The most visited places in Japan

Japan is one of the countries that receives the most tourists worldwide. Japan is a country full of tourist spots, and it mixes tradition with technology. In this article, we will see which tourist spots are most visited by Japanese and foreign tourists.

Mount Fuji

This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Japan, located on the central island of Honshu, between the provinces of Shizuoka and Yamanashi. Fuji-san is the inactive volcano and highest mountain on Honshu Island. Mount Fuji is one of Japan's best-known symbols, often depicted in artwork and photographs and receiving many visits from tourist climbers. See the best places to see Mount Fuji.

Saiko lake


The capital of Japan, one of the most populous cities in the world, a center of tourist attractions. The city of Tokyo is full of famous neighborhoods, with numerous attractions, restaurants, shops, events, parks, etc. Some of the places most appreciated by tourists are:

Shibuya - The neighborhood where the busiest intersection on the planet is located and the buildings with huge high-definition screens show what is new in local and global commerce. The main restaurants are located in Jinnan and Udagawacho and one of the largest shopping centers in the country is also there, Shibuya 109.

Akihabara - The Technology neighborhood and also the neighborhood for Otaku from Japan. Here you can find the cheapest in technology, manga, anime, action figures, cards games, consoles, as well as restaurants and Maid cafes.

Shinjuku is Tokyo's largest neighborhood. Shinjuku is so big that it has several neighborhoods within it.

Some important tourist points of the city is the Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree, see other neighborhoods of Tokyo clicking here.


Osaka is a rival city to Tokyo, another major tourist city with diverse customs and sights. Both the city of Osaka and the entire province offers numerous attractions for tourists, different places to explore, and a different culture from Tokyo, a different dialect, and different customs. While the population of Tokyo is shy and reserved, the people of Osaka are outgoing and direct. It is also a city known for its gastronomy and nightlife.


Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan, a city full of traditions, temples, shrines, geishas, etc. If you are looking for traditional culture, this is the place. Kyoto has several geisha or hanamachi districts and several gardens, traditional theater shows and more.

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is one of the most beautiful of all Japanese castles. Its most valued feature is its luck and its state of preservation. Although the Castle was rebuilt by Ikeda with the purest defensive intent, the fact is that since then it has never been damaged by acts of war, not even during the 2nd. World War. Thus Himeji is one of the most original castles in Japan.


Of course, there are many other tourist attractions visited, such as the thousands of onsen around the country, trails, ski mountains, other traditional and interesting cities like Nara, Hokkaido, some islands like Okinawa and much more. If you go to our “Exploring Places”You find many other interesting and beautiful spots in Japan.

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