores, restaurants, markets and other businesses. It is very common to find foreigners of all types working in restaurants and other individual or franchise businesses. Japan is a country that receives millions of tourists every year, foreigners are very necessary in this area!


The big reality is that job search sites and sites are full of vacancies for foreigners who are fluent in Japanese and are trained. There are several areas and opportunities, you just need to try and show the company why they should hire you! There are foreigners who work even teaching snowboarding.

Is it possible to work in Japan without being in factories?

Another way to work in Japan other than in factories is to set up your own business. Currently thousands of Brazilians live in Japan with their own business, some are YouTubers, websites, others own restaurants or sell some type of product and there are those who do services or set up their own company in Japan.


Those who live in Brazil with their own business can choose to bring their company to Japan and thus obtain a visa to stay here. The best thing about working on your own is to make your own schedule and have time to enjoy everything that Japan offers.

Other popular areas that hire foreigners are:

  • Engineering;
  • Office work;
  • Information Technology;
  • Investment banks;
  • Language teachers;
  • Sales;
  • Recruiters;
  • Actors;
  • Models;
  • Software engineers;
Is it possible to work in Japan without being in factories?

Difficulties in working in Japan other than factories

Many believe that it is impossible for foreigners to work outside factories due to the experience of Brazilians who live in Japan and work in factories. There are always rumors or generalizations that this is impossible or difficult. Unfortunately, people tend to discourage others who want to pursue their goals. They forget that each person's realities, circumstances and experiences are different.

Others say there is discrimination against foreigners. It really exists in any country, however, people exaggerate a lot when they talk about it. Some say that only descendants get different jobs in Japan. I personally think the opposite, sometimes I see that descendants are more discriminated against than other foreigners. Possibly because the Japanese believe that descendants have an obligation to speak Japanese and follow their culture. When foreigners do this, they feel happy. Japanese suck up foreigners, mainly Americans and Europeans.

Unfortunately, most of these people who work in factories are not dedicated to learning Japanese and have no training in any field. I'm not saying that if you didn't go to college you are a failure, I didn't go to college and I don't intend to! The strong influence that this has when looking for jobs in Japan is undeniable. Even without any training, I keep running after my goals of one day taking Suki Desu's company to Japan and being able to live there. In case that is not possible, I can live wherever I want and travel to Japan whenever I want because I worked hard for it!

Is it possible to work in Japan without being in factories?

My friends live in Japan without working at FACTORIES

I have several friends who live in Japan without working in factories. One of them is my good friend Rodrigo Coelho who has already made 2 videos talking about how he ended up in Japan and how to get a job in Japan without descent. I'll leave the videos below:

Do not give up! You can!

O main mistake is to listen to what people say! If I had heard the complaints that it is difficult to make money working on the internet or even that it was impossible for poor people like me to know Japan, I would not have been able to realize these 2 dreams.


What else is people saying that you can't do it, possibly because she didn't do it and gave up! Don't do the same! Do not give up! Stop listening to negative thoughts!

If you are determined to find jobs outside the factories, read our article in the blue balloon below. Don't forget to share it with friends, so that they too can make their dreams come true!

How to get a job in Japan?