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Are you passionate about Asian culture and language like Japanese, Chinese or Korean? Ever wanted to get some of these symbols and ideograms tattooed like Kanji or Hanzi? Don't know which ideogram to choose? Discover our Ideograms generator for Online Tattoos with Artificial Intelligence!

Many fans of the Japanese language or Japanese culture are interested in getting an interesting word written in Kanji with ideograms tattooed on their body. But the vast majority have difficulty choosing the correct ideogram, as Japanese or Chinese words with their ideograms have many synonyms and meanings. Considering solving this big problem, we created our Japanese, Chinese and Korean Ideograms Tattoo Generator.

Unlike a simple dictionary lookup, our artificial intelligence will suggest ideograms related to the chosen keyword and even explain the meaning to you. So, you can be calm about tattooing something correct, but if you still have misgivings with artificial intelligence, which can also make mistakes like a human, we suggest consulting the ideogram in the dictionary

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Suggest Ideograms for Tattoo

Just choose the word you want tattooed in your language, choose the target language, also type your language so that the Artificial Intelligence can explain to you the meaning and the suggested ideogram for the tattoo.

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About Our Tattoo Ideogram Generator

The tattoo ideogram generator is a tool that allows you to generate different characters in ideograms based on words or phrases entered by the user. To use the generator, just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the word or phrase you want to tattoo in ideograms. It is important to choose a word or phrase that has an important meaning for you.
  2. Enter the word or phrase into the ideogram generator tool. The tool will generate different ideograms that correspond to the chosen word or phrase.
  3. Choose the ideogram that best suits your taste and the meaning you want to convey with the tattoo.
  4. Show the chosen ideogram to your tattoo artist so that he can design the tattoo according to your preferences.

With the tattoo ideogram generator, it is possible to choose an ideogram that has a personal meaning and that matches your style and aesthetic preferences. In addition, the tool also helps to avoid mistakes when choosing the ideogram, since it is possible to see different options and choose the one that best suits your taste.

However, it is important to remember that not all ideograms are the same and some may have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. Therefore, it is important to research the chosen ideogram well and check if it has the meaning you want to convey with the tattoo. In addition, it is important to choose an experienced tattoo artist who is familiar with writing in ideograms so that the tattoo is well designed and proportionate.

Main Tattooed Ideograms

Here are some suggestions for tattoo ideograms. It is worth noting that these suggestions can be used for both Japanese and Traditional Chinese, as the main ideograms have similar meanings, but it is necessary to be sure.

  1. Love (愛): The ideogram for love is one of the most popular characters for tattoos. It conveys a feeling of affection and affection and can be used to represent love for a person, a hobby, a city, among others.
  2. Courage (勇): The character for courage is a great choice for tattoos that represent strength and determination. It is used to represent the courage to face challenges and overcome obstacles.
  3. Balance (平衡): The ideogram for balance represents harmony and stability. It is a great option for tattoos that represent the balance between different aspects of life, such as work and leisure, mind and body, among others.
  4. Wisdom (智): The character for wisdom is used to represent intelligence, insight, and wisdom. It is a great option for tattoos that represent knowledge and the pursuit of learning.
  5. Strength (力): The ideogram for strength is a popular choice for tattoos that represent determination, stamina and physical energy. It can be used to represent inner strength, willpower, among others.
  6. Freedom (自由): The ideogram for freedom is a great choice for tattoos that represent autonomy and independence. It is used to represent freedom of choice, freedom of thought, among others.
  7. Peace (平和): The ideogram for peace represents tranquility, harmony and the absence of conflicts. He is a great option for tattoos that represent the search for inner peace, world peace, among others.
  8. Luck (運): The character for luck is used to represent good fortune and luck in life. It's a great choice for tattoos that represent hope and positivity.
  9. Respect (敬): The character for respect is a popular choice for tattoos that represent honor and reverence. It is used to represent respect for others, nature, traditions, among others.
  10. Friendship (友): The ideogram for friendship is a great option for tattoos that represent union and companionship. It is used to represent true and lasting friendship between two people.

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